I'm in love with my sister

i love one direction so i came up to write a story.hope you like it guys...thanks


30. Harry getting disappointed

...mira talk to harry and ak if it is okay to interview their band.in the first harry didn't agreed with it because of his mate (louis).but he cannot say no to mira.so in the end he agreed.mira was so happy and call riley that the interview is okay and set.while harry call his mate (liam) to say and ask  a favor and tell him that there will be going an interview to there a band.mira go upstairs and go to bath because any moment riley and harry's ban mates will be here.harry do the same as well.


Louis's POV

....i'm so excited when my mate (liam) tell that there will be going an interview with my mate (harry's) house.after a couple of months i'm gonna see mira.she's still in my heart.but i'm not getting myself in any trouble.i know mira is happy with my mate (harry).i hear someone calling me."mate lets go the rest are waiting for us" niall called me."i'm coming" i answered.then i go outside and go to niall's car."hey mate you didn't bring your car?" niall ask *smiling*."i don't mate" i answered."and why are are you smiling?" i ask back."nothing mate" niall answered *chuckled*.then he drove away to my mate house (harry).we decide to meet there.i feel nervous being close to the house."mate are you okay?" niall ask."yes i am" i answered *shaking*.then were here and i go down first and see my mate (zayn and liam)."mate it's good that your here" liam said."yes niall is so early in my house" i said."mate lets go inside" zayn said."yeah i'm so hungry and i smell food inside" niall said *laughing*."yeah right" i said *smile*.then we go inside the house.we see our mate (harry) setting the place for our interview.


Harry's POV

...i see them especially my mate (louis) going in my way."need help mate" liam said *smile*."no i'm almost done mate" i answered *looking to may mate (louis)*."hey where's mira?" niall ask."oh she's preparing some snacks and some juice for later" i answered."hey your here" we look to the voice and see mira is coming to us."the first hug and kiss mira is my mate (niall) then my mate (zayn) then my mate (liam) and finally My mate (louis).i see mira is smile when they separate to each other."baby are you done?" mira ask.then she come to me and hug me."your so sweet baby: mira said."oh babe i will do anything for you" i said."i know baby we can wait to riley hes on his way here" mira said *giggles*."guys excuse me i need to finish our snacks for later" mira said and going away.then we go back and finish setting the place.i'm not concentrating so i get hurt.my mate (liam shout for help."mira harry gets wound" liam shout *nervous*."what?why did that happen?" mira ask when she get in my side."baby what happen?" mira ask me and look so worried."it's just i hit my hand with a sharp thing babe" i answered *smiling*."why are you smiling?" mira ask back."oh nothing babe your so sweet it's a little wound okay" i answer."yeah. guys excuse us okay" mira said."i need to clean his wound" mira add.then we go inside the house."babe i'm okay were not done yet setting the place for later" i complain."no i clean your wound and you change because any minute riley is here" mira said."oh okay miss nurse" i said *laughing*."so funny baby" mira said *laughing*."me too when i'm done here i change my outfit" mira add.then after she clean my wound i go upstairs and change.


Mira's POV

....i hope this interview will go well and i'm not gonna have any problem.but honestly i like it because it's been three months since i didn't see louis and i don't heard any news about him.why i'm so excited seeing him?it's wrong because i'm engaged and with his friend.i'm almost done when i hear a beep.i check on it  and it's riley."come in there already here" i said in excited tone."really?" riley ask *nervous*"yes, check outside" i said *pointing in the garden*."oh okay" riley answer."i go upstairs and check harry and i change my clothes too' i said *smile*."okay mira" riley said.the he go outside and check our location.i'm running going upstairs and straight to my room.but before that i knock on harry's room."baby are you done?" i ask."almost babe but can you help me?" harry ask back."oh sure baby, open the door" i answer *smile when he open the door*."your so handsome baby" i said *giggles*."thank you babe" harry said."why are you not prepared?" harry ask again."oh baby i'm okay my clothes are ready and i need to get shower after i help you" i answer *smile*.then i finish fixing harry's clothes so i said my goodbye and tell him that i need to change my clothes because his mates are waiting and riley as well.


...while mira changing her clothes harry go down and check his mates.he say hi to riley as well.for mira he will be going good in this day and mira needs it because it will be mira's report.but harry nit feeling good about doing this.maybe he suggest another band to interview.being louis around harry can moved so easily.we know that louis and mira once engaged.what will the interview flow?.i wish it will went good and just fine.


Liam's POV

....were all done when harry go out and check if everything is okay."mate don't worry everything will be okay" i said *smile*."i know" harry answer.then we mira is coming out.were shock because mira is so beautiful in her dress.

                                               this is mira's wearing doing the interview with harry's mates

"babe your so beautiful" harry said *kiss her*."thanks baby" mira replied *kiss him back*.i look at my mate (louis) and i see sadness in his eyes.i know what hes thinking maybe he wish that he is the one doing it to mira and not my mate (harry)."so can we start guys?" mira ask."of course" zayn answer *smile*."good, so where i can seat?" mira ask again *looking to harry*."here babe" harry answer *smile*.then riley start asking question.


Riley's POV

...."so guys what will you do if your not in the band?" i ask them."i would be an actor" louis answer."me english teacher" zayn answer too."me a normal guy who will marry with the girl he love" harry answer *looking to mira*.i see mira is blushing."me i don't know" niall answer as well."me a fireman" liam answer.now it's mira turn to ask the boys."so your popular now in the whole world, is there anything you want or shall i say did you ask for more?" mira ask."i think we're not asking for more right mates?" liam answer but the same ask his mates."yeah my mate (liam) is right" harry agree.the rest didn't answer maybe they are satified with liam and harry's answered.until we didn't know were getting in the end of our interview.when we get to our final question mira go to the kitchen and get our snacks.harry help her to get the snacks to where we are.but when mira gets back she looks so sad.what happen to her?.i want to ask but i decide not to ask.i hope she's okay."guys eat, you did a great job" mira said."and thank you very much" mira add."yeah thanks guys" i said.


Harry's POV

...i wqas so disappointed and i don't know why.maybe my mate (louis) is keep looking at mira.and mira why she wear like a dress with so much revealing with her beauty.ugh can't take this anymore.i grab mira in her waist and kiss her.i'm so disappointed i want to get rid of it.i see everyone is shock to want i do with mira.but mira want my kiss."baby that's enough your mates and riley is here" mira said *blushing*."oh sorry babe i want to do it for a job well done" i answer.*giggles*.mira pinch me."ouch that's hurt babe" i complain.then i tickle her."baby stop i'm so tickle" mira said in low tone."okay i stop but kiss me first" i said in a bossy tone."i will but later when they are gone baby" mira answer."okay that's a promise babe" i said."of course baby" mira said.then we take our snacks.but still i don't know why i'm still feeling strange.oh harry relax you know mira is moved on and you feel she love you now.i continue eating with mira beside me.we finish and my mates bid their goodbyes...but riley is still here to finalize their report.


...after finalizing their report riley bid hes goodbye.mira clean the garden and harry help her.they need do it before their parents come back.they were both panting when they finish cleaning the surroundings.mira sit in the stone chair in the garden and pick some flower and smell it.she feel relax.harry bring the chair on the kitchen and the table as well.by the time when their parents gets home the whole house is cleaned and organize.their parents was impressed and for being behave and for cleaning the house their parents treats them to eat in some classic restaurants.


...guys i'm really sorry i'm so so busy....hope you understand...thanks for continuing reading my story...to be god be the glory <3

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