I'm in love with my sister

i love one direction so i came up to write a story.hope you like it guys...thanks


3. The Conversation

Harry's POV

...i wake up mira when we get in the house.it seem she is so tired from school."mira wake up were here" harry said."oh!no i fall asleep, i'm sorry brother" mira said."it's okay mira i strai see your tired so i didn't bother to wake you" i said to her.and then we get inside the house and see our mom was cooking.my dad is busy in the library from work paper in the office.i decide to go upstairs and get some quick shower.i see mira was coming into my mom and kiss our mom in the cheeks.i continue to go to my room and change my clothes.


Mira's POV

....i see harry was going up.thank god his not asking why i'm so quiet in the whole trip?i said to my mom that i change clothes and go to shower and i go down when dinner is ready."okay mira just be here if the dinner is ready" my mom said."yes mom i will" i said back."by the way call your brother if your done okay" i hear my mom said to me.what i'm calling him in his room?oh! no what are you gonna do mira?just think it later mira, but for now get yourself a warm bathtub.oh i feel exhausted.that was a weird day for me.i hear harry singing their song.it's look that his so happy.maybe there's a good happen to him.i straight to the bathroom and put water on the tub and get my body and i feel relax.i'm listening to the music of harry while i'm doing my warm bathtub.i didn't know that i fall asleep and i just hear a soft knock on the door.i rush to open it and didn't bother to get dress, i'm only wearing a robe.i'm shock when i see harry was in front of me.i wish a had gone because i feel my face turning red like tomato.i got to close the door and get dress.


Harry's POV

....i'm shock when mira was appear in my front wearing only a robe.what she was thinking?maybe she was finish her shower.i decide to knock again to her door.i see her coming out and this the she get dress.i'm amaze when i see her blushing. "mom is calling us" harry said."oh i'm sorry i just in the bathroom taking a shower" i said."c'mon their waiting for us" harry said again.oh there i go again my heart start to beats loud.i don't know mira hear it.then we get to the table and before we start to eat my mom pray for the blessing that we have.we eat and my mom start to ask mira how's her first school?"It's okay mom, my classmates seem so king to me".mira said to mom."that's good to know mira".mom replied."now let finish eating and go to bed".my mom said."by the way harry and mira you washed the dishes when we finish eating okay" mom said to us."yes mom" we both answered.


Mira"s POV

...when we finish eating we wash the dishes.i wash it and harry dry it with a towel.when we finish i go upstairs so i read my lesson for today.i just don't wanna talk to my brother.maybe i get distract if we have a conversation.but when i sit on my table i heard someone knocking on my door.my heart is beating fast and i clear my throat and ask who was knocking.then i heard my brother was the one who answered."what do you want?" but i don't open the door.i ask him."are you busy mira?" he aked me."yeah i'm studying my lesson for today.sorry" i replied."okay goodnight mira" he said back."goodnight brother see you tomorrow".i said but there no one answered me back.deep inside in my heart there's a little disappoitment because i want to talk to him.but it's for the better.my mom and dad was counting on me and i would never break their trust to me.i love them very much.they raise me well and a god fear.i wish one day i will repay them.i would do anything to make them proud of me.i will study hard for them and for myself.after i read my lesson, i decide to go to sleep but my mind thinking of my brother.oh!get out harry i need to sleep now.i didn't know how long i've been sleeping until i heard my mom was calling my name.i jump into my bed and look at the clock.oh! no it's past seven i'm gonna late for my first subject.i rush to the bathroom and take i bath.i go down and zip a little coffee."mom i make my breakfast to my school", i'm gonna late for my first subject."bye mom and dad" i said again."but wait mira your brother is waiting for you" my dad said."i just go for taxi i'm gonna late" i replied."okay take care my mira" my mom said."okay love you mom and dad" i said.i hear my brother calling me but i didn't bother to look at him.it's not that i want to look at him, the taxi is here and waiting.sorry harry see you later for the dinner.i'm gonna late.


Harry's POV

...what happened to my sister?is she avoiding me?i don't or remember that i'm doing a wrong to her.i will talk to her later."mom i'm gonna go" i said."but your breakfast harry?" my mom ask."i just take breakfast in my rehearsal" i replied."okay, bye take care" i heard my mom said."you pick up your sister later after her school" my mom said."okay i won't forget" i said back.when i'm driving i'm thinking mira.i'm gone crazy if i didn't see her.maybe she is late for school.what happen last night?maybe she is sleep late.oh mira i want to see you.i decide to go to her school to look at her.if i didn't see her i get crazy and not concentrate in my rehearsal.then i see my sister talking to her new classmate.just a simple smile of you mira makes my day complete.when i finally see her i drove to my destination.when i get there i see liam was so upset.i want to ask him but maybe he need a break.i ask niall what happen to liam?"niall wait what happen to liam?"i ask niall."he just break up with sophia" niall replied."what?how?" i ask again."he see sophia on other boy" niall said."okay, how can we rehearse if liam is like that?" i said."i don't know, maybe the lads will postpone it" niall said to me."okay, we just make liam happy" i said to niall."but how if his heart is breaking" i ask niall."hey you two what are you talking about" louis ask."oh nothing just planning to make liam happy again" i replied to louis."just live liam alone, for now harry" zayn said to me."okay" i said."but wait how can we rehearse?" i ask zayn."i don't know" zayn replied.then i sit to the couch and think of mira face earlier and i feel relax.i'm just wait here and pick up mira later.i fall asleep and i don't know how long.when i wake up it's seven in the evening.oh no! mira is waiting for me.i said goodbye to my lads and drove as fast i can.but when i get in the school, it's close and dark inside.i drove home and see if mira is there and thank god mira was home safe."harry where have you been?" "i told you to pick up your sister" my mom asking me at the same time mad at me."i'm sorry mom i fall asleep, i didn't notice the time" i said in apologetic way."what if bad happen in your sister?" my mom said again."i said i'm sorry mom it wouldn't happen again, i promise" i said back."i'm sorry mira" i look at her and said those words."it's okay brother" i replied to him."come lets eat, i get your plate" mira said to me."okay thanks" i said.


Mira's POV

...what happen to harry?why he didn't pick me in my school?oh!mira just get lost it doesn't matter what his been doing?i put the plate where is harry is.we start eating and my mom is talking."harry your the one who wash the dish, you do it alone it's your punishment for not picking up your sister" my mom said."but mom it's not harry fault that he didn't pick me, maybe his too busy for his rehearsal"i depend to my mom."non sense mira" my mom said again."it's okay mira" harry said.i just eat and try not to talk.i see harry was looking at me.what happening to this guy?did he know that mom and dad is here.i just finish my eating and rush upstairs.i said goodbye to mom and dad.i said i read my lesson for tomorrow.i lock my door and start reading,but my mind is occupied to harry's image.i need to concentrate to my study.i heard a footsteps going near in front of my room i heard harry was knocking.i pretend that i'm sleeping so that he will go away.then suddenly i heard his going to his room.thank you lord.then go to sleep.maybe tomorrow i talk to my brother harry.i just wish he listen to me.i don't want my brother gets angry or mad at me.goodluck to you mira....

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