I'm in love with my sister

i love one direction so i came up to write a story.hope you like it guys...thanks


12. Mira finally said "YES to LOUIS"

.....it's been six mos.since louis and mira are dating.mira don't see any reason why he would say yes to louis to become her boyfriend.tonight she will be talk to her parents and brother for her decision to make.she will consult first her family member to her decision.she can't wait to see louis's reaction if she say yes to him finally after six mos.of waiting.i know she ie ready into a realtionship.


Mira's POV

....after my class i go home and see if my brother is there.his not home yet.maybe he has a date to taylor but how can i talk to him if his so busy with that girl."mom did my brother text or call?" i ask mom."no mira why?" mom ask too."i want to talk to you all before i said yes to louis" i answer."oh mira were happy for you" mom said."beside your dad and i are nothing against louis we know that boy since he was a kid" mom add."thank you mom" i said."your brother will be happy too so go on" mom said."okay i call louis" i said.(dialing the number of louis.it's ringing)."hey my princess any problem?" louis ask when he answer my call."nothing louis, can we talk tonight i have an important things to say to you" i said."of course my princess i have so much time to you" louis said."thank you can you pick me at seven?" i ask."yes my princess" louis said."okay bye see you tonight" i said."bye see you later" louis said.then i hung up my phone.i wish my decision is right.i wish my brother will be happy for me and louis.in time i will learn to love louis and forget my feelings about my brother.


Harry's POV

....why would mira call louis?i see my mate (louis) is happy.i heard them laughing and my mate (louis) is saying that he leave because he has a date to mira.is the the time that mira say yes to my mate (louis).then you must be ready harry for your first heartache.i promise i will never love if it is not mira.but how can you love your sister harry your parents would be angry at you."hey mate where are you going?" i ask."mira called me and say she has a important matter to say to me" louis said."and what is that?" i ask again."i don't know we just see each other tonight" louis said."i have to go i need to prepare" louis add."okay" i said.please god help me through with this kind of hurting.i know it's wrong to love my sister but what can i do to forget her.maybe you need to get your attention to other.you stick to taylor harry.but it's unfair to taylor if i use her to forget mira.then i see my mate (louis) going to his car and making his out to our studio.why am i feeling i'm losing you mira?my mate (louis) will do all the things i've been doing to you.pick you up here and drop you at your school.make you laugh and make you happy all the time.for me i will continue my life without you by my side.goodbye to you mira.i wish i will carry it till end.your my first love.


Mira's POV

...i prepare because any moment louis is coming.then i heard my dad calling me." mira louis is here" dad said."i'm coming down dad" i said."oh my baby you look gorgeous in your dress" dad compliment."thanks dad" i said."where's mom?" i ask."she's in the kitchen" dad said."mom were going" i said."wait baby" mom said."yes mom" i said."you my mira your so beautiful" mom said."thanks mom we should go"i said."bye auntie and uncle" louis said."oh louis you can call us mom and dad" mira dad said."okay mom and dad" louis said."lets go my princess" louis said."louis stop that" i said."oh my princess is shy to call like that" louis said."but your truly my princess mira" louis add."thanks louis" i said.when we get to the car.louis asking me where we go."just lets go to the beach louis" i said."okay my princess as you wish" louis said.then i laugh."why are you laughing my princess?" louis ask."nothing louis i just laugh what you call me" i said."oh yeah" louis said."how about this" louis said and tickle me."hey stop that it's tickle me" i said."okay lets go" louis said."yes lets go" i said.then louis start the car engine's.we get to our destination louis park his car far away from the beach.i go first at the beach.i see louis going on his compartment and getting something there.i see a bouquet of flower."for my princess" louis said."thanks my prince" i said."so what is the important matter your saying earlier that you say to me?" louis ask."i know it's been six months that were dating and i see no reason to for me to say yes to you" i said."you love me mira?"louis ask."yes louis i love you" i said."YES mira love me" louis shout."hey lower your voice" i said."no i shout to the world how lucky i am to be your boyfriend" louis said."i love you baby" louis said."i love you too honey" i said.then we hug each other."i'm the happiest man in the world mira because i have you" louis said.then i suddenly cry i don't know why."why are you crying baby?" louis ask." i'm just happy honey because you love me for who i am" i said in tear-eyed."of course baby i love the way you are" louis said.then we kissed.that's our first kiss."can i take picture of us?" louis said."of course honey" i said.them he take picture and post it on instagram with the caption of " IT"S OFFICIAL MIRA AND ME IS IN A RELATIONSHIP.I"M LUCKY TO HAVE HER"."so were going to eat honey?" i ask."where do you want baby?" louis ask too."how about nando's?" louis said."okay i love the food there" i said."okay nando's here we go" louis said."this the first time we eat as a couple baby" louis add."yes honey" i said.then louis stop the car."honey what are we doing here" i ask."i need to buy something here wait for me" louis answer."okay" i said.what is louis buying this time.i can't wait to tell my family that i'm happy.i wish my brother is happy too.


Louis's POV

....i see a pair ring of that suit for me and mira.i need to buy this for us."can i look at this pair of ring?" i ask."sure sir" sales lady said."do you think my girlfriend will like it?" i ask the sales lady."of course sir this is simple but elegant" sales lady answer."okay i buy it" i said."the lady you been telling is her?" the sales lady pionting at mira walking now in my way."sorry honey i'm bored and hungry that's why i go here" mira explain."it's okay baby.wait hey can i get the rings i buy" i said."of course sir here you go" sales lady  said."louis you need to do this" mira said."i need to mira i repeat the question for you" i said."listen up people this MIRA STYLES asking her to be my girlfriend and i am LOUIS TOMLINSON promise her to love her and not break her heart" i ask."of course louis i love and honor to be your girlfriend" mira answer."i love you baby" i said and wear the ring in her finger.then mira put the ring in my finger too.there a camera who take us picture and press.but i don't want to expose mira in this kind of life.i want my love life would be private.i heard the press people asking if were engaged."baby lets go" i said and when i finish to give my credit card and pay for the ring.when we get in the car i drive little faster."i'm sorry about that baby" i said."it's okay honey" mira said.then i park my car where i can see it.we seated at the edge of the place.mira order her favorite food so i order the same.when we finish i ask mira if she watns some coffee."yes honey please" mira said."okay starbucks here we go" i said.i see mira is laughing.then we order coffee and zip it while were going home because it's getting late.when mira finish her coffee she fall asleep.she's tired to our date.now that your mine i won't let anyone steal you from me.i love you so much mira.


Mira's POV

...i didn't know that i fall asleep.i feel arms that waking me up."hey baby were here" louis said."honey why you didn't wake me up?" i ask."it's okay baby i know your tired" louis said."okay letd go i'm excited to say the news to my family" i said.i call my mom, dad and my brother."mira your here" harry said."yes were's mom and dad?" i ask."were mira" mom and dad said."are you ready honey? i ask louis."oh no harry this is the moment of truth be ready" i said in the back of my mind."say it honey" i said."mate, mom and dad mira and i are now official boyfriend and girlfriend" louis said."oh i'm happy for you my daughter" mom said."yes were happy for you baby" dad said too."dad don't call me that because louis is the one who will call me that" i said."okay okay " dad said."i'm happy for you mate" harry said and give his hand to louis."can i hug my sister?" harry ask."of course my brother" i said."i'm happy for you mira" harry said."take care of my sister mate try to hurt her i will rip you apart" harry said."i will not do that to your sister mate" louis said."yes brother he will not break my heart" i came to louis and hug him.then louis hug me back."it's late mira louis should go home now" dad said."yes dad" i said."lets go honey" i said to louis."bye mate, mom and dad " louis said."bye take care" mom said.then i go outside to louis and we kiss."goodnight baby see you tomorrow" louis said."goodnight honey" i said.i wave to him when he get to his car.when his gone i go inside and got upstairs.i change my dress to pajamas and lay down in my bed and sleep.i sleep with a smile in my lips.


.....harry see the kissing of mira nd his mate (louis).harry hurt seeing her sister kiss by another man.harry wish his the one who kissing her sister but it's wrong in the eye of the the lord.their brother and sister.louis is happy when he sleep.he can believe that mira and he are in a relatioship.he would do anything to prove that he love mira and mira is not wrong to her decision she made.louis looking at the ring in his finger.then louis sleep with a smile in his lips.



                                         " this is the ring louis buy for mira and for him "            

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