I'm in love with my sister

i love one direction so i came up to write a story.hope you like it guys...thanks


36. The Honeymoon

after the party mira and harry go to Paris for their honeymoon (not the usual honeymooner guys).mira dream about these.they do a lot things while their in Paris.they even go at the river where someone is singing  while their over looking on some place.after that tour  we check in  on one of the expensive hotel in paris.the viewed is so beautiful even the Eiffel Tower you will see it.harry knows how to make mira smile.


Mira's POV

...i'm been in the bathroom for twenty minutes still i'm not still finish brushing my teeth.i heard harry is calling me."babe are you done yet?" harry shouts."almost baby" i answered *nervous*.oh!mira what are you doing?how can you face harry?those question is running to my mind.then i heard harry is knocking on the door."babe it's been twenty minutes since you go there, what's the matter?" harry asked."i'm coming baby" i answered then open the door.i see harry is amazed by looking at me."baby don't look at me like that" i said *glared at him*."i will look at you he way i want because your my wife now" harry said *then grab me and kissed me on the lips*.harry carry me on our bed.he kissed me and i kissed him back."harry" i said, because his hand is touching body.his kiss goes down on my neck.i can't control myself but to put my hand inside of his t-shirt.because of that he stop and he take off his t-shirt.it was so fast i didn't realize all of my clothes is in the floor.harry clothes too.he thrust so gentle, i feel it the way he kissed me, everytime he touch me i feel there's a lighting bolt inside me."i'm cumming babe" harry moans."i love you mira" harry add.after we make love i sleep on her chest.


Harry POV's

...i want an angel in our life.i hope god will give us an angel soon.i watch mira sleep.i still can't believe she's mine now.from this day on and to forever mira i will love you until my very last breath.no one can take you away from me now.i can't promise a happy and perfect life but i will do everything for you my queen."i love you my princess" i whisper *kiss her forehead*.i don't know what time i sleep because i'm amaze to watch my wife while she's sleeping.i awake by a kiss, of course from my lovely wife.after our honeymoon i will leave mira because we have tour do to."thinking deep baby?" mira asked *smile*."nothing babe" i answer  *putting my clothes*."so what we gonna eat?" mira ask again *putting her clothes too*."anything" i answer *winks*."oh my husband i don't like the way you look at me" mira said *walk away*."babe wait" i said.but she locked the door.i wait for her to come out."babe do you want to eat in the restaurant just a walking i'm distance?" i ask."sure baby" mira shout.i smile after i see her because she's blushing after seeing me naked."babe blushing like a teenager huh" i tease her."put your clothes on harry" mira said in a soft voice.she's done in the bathroom."i'm going to take a bath" i protest."okay go to the bathroom now" mira shout.i laugh when i get inside and said YES! i got you there princess.

                                                           this is mira wearing during thier love scene


                                                 this is harry's reaction when he see mira on the lingerie


......guys i'm sorry for the late update.writer block and busy reviewing to my finals.thanks for those who continued to read my story.to go be the glory.to godbless

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