I'm in love with my sister

i love one direction so i came up to write a story.hope you like it guys...thanks


37. sad day

...after two weeks mira and harry fly back to their home.their mom and dad was so excited, gemma as well.they bought so many present for their parents and sister.before their flight mira was not feeling well.she throw up and feel a bit dizziness.harry is worried and want to cancel their flight so mira will rest just for one day.


Mira POV's

...i seat on the couch and hold my head *pressing my head hard*."you okay babe?" harry asked *face worried*."i'm okay i just feel bit dizziness" i answer *smile*."you sure i cancel our flight if you want" harry said."no, i'm okay babe nothing to wo--" i didn't finish my sentence because i throw up.harry follow me and rub my back."babe your not okay" harry said."lets go to the hospital" harry add."i said i'm okay" i answer *hold my tummy*."do you remember what the exact date we arrived here?" i ask."yes last monday" harry answer."why?" harry ask back."nothing" i answer."lets go we will be late for our flight" i add."okay" harry said.it can't be.what will mom and dad reactions?don't freak out now mira just go to the ob-gyne when you arrived at london.but if it is positive i will be happy but at the same time sad."babe lets go" harry called."coming babe" i shout. i, have few weeks for preparing school.many thoughts running in my mind.i didn't hear what harry say."babe what you thinking?" harry ask."i'm talking here and your not listening" harry add."i'm sorry babe" i apologize."what you saying?" i ask."nothing, forget it" harry said and look outside."i'm sorry babe" i said.but still harry didn't look at me.


Harry POV's

...mira is so weird this day.what is she thinking?something is bothering her i feel that.i didn't talked her until we arrived at the airport."babe are you mad?" mira ask after we seat on our respective seats."babe talked to me, i said i'm sorry" mira apologize.i pretend i'm tired and close my eyes.i didn't see mira's face when i do that.i open my eyes and were flying now.did i sleep.damn!why mira didn't wake me up.but i see my seatbelt it's around my body.in more than twenty minutes we will be on london.i ask for blanket to cover mira's body.i love you mira.can't wait to marry you after your graduation.although it's a pre-nuptial at least your mine now."babe wake up" i shake mira."are we here yet" "mira ask."almost baby" i answer *kiss her*."were okay?" mira ask again."yes, you know i can't resist you" i answer *smile*.mira hug me and i hug her back.then we hear the captain said "please remained in your seat we were now landing".then i hold mira's hand and she smile at me.then afterwards we go down and we checked in."did you tell them that were going home?" mira ask."no" i answer *winks*."why babe?" mira ask again."to surprise them my beautiful wife" i answer *laugh*."okay it's you choice my husband" mira said."i just used the bathroom" mira said."okay baby" i said *kiss her*.mira smile and walk towards where the restroom is.


Mira POV's

...i'm running in the cubicle because i feel i'm gonna throw up.i didn't eat on the plane then i throw up again.i need to buy something tomorrow to make sure and visit an ob-gyne.i wash my mouth and dry it on my handkerchief.maybe harry is waiting for me."what took you so long?" harry ask *angry face*."i'm sorry may girls using the bathroom" i answer."okay, i'm sorry" harry apologize *hug her*."it's okay, lets go" i said.then i walked to the front door.my husband is in disguise so no one will recognize him."baby where's the car?" i ask."wait i call it" harry answer."babe they will come here" harry said."good" i said and walked to harry because i saw a girl trying to get harry's attention.harry do the same and kiss me.i wipe the satin of my lipsticks."naughty husband" i said it that loud so she can hear it.harry just smile at me.then our car arrived, we go inside and the driver drove away."babe tomorrow i visit my mates for our rehearsal" harry said."it's okay babe" i said *smile*."i sleep for awhile babe" i said."okay" harry said *place my head on his shoulder*.i'm hearing voices but i don't want to open my eyes because i'm so sleepy."be quite she will be awake by your noise" i hear harry said.that's the last thing i remember.now i'm on our bed.starting today i will be sleeping at harry's room."good morning my sleeping beauty" harry greet *smile*."what time it is babe?" i asked."8 in the morning, why?" harry ask."i need to go to school for my enrollment remember" i answer *go to the bathroom and wash my face*."oh yeah, sorry i almost forgot" harry said."mom and dad is waiting for us" harry add."okay just go first and i will follow" i said."make it quick" harry add."yes" i said *winks*.then harry go downstairs.i change my clothes and go downstairs too.


Anne POV's

...i see mira coming down so i run and hug her.i miss my mira so much.i'm so glad she became part of our family."miss me mom?" mira ask."so much' i answer *both laughing*."lets eat the food is getting colder" harry said.when we go in the table i don't know but why mira didn't want the food i cooked knowing it's her favorite."is there a problem mira?" i ask."no--" mira didn't finish her sentence.she go to the  sinked and throw up there."mira are you okay?" i ask again *rub her back*."yes mom" mira answer *wash her mouth*.i looked at my husband and i see worried face.i guess mira see that too.i touch mira's forehead to make sure she's telling the truth.but her temperature is normal.harry holds mira's hand and bring her to the table again but mira disagree and said she will seat on the couch. "dad do you think mira is pergnant?" i ask."lets just wait mom" robin answer. i'm going to be happy but for mira i know she wants to finish first before she planning to have a baby.i go the living room where the two are talking.mira is sleeping on harry's lap."how is she son?" i asked."i thin she's okay mom" harry answer *smile*."mom can you get me a pillow?" harry ask."of course" i answer."thanks i need to be ready, i have rehearsal now" harry said.i get my pillow so i can get back fast."later she will going to her school to enrolled" harry said."okay" i said.after we talked harry go upstairs and prepare because he will go to his bandmates.


Mira POV's 

..."mom i'm going" i shout.i walked fast so mom will not asked what happen earlier."mira wait" mom called."later mom" i shout again and go inside the car."lets go" i said on our driver."lets go first on the drug store" i add.tears start falling in my face.i wipe it quick so our driver will not see it."just wait for me here" i said.i go down and walk towards the counter and i ask for pregnancy kit.i'm glad the sales lady didn't asked.i smile and get the pregnancy kit quickly."lets go to the clinic and please don't tell it to mom, dad and especially to harry" i said."yes ma'am" driver answer.he parked our car and go inside the clinic of doctor latimer."i would like to have an appointment to Dr. Latimer" i said to her secretary."this way Mrs. Styles" the secretary said *smile*.when she close the door i go to the bathroom first and put some drop of my urine on the pregnancy kit.just one drop of my urine two lines are quick register in my eyes.i can't control my feelings suddenly i cried.i go out and i see Dr. Latimer is waiting for me.i smile before i seat."what can i do for you Mrs.Styles?" Dr. Latimer asked."for i'm pregnant doctor, but i don't know how many months or weeks" i answer."okay, come here and lay down" Dr. Latimer *pointing the bed*."when did your last menstruation?" Dr. Latimer asked."last months" i asnwer."i think your on one month pregnant" Dr. Latimer asnwer."congratulations" Dr. Latimer *smile*."thank you" i said *shake hands*."but i give you vitamins for you and the baby" Dr. Latimer add.after my check up i go home but before that i buy some mangoes (green mango).how can i explain to mom and dad?.and what would harry's reaction?i put my hands on my face and cry.you need to face it mira whatever the consequences is.

                                                                  Mira"s reaction

lets find out what would be their reactions to mira's announcement.thank you guys.you make me proud of myself.to god be the glory

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