I'm in love with my sister

i love one direction so i came up to write a story.hope you like it guys...thanks


29. The Report

....after they finish going in the beach.they decide to go home.mira need to finish her report for school.so she decide to call riley and tell if it's okay with him to do their report in their house.riley say yes and said it's okay with him.harry is listening to them.


Harrry's POV

...i see my fiancee busy preparing a good snacks.i come to her and ask her."hey baby what's the rush?" i ask."oh baby riley is coming over here" mira answer."why?" i ask again."were doing my report" mira answer."okay baby" i said."baby call me later when riley is arrive" i said."okay baby" mira answer.i need to be here the whole time while they doing the report maybe that boy do suspicious and steal mira to me.harry relax mira is your fiancee now.then i hear a car beep.i see mira going outside and check if that's riley.i immediately go downstairs and and seat on the living where they gonna do their report."baby riley is here" mira said."okay babe can i help?" i ask."of course baby" mira answer."thanks babe" i said."hey dud what's up?" riley greet me."i'm doing good mate" i answer."good" riley said.then they start battling what they gonna do in their report.i'm amaze to mira because she's so cool and relax while battling brain to riley.i love her so much.


Mira's POV

....i see harry is always looking at me.he never fail me because every second he make sure i'm okay and good.my feelings for louis is now on harry.i know someday louis will understand us.but i make sure what i am feelings to harry.i want things will be better this time.i don't want any trouble in our relationship."baby you can rest if you want i know your tired from our picnic" i said."no i'm okay babe" harry answer."okay baby" i said."just continue what are you doing babe" harry add.then i continue to what i'm doing, writing down what me and riley talk about in our report.i get busy and didn't notice that harry is already asleep in the couch."riley excuse me for a while" i said."sure mira" riley asnwer."i need to check on harry" i add."yeah" riley answer.


Riley's POV

...oh mira i wish it was me the one you taking care of.yes i have feelings for her.i've been hiding it all this years because i don't want to lose her in my side and in my life.it's good to be her friend and she can always count on me.i will never break her trust on me.i will treasure all the time with her.


i was sitting in the bench waiting for her.my long time friend Mira Styles.we were classmates since highscool.she was my inspiration why i'm studying hard so one day i will tell her what i'm feeling and she will proud of me.but in my disappointment her brother was always there to pick her up and get her from school so i got no time to tell mira that "I LOVE HER".i decide to confess my  real feelings on our graduation day but it's not the perfect timing because after our graduation mira's parents have a party for her.so they need to leave immediately.after our graduation in highschool i don't have any news about her.until i heard she's studying at one of the university in London.i tell my mom that i want to go there too.they said yes and my chance for her is bigger.i'm early in the university so i can see her.there she is but with her brother usually.(long sigh) i will never get a chance to be alone with her.until one day we bump into each other and she remember me.she was smiling at me.the most beautiful smile i've ever seen.she didn't forget me."riley let go we continue our report" mira said.that's when i come to present."riley are you okay?" mira ask."yes of course" i answer."okay" mira said.then we continue in our brain storm to our report.we decide to interview harry's band so we can scopes more about band thing.we do it tomorrow because it's getting late.mira tell it to harry later.i bid my goodbye to mira because harry still sleeping.


that's it guys...sorry for the late update....i'm so busy in so many thing...thanks and love you all

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