I'm in love with my sister

i love one direction so i came up to write a story.hope you like it guys...thanks


28. Hold my Hand

....now that harry have mira he will treasure every second of it and love mira with all of his heart.he will do every special with mira.harry hopes that mira will forget louis soon.harry help mira to do that.but how can mira forget louis when everytime she see louis in every place they go and made a special moments.


Mira's POV

...it's unfair to harry if i still keep louis in my heart but what will i do if i really love him.i'm in my room now thinking about all the memories we had.remembering the day when i said yes to him and i see his reaction.oh louis if i could turn back the time when i saw you kissing eleanor.i would ask you and try to listen to you.i heard someone is knocking."coming" i said.when i open it it's harry."hey you okay?" harry asks."yes i am" i answer."you sure?" harry ask again."yes i am, why?" i ask too."because you were silent the whole trip" harry answer."i'm sorry harry but i want to be alone please" i said."i understand but please tell me because i'm hurting seeing you like that" harry explain.i hug him and cry because i'm hate to see him like this.i know the reason why."i'm really sorry harry" i said."for what?" harry ask."but please hold my hand while you can and never give up on me" i said."mira look at me, i will hold your hand forever and never let it go because i loved you first time i saw you" harry said.i smile at him and said i want some ice cream.then he said "lets go and go in the beach so you can relax your mind" harry said."okay give ten minutes to change" i said."okay i wait for you downstairs" harry answer.then harry go down and i go in my room change.


Harry's POV

....i'm relief at least i know there a chance that mira love me in no time.this is a good start harry.then i see mira going down and come to me."lets go i'm ready" mira said."okay baby"  i said.then we go in my car and get inside.i open the door for mira."thanks babe" mira said.i'm shock because of mira called me.but i'm happy at the same time.then i drove where we can buy some ice cream.while when were at the middle of the street i heard mira's phone is ringing."excuse me babe i answer it" mira said."sure baby" i said.then i hear mira said hello.they talking for almost ten minutes."who it is baby?" i ask."it's riley asking if i'm free to do our report" mira answer."i said i'm not because i'm with my fiancee and were going somewhere" mira add."but if it's important it's okay to cancel our date baby" i explain."no we can do it tomorrow beside i need your help babe" mira said."help?" i ask."yes our report is about singers and in the band" mira asnwer."okay can i call the lads?" i ask again."of course babe" mira answer."it's okay with you to see my mate (loius)" i ask."yes babe, trust me" mira answer."okay then later i will them one by one and tell them to go in our house for important matter to do" i said."yes babe and thanks by the way" mira said.then we reach our destination and go down.some people looking at me but i don't want mira to get hurt so i tell her to buy some ice cream for us and i wait for her to the car.it's okay with her and she continue to go to the ice cream parlor and buy some ice cream


Mira's POV

...harry is so cute when it's come to me.he doesn't want me to get hurt by his fans so he decide to stay at the car and wait for me.but when i'm close to the door i bump into someone and i fell from the ground."hey be careful" i hear the voice in my back."are you okay baby?" harry ask."i'm so stupid to let you go alone" harry add."hey i'm okay" i answer."what's your problem?did you not see my fiancee?" harry said."i'm really sorry har----" taylor said."harry" taylor add."taylor what are you doing here?" harry ask." i'm gonna buy some ice cream" taylor answer."by the way taylor meet mira my fiancee" harry said.i sahke taylor hand."really, congrats mira" taylor said."thanks taylor" i said."we should go taylor excuse us" i said.i don't know but i'm jealous because the way taylor look at harry."no it's okay" taylor answer."thanks and good to see you again" i said.then harry wrap his arm around my waist.we didn't see taylor's face when he do that.after we order ice cream we go back in the car and harry drove to the beach.


....then harry and mira go to the beach.but mira didn't know that harry rent the whole beach for they to feel relax and do whatever they want.mira is surprise when she a heart roses in the ground and in the the middle of the heart is her name and saying "I LOVE THIS GIRL".mira cry for joy and speechless.now he know how much harry love her.i hope she can return the love to harry.


......guys i'm really sorry for late update i've been busy......thanks for continuing reading my story.love you all and godbless us all

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