Fun memories

Fun and sexy memories and stories.
-you can give me things to right about also.
let me know which one is your favorite.


7. After the meeting

She was beautiful. The only thing I could of through that whole meeting today was getting my head between her big thighs and licking her sweet pussy till she came all over my face. I wanted her to pull my hair to show how hard she was coming from me licking her pussy. Sitting across from me I could see the inside of her shirt showing me her plump big breasts ready for me to kiss and suckle on them while grinding against her. I wanted to use my new strap-on I got on her. To shove it so deep in her to make her scream. Leaning back I took my heel off under the table and pulled myself closer to the table, closer to her. She was busy talking to everyone around the table. Good, I moved my foot up her leg slowly and then between her legs. I could see the change in her face. But she didn't let everyone see it, it was very brief on her face. Leaning farther under the table and between her legs, I moved my foot up and around her hot spot. I could see the struggle on her face from across the table. She made eye contact with me and I winked pushing into her. Smiling at her, I couldn't wait to finish this meeting. I don't think I could wait till after work to fuck her brains out, I'll do it in her office.

​"Alright everyone this concludes our meeting. I will see everyone next week for our following meeting on the Stanford Project." She stood up shaking everyone's hand and fixing her skirt because of me. It made me feel wicked inside thinking I was doing dirty things to her under the table. I stayed sitting down and just stared at her since I was just there to take notes and nothing else. Everyone said bye to me as well but I didn't care I just wanted to get Elizabeth alone and naked on her desk. We were the last one's out of the conference room so I decided to talk to her while she was packing her things up. Since I was already done with everything.


​"So Mrs. Elizabeth what are you going to do now that the meeting is over?" Getting up out of my chair and walking over to her dragging my finger over the table on my way over. We had the whole room to our selves.

"Well Cindy I'm going to go to my office and work on the Sanford Project. Why? what are you going to do? Other than try and get into my pants?" She looked at me and smirked and put her hand on her hips. I wanted to so get into her pants right now but I will have to wait till I can get her to her office. I got next to her and rubbed my finger up and down her side.

"Well I do want to get into your pants, well your skirt actually." I pushed my finger inside the top of her skirt and pulled her closer to me with the edge of her skirt.

"I want to get so far into your skirt I wanna make you scream my name while you come for me." I whispered close to her ear. Afterwards I licked her earlobe and bit it softly. She moaned against me. Her arms dropped against her sides.

"Do you want me to get into your skirt? Because I can take you right here." I put my hands on her hips and guided her gently towards the edge of the table. Moving the edges of her skirt up while I began kissing her neck softly and rubbing her outer thighs.

"I'm married. We s-shouldn't but it f-feels so goooood." Elizabeth grabbed my dress pulling me closer to her. Her skirt was all the way up to her waist now. She moved on top of the table sitting on the edge and pulled me between her legs.

"Do you want me to fuck you right here babe?" I whispered softly. Moving my hand on her inner thigh and moving it closer to her sweet delicious spot. I felt her satin panties against my hand they were getting very wet.

"You are so wet for me right now, I want to taste you in your sweet spot." Giving her a kiss on her cheek and pushing her legs apart on the table.

"Cindy we really shouldn't...." My head was between her legs now. I could now see here wet panties, they were drenched. I moaned from just looking at her arousal. Looking up at her I placed my mouth over her pressed my tongue against her arousal.

"Don't stop." Her hands were in my hair pulling it gently. I sucked on her wetness for a little while longer until her underwear was soaked. Pulling her thong to the side and moved my tongue between her juicy folds moving it u and down. She was moaning more loudly now. Looking up while moving my tongue against her, she had her blouse unbuttoned, her bra undone, and she was playing with her nipple. I wanted to fuck her with my strap-on. But I continued licking her pussy.

"Cindy... I can't take it. I want you so bad right now." She laid on the table still playing with her nipples and me between her legs. I started sucking on her clit and moved my hand up and pushed two of my fingers inside her slowly. I went farther inside her going in and out of her tight pussy.

"Yes, oh yea Cindy. Finger fuck me. I want you more." She was moaning louder now, I moved my free hand down inside my skirt and inside my own panties rubbing against my own pussy. Fingering her tight pussy harder, while rubbing my own hard as well. I started moaning with my sweet fuck girl.

"Harder Cindy, I'm about to come, I need you!" She screamed. I could feel her tightening around my hand. I was about to come with her. Moaning against her pussy.

"Cindy! YES! YES! YES!" She pulled my hair and squeezed her thighs around my head. I kept pumping my fingers in her while she screamed for me, and making my self cum at the same time.

"Oh My God! The best head ever." She pushed herself up off the table. Still sitting on the table with my head between her legs. She looked so sexy after coming.

"Did you want me to do it again?" I stood up between her legs, and leaned forward and grabbing her bottom lip between my teeth and pulling into my mouth to suck on it. Letting her lip go leaned down towards her breasts and licked her nipple. Her hand was in my hair again, and she wrapped her legs around my waist.

"I want you to make me scream your name until I can't breathe you naughty woman." She took the straps of my dress off my shoulders to show her my breasts. Straightening up from making her nipples hard I looked down at her.

"Make me scream." Smiling she moved her own head towards my breast and started sucking on my nipples. I put my hands on either side of Elizabeth to keep me from falling on her.

"Babe I want to shove my strap-on so far into your tight pussy and make you scream while fucking your brains out." Taking her hips and putting her pussy against me and moving her hips up and down. She grabbed onto my shoulders. Moving her own hips against me she started to moan loudly and getting louder with every move.

"I want you to use that strap-on. I want you to fuck me. Right now, Right here. Hard and fast. I don't care-what-any-one-says-YES-YES-YES!" Moving her hips faster against me I watched her as she came again for me.

"I will do whatever you want." Ripping her clothes apart. and moving to the door to lock it and moving back to her to finish her again and again.

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