Life is worth it - Connor Franta fanfic

Connor Franta fanfic. Hard to explain.


1. The drug addict

I look down. I feel my thighs sticking to each other. It's too hot. Way too hot. It 's just one of those days where you don't want to do anything. I'm walking slow so I can look at all of the beautiful houses. Even tho it's just a normal street in L.A, I still feel like there's something familiar about theese houses. I walk pass a big white house. I seriously feel like i've seen this house before. I probably haven't so i keep walking. Then i hear a voice behind me. "do you have any money?"  I get fucking scared and turn around. "Excuse me what?" He repeat him self. My heart starts to beet faster. He smell like alcohol and he looks like some sord of drug addict. "No i don't", i say, while trying to hide my phone, wallet etc. He starts to get closer to me. My heart is beating like never before. "you do. I need money for more drugs" he says with a angry voice. "Can you leave me alone please?" I say. He's not leaving. I repeat myself. He just keep starring at me. I start to walk away because i don't want to give him money if he's just using them on drugs. I can see he's following me. I start running the other direction. Pass the house i found so familiar, but it doesn't bother me right now cause i need to get away from this guy. He still follows me. I stop. Close my eyes. Breathe. Before i know it, i get a fist, punched in my back. It's now all black.


i open my eyes. I'm laying on ground. The man is looking down at me. I slowly stand up and my eyes are filled with tears. I try to run away. The man grabs my arm. Look me in the eye. I start crying. He's a psychopath. He's just holding on to my wrist and looking me in the eye. It feels it will never end but then I see a shadow over from the house that was so familiar. Now I remember where I've seen that house before. It's the o2l house. And the shadow. It's Connor. Connor Franta.

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