I'm in love with my sister

i love one direction so i came up to write a story.hope you like it guys...thanks


21. The Agreement ( Harry And Hes Dad )

....Mr.Stlyes talk to harry about their agreement of making mira falling in love with harry.Mr.Styles said to harry that he has the time to make mira fall for him but if mira is not in love wtih him Mr.Styles would not doing anything but to work on adaption paper for mir to be legally styles and member of the family.harry agreed to his father.then Mr.Styles go back to hes office and work.


Harry's POV

.....how can i make fall mira for me if she's in love with my mate (louis)?but it's not fair mira is for me and i'm the right for her.even i stay one year to taylor mira is the one my heart looking for and missing for.i will not fail you dad.mira will become our legally member of the family but my wife not your daughter.now i'm crazy because i'm talking to myself all alone."hey you okay?" i hear mira asking me."mira how long have you been there?" i ask too."hey i'm the one who ask you first" mira said."i'm okay" i answer."but i see you in a deep thinking" mira said."it's nothing" i said."it's okay to tell me brother" mira said."don't call me that were not real siblings don;t you remember?" i ask."i know but it's shoe respect to you,so i call you br -----" i cut her sentence."can't you see i love you" i said.instead of answering me she stand up and walk away from me."i make you fall in love with me mira" i said shouting on her.then i see she's coming back for me."shut up harry" mira said."your the reason why i break taylor" i said."no don't tell me that" mira said."there no way i change my mind to break louis heart" mira said.'i love him and i'm marrying him after i graduate" mira add.then she go inside our house.she didn't see the sadness that i feel.but still i will fight for my love for you.


Mira's POV

.....harry is crazy for telling me that thing.then i hear my phone rung i look at the screen and it's louis."hello honey" i said."hi baby" louis said."how's my princess?" louis ask."i'm doing fine honey" i answer."are you free tonight?" louis ask again."i have all time if for you honey" i said."oh baby your sweet" louis said."can i pick you up ate seven?" louis said."yes i see you tonight" i said.then i hung my phone."mira lunch is ready" mom said."i'm coming mom" i answer.then i fix myself and go down in the kitchen.i see harry is there."how are you harry?" i ask.what did you call him?" dad ask."harry he told me not to call him brother because  were not real siblings" i said."it is true harry?" dad ask."yes dad and i'm sorry" harry answer."it's okay but mira will continue you to call you brother understand" dad said."yes dad" mira said."do i make myself clear harry" dad ask."yes dad" harry anwer."now lets eat the food getting cold" mom said.then we eat but no one talk because were afraid to my dad.for the first time i see her make mad or shall i say anger at us.it's because of you harry.when i'm finish i excuse myself and go in my room to rest for tonight.i go to sleep.


...then mira is awake and busy preparing to her date.she didn't know know what to wear because of she forgot to ask louis.she wear simple as she is.

                                                              this is mira wearing

then she hear a car that stop in front of their house.she go down and look if louis is there.louis was already inside their house.i smile with him.


Louis's POV

...i see mira going down and smiling at me.i miss that smile that i never seen in two days."your beautiful baby" i said."thanks honey" mira answer."lets go i think your ready?" i ask."wait let me get my bag" mira said."okay baby take your time" i said.then mira go upstairs."hi i'm here" mira said."that was fast" i said."i don't want you to wait longer" mira said."we go ahead mom" mira said."we go ahead uncle" i said."okay take care of my daughter louis" mr.styles said."i will sir" i answer."and behave louis" mrs.styles said."i will auntie" i answer.then we go outside and get to my car."where we going honey?" mira ask."just wait and see baby" i answer.then mira fall asleep.i smile because i see her like this.i wish i pull the time and marry her.i stop the car and wake her up."baby were here" i said."wow were cruising honey?" mira ask."yes do you like it?" i ask too."yes,where we going?" mira ask again."we just cruise okay" i said."okay honey i trust you" mira said."shall we baby" i said."of course honey" mira said.then we go to that yacht and i drive it. we travel and i see mira was enjoying it."happy baby?" i ask."never been this happy honey thank you" mira answer."i will do everything for you baby" i said."i can't wait to marry you honey" mira said."me too baby" i said.then i continue to drive and mira continue to look over the sea.we should stop in one of the beaches that i see.


.....guys chect it on my next chapter louis and mira beach scene.....love you and i will never stop thanking you for reading my story...godbless 

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