I'm in love with my sister

i love one direction so i came up to write a story.hope you like it guys...thanks


6. The Reconciliation

....harry need to apologize to his sister.he was wrong for acting that way.he don't want to lose his sister.he loves mira so much.he would do anything for her.if he only knew what mira's feeling about him.can mira finally tell to his brother that he love him?she wouldn't do that, she respect her parents.but she want to see his brother she miss him so much.they haven't seen each other for a couple of days.after harry's rehearsal he went home late and mira got o school early how can they see each.they just need time to cool down and talk if they ready.how long been mira avoid her brother.harry tired all of this.their parents is know that there is something wrong with the two.they just need to do something for their son and daughter.Mrs.Styles cook a special dish over dinner.the dish was harry and mira's favorite.it's set in the garden.Mr. and Mrs. Styles waiting for their two kids to go home.first go home is mira.after 30 minutes harry gets home.


Mira's POV

....wow i smell my favorite dish.i see my mom, waving at me.she is outside in the garden."mom what are you doing here?"ask my mom. "your dad and me decide to eat here, i see there is anything wrong with that right" my mom answer."beside we don't have to go in a classic restaurant because your brother is popular now"mom added."your so sweet mom, i miss this gathering" i said."oh there you are harry" mom said."your in time" mom added."i smell my favorite dish" harry replied."lets pray before we eat" my dad said."thank you mom and dad" harry said in tears."for what son?" dad ask."i miss this gathering like mira said a while ago" harry said."oh my son we just want it to be special because i see there's something wrong between you and your sister" mom said."mom it's all my fault" harry depend me."no it's me mom not my brother" i said."oh that's great now you pointing to one another huh" dad said.we stare at each other in and instant.i look away and feel my face was blushing.i just turn my look into the plate and get some rice.i see my brother doing the same.


Harry's POV

...i miss those eyes mira.later i talk to you and say my apologize.hope it's make it better.we eat and were all happy.mom and dad looking at me and at the same time to my sister.what are they planning to do?"mom and dad why are you not eating?" harry ask."oh we just enjoying looking at you two" dad answer.'yeah we just remember when your kids" mom added.oh i see the point now.mom and dad do this for our reconciliation.don't worry mom i fix this now.when we finish mom and dad take all the plate and going inside the house.while mira and me stay in the garden."i need you need to talk to each" mom said."your mom is right kiddo, we don't want you two are not talking or fighting to each other" dad added.then mom and dad going inside the house." hey mira are you still mad at me?" i ask her."oh my brother i'm not mad at you" mira answer."but why are you avoiding me" i ask again."i'm not avoiding you, it's just i need to go to school early" mira said."were okay now mira?" i ask her." yeah, then i hug him to feel that i'm sincere to what i'm saying" mira said.i'm shock of mira's action.oh i hug her too.i miss you mira.


Mira's POV

...i feel my brother doing the same thing to me.we just miss each other."were okay rigth?" i asked my brother."of course mira" harry answer."so you can drop and pick me up in my school" mira ask again."so that's why you reconciliation at me huh?" harry said."of course not, i miss you really" mira said."i see, i miss you too mira" harry said."oh i'm happy because your okay" mom said.we separate in an instant.we don't see our mom is there my dad as well.were shock."oh it's looks like you seen a ghost mira and harry?" mom and dad ask."no mom were just shock that you are there with dad" mira said."oh you two come here, don't fight again okay.i don't want to see that or happen again understand?" dad said."yes dad we promise, right mira?" harry ask mira and answer dad."yes dad it will never happen again" mira assure dad."now can we go inside i'm freezing" mom said.and we all laugh and mom face is blushing.oh i wish the time would freeze.i miss this life i have since i was a kid.i will always treasure this family i have.thank you lord were okay, i mean me and my brother were okay.now i know it's back to normal tomorrow.now i can sleep tonight in peace.


....mira and harry seem so happy.harry now know that mira love her?how harry know it?actually mira was carried away when they talking to each other.mira do not know what she doing.she was just doing what her mind say.can finally harry tell his parents that his in love with her sister?find out in my next chapter



.....please guys comment.need it if something wrong or anything you don't like in my story.love you guys....to god be the glory...godbless us all


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