I'm in love with my sister

i love one direction so i came up to write a story.hope you like it guys...thanks


33. Pre-Nuptial Agreement

..when mira and harry reach their house, mira didn't say goodnight to harry because she's so tired and tears start to fall from her eyes.mira didn't know why she's acting like that.she know harry is her fiance.but mira know that harry and taylor is in the same industry and same of work "music".


Mira's POV

...i lay my back in my bed.looking at ceiling thinking what if taylor do a bad thing and i will lose harry.oh god i can't, i just can't.then i didn't control my emotions i cry.i heard someone is knocking, i open it to think it was mom but i'm shock when i see harry."hey what happen?"harry ask ."did i do something wrong?" harry ask again."*wipe my tears* no nothing baby" i answer."really?" harry ask again."yes baby" *hug him so tight*.harry face me to him and say "listen to me, we will be married soon okay no need to worry" harry said *hug her too*."i love you baby" i said."i love you more my princess i can't accept the fact that i will lose you" harry said.then we kissed in the most passionate way.harry locked my door and lay me in my bed and we continue to kiss each other.i'm ready to this because i will be happy if harry take it.he is the man i love so he will be the first and i want him to be my first and last."oh sorry babe i can't maybe after our marriage" harry said *walk away*.i was bit disappointed but i love him because he's willing to wait until that day.


Harry's POV

...what was that harry?you promise to your parents no sex before marriage.then i see my dad.*call my dad*."yes harry" dad said."can we talk?" i said."oh sure son" dad said *smile*."what we're gonna talk?" dad ask."about me and mira dad" i answer."oh is there a problem between you and mira?" dad ask."no nothing dad but as you know our exes is coming in our way" i answer *sad face*."*tap my shoulder* i understand son" dad said."dad i want a pre-nuptial with mira" i said *nervous*."okay, but are you sure" dad ask."i'm never been sure in my life dad when i met and see mira" i answer."then lets talk about this with your mom and mira" dad said."oh thank you dad" i said *smile*."i will do antyhing for you and mira too" dad said.yeheyyyyyy *shouting*."harold what on earth are you shouting?" mom ask."sorry mom i'm just happy" i answer."go to sleep now son and we talk it tomorrow okay" dad said *smile*."oh okay dad thanks dad, night mom and dad" i said *whistle*.then i go upstairs and go to my room and lay down.i'm so excited for tomorrow.i hope mira will agree with this.then i fall asleep.


...first thing in the morning harry is so happy and woke up early.while mira is still sleeping she didn't know what news will hit her.harry didn't know his dad talk about it with his mom.his dad and mom both agree to his plan and it for the best for him and mira as well.


Harry's POV

...breakfast is ready and i'm ready too.mom ask me to call mira.going upstairs and knock on her door."princess breakfast is ready" i said."okay baby i'm coming" mira answer."we just wait for you downstairs" i said."yeah" mira answer."i love you babe" i said *smile*."i love you too baby" mira answer.then i go back on our table we're mom and dad are waiting."where's mira?" dad ask."she's going down dad" i answer *smile*."happy so?" mom ask."yes mom" i answer again."did i missed something?" mira as *smile*.i stand up and walk closer to her and wrap my arm around her waist "nothing babe" i answer *kiss her*."seat down you two lovebirds" mom said.then we all laugh."mira harry has a plan" dad said."what it is dad?" mira ask."he wants a pre-nuptial" dad answer."me and you're mom talk abput it last night and i thin, we think it's for the best if you two had a pre-nuptial" dad add.mira look at me and i saw tears coming in her eyes."babe why are you crying?" i ask."because i didn't know you came from this plan" mira ask *wiping her tears*."i don't ant to lose you babe" i said *hold her hand*."me too baby" mira said."then it settle then" dad said."yeah dad" i answer."so when will you do this harold?" mom ask."as soon as the better mom" i answer."good, we can plan this weeks while mira is on a vacation" mom said."beside i want mira wear the best white gown even though it's a pre-nuptial" mom add."oh mom thanks" mira said *stand up and hug mom*."i love you and daddy too you give me the ebst family i could ask for" mira add *hold my dad hand*.i stand up too and we hug each other.now i know mira will be mine and no one will steal her form me.


Mira's POV

...i'm so happy because of this day.thanks for my handsome fiance."what are you thinking babe?"harry ask."nothing baby" i answer."really?" harry ask again *hug her from the back*."yes baby" *hold his hand*."now i can say we face any problem no matter what" harry said."yes we are baby" i said."you need to prepare we have appointment to a priest and we need to go shopping for our up coming pre-nuptial wedding" harry explain."yes boss" i answer *chuckled*.before i go i kiss him.then i go inside and straight from my room.i was singing because i was so happy.NO TAYLOR AND NO LOUIS for us.i wish no problem will come while preparing our pre-nuptial wedding.i open the shower and let the water flow on my body.i was smiling to think what will happen after our pre-nuptial wedding?then i feel my face heating so i decide to stop what i'm thinking.what important now is harry and me.i'm so lucky i have him.



guys i'm really really sorry i was so busy in our school.thanks for continuing reading my story.all the love xxx....to god be the glory...godbless us all  

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