I'm in love with my sister

i love one direction so i came up to write a story.hope you like it guys...thanks


20. Mira needs to know the truth

....after louis and mira eat and their date louis gets mira home.mira so happy but that happiness will break because she will know the truth of her true personality.louis said hes goodbye to mira and drive home.mira go upstairs and change her clothes to pajamas.


Mira's POV

.....i hear my mom calling me from outside."mira are you there?" mom ask."yes mom give me a minute" i answer."okay just go down in the living room" mom said."yes mom"i said.when i'm done i go down stairs and see my mom,dad and my brother is there."what we have here?" i ask in happy tone."seat here mira" dad answer."okay your acting weird today" i said."mira just listen to us and don't hate us" mom said."can you tell me what happening?" i ask."tell her dad" harry said."tell me what?" i ask again."okay mira your not our real daughter we see you in the parking area of a supermaket and me and your dad decide to take good care of you and were planning to adopt you but were afraid because maybe one day your real parents will look at you but the years and decade past no one claim you and were afraid that we will lost you so we never tell you and we never look you that way you our daughter no matter what happen" dad explain to me.but all of my dad is not sinking in my brain.this is not happening i'm only dreaming.i didn't notice that tears falling into my cheeks.i feel my brother arm and comforting me."were sorry mira for not telling early this" mom said."i'm not mad or angry mom and dad instead i'm thankful because your the one who see me and raise me as your own daughter" i said."oh mira i love you baby" dad said while crying."don't worry dad i will never leave you" i said."thank you mira for understanding" mom said."your not suppose to say that mom,instead i'm the supose to say thank you to you and to dad" i said."as soon as possible we will work for your adoption" dad said."thank you dad" i said and hug him and mom as well.but in the side corner of my eyes i see my brother's face is sad.i want to ask but i'm shy.after that i said my excuse to mom,dad and my brother.


Harry's POV

....when i see mira was gone i talk to mom and dad."dad can ypu not adopt mira?" i ask."but why harry?" dad ask too."because i love her" i answer."harry it can't be because your sister is engaged" mom said."but i will fight for this feeling" i said."they not married yet" i add."don't do anything to hurt your sister" dad said."she's not my sister anymore" i said."mom please don't adopt mira for me" i said."but harry even were not doing it louis and mira are engaged" mom said."it is mira's decision if she cancel her engagement to louis but i see mira is in love with louis harry" mom said.i'm not suppose to cry but i'm hurting because i know i lose in this fight.that mira will never be mine."don't worry harry we will give you time to prove to us that your worth it for mira's love and not louis" dad said."but were not seeing wrong to louis he love mira the way you love her" dad add."just give me time dad if i fail then you can i adopt mira" i said."it's a deal harry" dad said."yes dad even if it is hurt" i said."now cheer up" mom said.call your sister dad is buy some ice cream" mo said."okay" i said.then i call mira.i knock on her door."mira mom calling you dad bought some ice cream" i said."okay brother coming" mira answer."lets go" i said."coming" mira said.when mira open the door she's talking my mate (louis) on the phone."honey call you later" mira said.then i see mira hung up her phone."you okay?" mira ask."don't be sad okay i will be your younger sister i will never leave you" mira add."now come on before dad and mom eats all the ice cream" mira said and put her arm in my shoulder and go down stairs."i miss this mira" i said."oh my brother is so corny" mira said and laugh.then i laugh too so when we reach the kitchen mom and dad is shock."why you two are so happy?" dad ask."were talking about us dad" mira answer."we miss this scene and we are all here that's why were happy" i said."okay seat and eat ice cream because if you don't want to were eating it all" mom said.then we get a glass and fill it until it overload.


Harry's POV

..."mira are sure you don't want to find your real parents?" i ask."i will but not now" mira answer."but why?" i ask again."because i need to finish my study first and find them if i find them" mira said."i want them to be in my wedding" mira add.i hide my face when mira say that.i'm feeling sad because i know he love my mate."mira are sure about louis?"dad ask."yes dad why did you ask" mira ask."nothing it's just your too young for him" dad answer."dad we talk about it okay, were getting married after i graduate" mira said."okay were not against louis okay were just reminding you" mom said."i know and thank you for that" mira said."but i want from now on no more secret okay,promise me you will never hide things from me" mira said."yes mira were not hiding anything from you" dad said."thanks can i have a group hug?" mira ask.then mira hug me and dad and mom do the same.i feel my heart beating so fast like a drum and i don't know if mira hear it.when mira finish her ice cream she go to her room.she said she need to call my mate (louis).mom and dad agreed.then i said my goodnight too.i go upstairs and go to my room.i see mira's room and say." i hope one day you realize that i'm the one you love" i said in the back of my mind.i continue to go to my room and lay down and go to sleep.


....now that mira know the truth is there any chance for her to love harry?what will harry do to make mira fall for him?just find out really soon......

......thank you all for reading my story.....if you want to comment in my story i want to hear it.......love you all....godbless us all

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