I'm in love with my sister

i love one direction so i came up to write a story.hope you like it guys...thanks


17. The Engagement

....they all busy preparing the venue for tonight's party.mira can't wait to see his fiancee.louis is the same.he wants to pull the time so that he can see her fiancee.but they both need to rest for tonight's party.the stage is set and all the tables.looks like the place is ready.the time is come.they all waiting for mira to come come out.mira is so nervous she can see all the people to her engagement.

                                          this is mira's wearing to her engagement party

Louis's POV

.....all i can see is mira.she's wearing a simple white dress.i come to her and grab her arm."are you okay baby?" i ask."yes but at the same time feeling nervous" mira answer."but why?" i ask again."because there are so many people around here" mira said."this people are the reason where we are here tonight and all of them want us to be happy" i said."so smile and relax okay" i add."okay" mira said.then we reach the stage all people clap."thanks to all of you who come tonight to celebrate the most important event in our life" i said."i'm proud to announce that mira and i are engaged" i add.they all clap again."so lets the party begin" mira said."may i dance my sister?' harry ask."of course brother" mira said."excuse us mate" harry said.then i see mira is happy dancing to his brother.she laugh when his brother tell her a joke.i don't see mira this happy when she was with me.but i bet i know his happy with me because if it is not she could not take my proposal."are you happy mira?" harry ask."of course brother" mira answer."i'm happy that your happy with my mate" harry said."thanks brother i appreciate it" mira said."can i steal my fiancee now?" i ask."yes mate" harry said."thanks mate" i said."your so beautiful tonight baby" i said."thank you honey and your handsome too" mira said."i wish i could marry you tomorrow" i said."but we need to wait honey" mira said."i can't wait for that day baby" i said."i imagine you walking on the aisle" i add."honey me too i can't wait but i need to finish my study first" mira said.then we kiss and someone take us picture."sorry guys we need it to your album" niall said."it's okay niall" mira said.then i hear my mate (liam) said "lets have a toast to my mate (louis) and mira to their engagement" liam said."come over here mate and mira" zayn said.then we go to the center of the stage.


Mira's POV

...."i would like to say to both of you congratulations" zayn said."may you love until the end of time" liam add."and may you cook more food mira" niall said.then we all laugh at niall's joke."but seriously i'm happy for you mate" niall said."thanks to all your support mates" louis said.i'm touch the way this boy band love each others.i wish someday i had a friends like these people that i can rely on when i have a problem.i'm happy at the same time because my brother is happy for me.i hope he find his love to taylor.i'm not aginst taylor as long she love my brother i will continue to support their relationship.now that i'm engaged with louis i have nothing to wish for because the man i love is love me for who i am and willing to wait until i graduate.then i see louis going to my mom and ask her to dance.my mom dance with louis.then i see my dad coming into my way."happy baby?" dad ask me."of course dad" i said."that's great i know louis will be a good husband to you" dad said."i know dad am i lucky to have him?" i ask."why did you ask?" dad ask too."it's just so many hates me like his fans because they thought that i'm the reason louis and eleanor break up" i explain."don't mind them as long louis loves you just stay strong for him" dad said."thanks dad" i said."i love you daddy" i add."i love you too baby" dad said."you will always be my baby girl even if your married" dad add."i know daddy" i said."can i dance with my little girl?" dad ask."i will be honor daddy" i said.then we go to the dance floor.we dance about 20 minutes when my dad ask louis "change partner?" dad ask louis."sure dad" louis said.then i am now in louis arms.i lean my head in his shoulder and dance."i am lucky to have you mira" louis said.i can't answer because i'm crying."hey why are you crying?" louis ask."i'm sorry for not telling you this because i thought i will carry this and i'm strong enough" i said."there are so many bashers think that i'm the reason of your break up to eleanor" i add."what? why you didn't tell me all about this?" louis ask again."i'm sorry honey i'm afraid you freak out" i answer."i will not allow to hurt you" louis said."just erase that account and make some private okay" louis said."promise me you will not listen to them" louis add."i promise and i will love you forever louis' i said.then we seat and rest for a while.i see the people around us is so very happy.the party is finish all our relatives, friends and family was saying goodbye to us and saying their wishes even do were not married yet.i was so tired and i didn't know that i sleep in the couch.i don't know happen to louis either.


.....louis sleep at mira's house to their guest room.mira was carry to his dad into her room.while harry slept with his mate (louis).the party was so blast and fun.mira was going back to her class tomorrow while louis rehearse to his upcoming tour.hes been away to mira almost one month.harry didn't talk taylor for about one week now.he wants to clear his mind before talking to taylor.harry needs to talk to taylor about their relationship.harry didn't love taylor at first he was only using taylor to forget mira but he was wrong because it's unfair to taylor.harry love for his sister even grow.


....can harry breaking up with taylor?what will happen if harry find out the truth?that he and mira are not really a siblings?just find out.....love you all guys......godbless us all

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