I'm in love with my sister

i love one direction so i came up to write a story.hope you like it guys...thanks


35. The Reception

...while on their way to the reception.harry can't believe that he and mira are already married.but he didn't forget that this is only a pre-nuptials wedding.he wants to take mira on the altar after mira's graduation.harry hold his wife's hand.they can't still believe their married.


Harry's POV

...i drove where the reception is.i can't let anyone take my wife now.i want to spend my all time because after this i will be go on one month tour along with my bandmates."thinking baby?" mira asked."i'm just happy babe" i answered."really?" mira asked again. "of course you're my wife how can i be such a happy man" harry answered *smile*."okay i'm convinced my dear husband" mira said *sad face*."hey what with the sad face wifey?" i asked."it's just that after this you will go on tour" mira answered."wifey i will call you everyday and we can skype everyday" i explain."okay baby" mira said."cheer up wifey this is the best day ever of our lives" i said *kiss her gently on the lips*."i know baby" mira said *hold his hand*."good" i said then focus my eyes on the road.we reach our house and the people are waiting for us even my mates are there.i heard my father announcing our arrival."lets give them a around applause Mr. and Mrs. Harry Styles" dad said.then they clap.i decide to carry mira until we reach our table."baby you don't have to do that" mira said *smile*."oh sorry wifey i'm just so excited" i said *laugh*.then we seat on our table.we see all the people that are very important to us.celebrating and joining us in this very happy and best day ever in our lives.


Mira's POV

...i can't still believe this is all happening."happy?" louis asked."very happy" i answered *smile*."i can see it in your eyes mira" louis said *sad face*."friends?" i said *giving my hand to him*."of course* louis answered *shake hands*.then we hug each other."i'm going to miss you mira" louis said."thank you for loving me when we're together" louis add."thank you too louis" i said *wiping my tears*."mind if i get my wife" harry asked *smile*."of course mate" louis answered.then we all laugh."i'm so happy you two are okay now" i said."of course beside we are just one band" liam said."guys can we just take some picture the six of us?" i asked."of course mrs.styles" niall answered."wait i called someone to take us picture" zayn add."i want you five in my back and holding me in a side position can we do that?" i asked."of course anything to my dear wife" harry answered.then we see zayn bring some waiter to take us some picture."be ready guys" i said.then the waiter count on one. two, three "say love" the waiter said.then we all say love.this four boys are important to me because they are my husband brothers even though it's not in the blood but in their dreams.


sorry for the late update guys...i'm so so busy.....thank you, thank you for reading my stories...all the love xx...to go be the glory

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