I'm in love with my sister

i love one direction so i came up to write a story.hope you like it guys...thanks


1. The Prologue

......mira was adopted by Mr. and Mrs. Styles.they have pray for they whole life to have a baby girl.one afternoon there were on a grocery and after they pay for what they have bought.they go in their car and hear a sound of a baby.they search for it and they see a little cute girl beside the car.Mrs.Styles was so shock and at the same time crying because here it is a baby girl that they been waiting for.Mrs.Styles see a embroider name on her baby dress.from that day forward they call the baby girl Mira.they hurry home and tell their son what they see beside the car.the boy was 5 years old of age and his name was Harry Styles.his looking for her baby sister and there is different about it.but the boy didn't understand at all because his still young and all he know what his gonna be protect this baby girl from anything harm.as the years go pass and it's so fast.Mrs.Styles was looking for her daughter  and his son she was so happy because the two was so very happy and his son is very protective to his baby sister.but their happy life was made to be broken because of one accident happen.they were arguing to tell mira that she is adopted by Mr. and Mrs. Styles.the boy heard it and he can't believe it that his parents lie to him.maybe that's the reason why i'm feeling about this to my sister because she is not really my sister.but why my mom and dad was hiding all this.i'm gonna find out myself...

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