I'm in love with my sister

i love one direction so i came up to write a story.hope you like it guys...thanks


32. Mistake

...it was a nice saturday night until mira saw taylor on where they are now.harry decide to take her for dinner outside her parents know it of course.she don't know but she feel uncomfortable when taylor is around.she know they finish but it's just look at taylor sexy,hot and so beautiful unlike mira.why harry love her?because mira is so simple girl it's just like that.no more details to follow.


Harry's POV

..."babe if you want we can go to another restaurant" i said."*smile* no it's okay baby" mira answered."are you sure?" i ask."i'm really sure" mira answered.then i called the waiter."i have a reservation here but can you find us another table?" i ask."yes sir right away" waiter answered."i told i'm okay baby" mira said *kiss him*.knowing that she know taylor was looking at us.*smile* i like mira's doing she had to tell taylor "hey look at me he love me and you're not getting in our way" i said in my mind."we're okay here, we take our reservation" mira said politely."okay mam, may i have you're order?" waiter ask."my fiancee here will do that" mira answered."can we have our favorite dish babe?" i ask."of course baby" mira answered."good, we have steak and red wine please" i said *smile*."*smile back* coming up sir" waiter answered.i'm facing mira while she's facing where taylor table is."babe i'm really sorry for what i'm done okay" i said *sad face*."baby i told i forgive you and lets forget it" *smile* mira answered.them our food is served.we eat but when in the middle of our eating taylor go in our table."what a sweet couple" taylor said."taylor we don't want any trouble here" i said."sorry but i don't want too" taylor said.then i see mira stand up and face taylor."look taylor we're engaged and whether you like it or not face it" mira said in irritated voice."babe come on lets finish our food" i said *grab her arm*."no!" mira shout."babe please" i said."*crying* you want to see this taylor right?" mira *continue crying*."sorry mira i didn't intend to make you cry" taylor defense.when taylor going back to their table mira grab her.


Mira's POV

..."i warned you taylor" i said *smirks*."forget it mira" taylor replied *smile*."don't play innocent here taylor"  i said in angry voice."you want war i give you war" i add *dead look*."*shock face* i don't want any trouble or war mira" taylor."just in case you want i'm ready" i said *smirks*."wow!i'm scared now" taylor said *chuckled*."you should taylor, because what's mine is mine and what's yours is yours" i said *smile*."are we clear taylor?" i ask *glare at her*."bye and sorry if i disturb you're eating" taylor asnwer."bye for good and forever" i said *smirks*.i sit when i see taylor going back in their table.i just want to teel her that harry is mine and no one will steal him from me or should i say no girls can touch him unless it's me."babe you shouldn't do that" harry said."*smile* i have to baby" i said."even taylor is around i'm not affected in her presence believe me" harry explain."i know baby and i'm trusting you but i don't trust her or any girl" i said."okay my future Mrs.Styles" harry said *smile*."should i be scared now?" harry ask."maybe or maybe not" i answer *laugh*.then we continue our food.after we eat i see and observe harry it's seem he's so quite until we arrive at our house."baby are you okay?" i ask."i am why did you ask?" harry ask back."because it's seem you're silent in our whole trip" i said."maybe i'm just tired babe" harry answer."are you sure?" i ask."yes i am " *hug her* harry answer."okay i believe you" *hug him too* i said."babe you come first inside" harry siad."okay baby" *kiss him* i answer."thanks for this night" harry said *kiss her back* .i walk inside our house.it's seem mom and dad are asleep.


Harry's POV

...what's wrong with me?why i'm feeling strange seeing taylor again?.what if she do bad in our relationship?.i can't afford to lose mira now that i know she love me.i will do everything to take away taylor from us.i hope mira graduated so we can get married.we have still 6mos.to wait before getting married.but we are fixing are papers for  marriage.it is a good thing dad suggest it.so i know mira is mine and my mate (louis) will not doing anything to steal mira from me.i know and i can sense my mate (louis) have a feelings for mira.oh god please help us to make through until the end.i promise you that i will love mira until the end.


guys i'm really sorry if late in updating i'm so busy in school.hope you understand...thank you thank you for continuing reading my story...i hope i can make you.to go be the glory...godbless us all

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