Life is worth it - Connor Franta fanfic

Connor Franta fanfic. Hard to explain.


4. Just friends

I wake up with a smile. For the first time in a while. I think about Connor. I used to be a big fan of him and he would always make me laugh and now I live at his house, for now. And he kissed me. I don't even know. It's to insane for me to think about. It's 7 am and Connor isn't in the room when I wake up,  which is weird cause he normally doesn't wake up this early. I walk down the stairs. Look around. Connor isn't there. I'm about to walk upstairs but then I see a bucket flowers at the kitchen table. It's for me. From Connor. "Meet me outside - Con" it says. I take a quick shower, say good morning to Ricky, Kian and Jc and then I run outside. There he is. Connor. Waiting for me. He smiles. I smile back. The grabs my hand and we just walk. No idea where we are going. but after 5 minutes he stops next to a bench. We sit down. He look at the ground. Grab my hand. He need to tell me something.

"Sonya. It's been a pleasure to meet you. You are a strong girl and you deserve all the best for you in the future. You're beautiful and I love you. But I don't think we two can be a thing"

"why?" I ask. I start to tear up

"There's too many things going on in my life, I've had some girlfriend and most of them ended because I didn't have time for them. I don't want that to happen for you. Cause I really like you and you deserve better"

I look down. "I understand. Maybe it's for the best."

"I think so. And we can still hang out and you're still going to live in this house for a while. If you ever need anyone to talk to. I'm here. Always. Never forget that"

"thank you for being so honest. That's one of the things I love about you." I say

Connor slowly grabs my hand and kiss me for the last time. We walk inside again.

The rest of the day I just hang out with o2l. Sam and Trevor came over too. We played Mario Cart and laughed, ate a lot of food and just talked.

The night fell in and Connor didn't have to lay on the floor this time. He was laying in the same bed as me. We kept our distance so don't take it wrong the wrong way.

"Goodnight Sonya"

"Goodnight Connor. I love you. Thanks for being so honest" I say.

"I love you too" he says. And we both fall asleep.

- Life is worth it. A Connor Franta fan fiction.

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