I'm in love with my sister

i love one direction so i came up to write a story.hope you like it guys...thanks


39. preparations for giving birth

after graduation mira stay at home and be a full time wife to harry.beside she's preparing for their twins.yes you heard it right.harry and mira having a twin babies.mira's mom busy too for their grandchilds room.they color the room, pink and blue because their expecting girl and boy.it was difficult for mira to work on the house because her tummy is getting bigger.harry is busy for his worldwide tour.but before mira giving birth harry is home by that time.mira having a little contractions.her mom so worried so they decided to called their family doctor.the doctor check mira but it was too dangerous because it's only eight mos.so it was so delicate if she gave birth.it was 50% of chances for the babies to make it alive.after mira's check up she go to her room and lay down on the bed because she's not feeling well.then the doctor leave after anne talk to her. Mira's POV "mom" i shout."yes baby" mom said."i think the baby is coming now" i said in pain."but the doctor said it was to early for you to give birth" mom murmured."ouch!!!!!!"i cried in pain."what happened?" dad ask in panic."ready the car now" mom shout."okay...okay" dad agree."inhale and exhale baby" mom order.my contractions are getting worse everytime the babies inside me are moving.i can see my mom and dad their worried.but i can't help it, it's so painful."get inside baby" mom said.dad start the engine and go outside of our house and wait for mom to get inside the car."mom why it's so painful?" i ask while i'm crying.i wish harry is here so i have strength.but his still on tour in Australia."can you drive faster babe?" mom ask dad."i will babe" dad answer.after a couple of minutes we get in the hospital."somebody help my daughter and call our family doctor" mom shout."over here ma'am" nurse said."we take care of her ma'am" nurse added.then they  page the doctor of mira and the doctor running so fast and he ordered,  "check her blood pressure" doctor order.mom called the doctor while where on the trip."it's 90/70 doc" nurse answer."get her to the ER i need to take the babies out immediately" doctor order."moved faster" doctor add."doc where you taking our daughter?" mom ask."don't worry Mrs. Styles i will do everything to make them safe" doctor assured."i call harry baby to tell him that your giving birth" mom shout.that was the last words i heard from my mom. Harry's POV after our last songs i called mira.but she's not answering her phone.i'm worried, so i decided to call mom.ring....ring...ring...ring.... "hello thank god you called" mom said on the other line."why is there something bad happen to mira?" i ask."nothing but she's giving birth right now" mom answer.after what i heard i hung the phone and ask for permission not to join my band on their next half of our songs.they understand my situation.they are all my daughter and son's god parents.after mira gave birth i will plan our wedding.i don't want my babies to grow and know that their parents are not married yet.i'm coming baby wait for me.i hope you're doing okay out there while i'm not in you're side to lessen the pain *sad face*.but destiny is so playful because all of the flight back to London are full.i called my mom and explained to her that i'm still waiting for a chance passenger.but someone interrupted him from talking."you can have my seat mister" the boy said."i think it's important for you to get home so fast" the boy add."oh thank you.you don't know what you did.my wife is giving birth this time.i want her to see me if she wake up" i explained."it's my pleasure to help" the boy said."wait what's your name?" i asked."it's Tyron Silvestre" the boy answer *smile*."thanks tyron" i said *smile back*."i will repay what you did i promise you that" i add and go to the front desk.once again i look tyron and wave at him.i guess he didn't recognize me.thank you lord.see you in a bit mira and babies.wait we don't still have names for our babies.oh!well we think about it later when i get there. after of one and half hours the doctor go out from the ER."congratulations you're granny now" doctor said *laugh*."thanks doc" anne said.their were so excited to see their grandchild's.harry arrive at the morning.the first thing he asked is where's mira.his mom answer her and said they bring mira at private room.harry run over the elevator.he wants o see his wife.he didn't get a chance to be her side while on her pain.now that harry is here he wants to take good care of his wife."how is she?" harry ask the nurse."she's doing good Mr.Styles" nurse answer."and our babies?" harry ask."sorry to say but their still under the incubator because their per-matured babies" nurse said in sad voice."oh thank you for the info" harry said *sad face*.then the nurse go outside and check on the other patients.they wait patiently to mira because she's not still awake.but the doctor said it's normal because of the anesthesia he gave to mira while his getting out of the babies inside mira's tummy.after the doctor is gone.anne ask harry about the names for their grandchilds.but harry said he wait for mira to decide if what names she give on their child's. sorry for the late late update guys..thanks

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