I'm in love with my sister

i love one direction so i came up to write a story.hope you like it guys...thanks


10. Harry gets jealous

.....finally harry is getting home.the doctor just give him vitamins to take everyday for fast recovery of his body.the doctor said make sure that harry take all the vitamins and take all the advice of the doctor.harry needs to rest until his fully recover.his not get in the work until then.the doctor said if there's any problem they can call him.louis is in the hospital helping mira because louis just said to mira's parents that he be courting their daugther.harry's parents say yes unless louis come to their house and do there the courting.louis agreed to that he was serious about mira.harry gets jeslous about it.there so many people why louis his mate who will court her sister.louis insisted that mira and harry can go in his car and get them home.when they are going down louis get all the bags to mira and carry them.finally they see louis's car.louis open the door to the front and mira seated there while harry seated on the back.then louis drove to the home of harry and mira.


Mira's POV

...."louis just be careful my brother still have a wounds" i said."yes my princess" louis said."oh louis your sweet" i said."brother says anything" i said."oh no i just sleep" harry said.what's wrong to my brother?.it seem that there's different with him since louis is here.i feel his jealous of his mate.but i find louis is a kind and sweet loving person.i need to do it to hide my feelings for you my brother."louis tell me more about you?" i ask louis."later mira i'm driving i don't want to hurt you princess" louis answer."okay if that's what you want" i said.i see my brother is sleeping.maybe his tired.i decide to look outside.i hope my brother is happy for me when louis and me is official.i know he gets hurt because i know that he love me.if you only knew harry i love you too.but it's wrong i respect our parents.


Harry"s POV

....i pretend that i'm sleeping.i hear my mate (louis) saying something on my sister."hey my princess why are you so quiet?" louis ask."nothing louis" mira said.i'm hurting seeing them like this so sweet.how can i stand it everyday if my mate (louis) is going in our home courting my sister.i know my mate (louis) he will do anything and impress my parents and mira too.i'm not against him but thinking that he will be my sister boyfriend tearing me apart.i hope i will overcome it when it happen."princess may i ask you something?" louis ask."sure what it is louis?" mira answer."why did you say yes to me?" louis ask." i mean to court you" louis add."i know louis your a sweet, kind,caring and loving person" mira answer.oh boy i can stand it anymore.i have an idea.sorry mate (louis)."ouch" i said."wait louis stop the car" mira said." wait i come over there brother" mira add."it is okay with you mate (louis)" i ask."of course" louis answer."you sleep in my lap brother" mira said."how you feeling now?" mira ask."i'm better now thank you mira" i said.then i see my mate (louis) start driving again.i didn't know that i'm fall asleep.i don't know for how long.i just knew that i'm in my room.i decide to go down and see that my mate (louis) is still here."your awake brother.how's your wounds?" mira ask."it's okay mira" i said."where's mom?" i ask."in the kitchen cooking something over dinner" mira said."okay i just check on mom" i said.


Mira"s POV

...what happen to my brother?he didn't notice louis is in my side?his acting wierd since we left the hospital."wait brother louis is here say hi" i said."oh sorry mate (louis)" harry said."hello mate it's okay" louis said."i go now to mom" harry said."okay bye" i said.i need to talk to him later.beside if louis is my boyfriend he need to be nice."my princess minding somewhere else?" louis ask."oh sorry louis" i said in apologetic way."can we go out in weekend?" louis ask."of course louis i love to" i said."louis tell me more about yourself" i ask."hmmm i'm a rock star and aloving person" louis answer."i agree with you" i said."i have a joke" louis said."okay lets try it" i said."what do you call the person who doesn't see anything but he/she love that person?" louis ask."what is that?" i said."that is called love is blind" louis said.then i just laugh and i can't stop."louis stop it i get my tummy hurt" i said.but louis is amaze of what he see."hey why are you looking me like that?" i ask."your so pretty mira, i can't help it but to stare at you" louis said."you stop okay.you make my face turn to red" i said."okay" louis said.then i see my brother coming in our way."brother come here" i call him."no need to rest" harry said."but -----" i cut off with my brother."just call me if dinner is ready" harry add."okay" i said.i'm hurt the way he look at me.why am i feeling this brother?.just focus on louis mira.


Harry's POV

....i see mira and louis doing while in my kitchen.i see mira seem so happy with my mate (louis).i didn't see mira happy like that when she with me.i'm hurting just like that.what if mira say yes to my mate (louis).what will you do harry (i ask myself).oh i'm going to be crazy if that's happen.but what will you do your his brother.i just lay down and try to make some sleep.but all i think is mira and my mate (louis).then i check my twitter and instagram.damn my mate (louis) is telling about the girl he saw and courting.with caption "she is the most beautiful girl i met and i love the way she is.she is different from the girl i met".i hope one day i do it myself.i hear a soft knock."who's that?" i ask."brother it's mira mom calling you, dinner is ready" mira said."okay coming.wait for me" i said."okay" mira answer.when i come out mira hold my hand and were going down.i love this the way mira hold my hand."mira are you find my mate (louis) interesting?" i ask."yes why did you ask?" mira ask too."nothing" i said.it's me the truth.i see that mira having a feeling to my mate (louis).just get ready harry if mira and your mate (louis) is official boyfriend and girlfriend.oh i wish i could stop that to happen.


Mira's POV

...i see my brother thinking on something."brother can we talk later if louis is gone?" i ask."yeah and whatt were talking?" harry ask too."just later okay" i said.i see louis was sitting in the table i seat beside him.my brother seated at my mom side."so louis are you serious about our daugther?" mom ask."yes auntie i am" louis said."just don't hurt our mira louis" dad said."mom, dad don't worry louis would not do that to me right?" i said looking at louis."of course my princess i would not do that to you" louis said."just make sure mate i tear you apart if my sister is hurt and cry because of you" harry said.i hurt when my brother said that.but at least i know his not against louis.then dinner is finish mom is the one who wash the dishes because i go out with louis because his going home."bye louis" i said."bye my princess" louis."take care louis.see you tomorrow" i said."yeah i pick you up for scholl before i go to rehearsal" louis said."okay bye be careful in your driving" i said."i will for you my princess" louis said.when louis is gone i go inside and look my brother."mom where my brother?" i ask."his outside in the garden" mom said."okay i go there" i said.then i go to the garden and see there my brother sitting on the bench."brother there you are" i said."mira did my mate (louis) go home?" harry ask."yes" i said."brother may i ask you something?" i ask."of course" harry answer."are you jealous of louis?" i ask."oh no what will i answer to mira" harry said in the back of his mind."brother i'm waiting" i said."of course not mira, but you know i have a feelings for you.i don't know if i can satnd it if i see you with my mate (louis)" harry answer."but you it's wrong for you to love me" i said.if you only knew it's hurt me more when i see you hurt because i love you brother."but if you love my mate (louis) i will not come into your way instead i will support you" harry explain."i go upstairs i'm sleepy" harry add."okay brother take your vitamins" i said."yes thank you" harry said.my brother didn't see the tears that falling in my eyes.i decide to go to my room and sleep.


....mira didn't notice that his brother is crying too.why did they hurt this way?can mira possibly love louis?louis is doing anything to prove that he loves mira the way he loved by his family.that he protect mira from anything harm.can mira finally say yes to louis easily?can louis will wait until mira love her?just find out..



..................love you guys thanks for reading my story



                                                                               " I WANT "

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