I'm in love with my sister

i love one direction so i came up to write a story.hope you like it guys...thanks


13. Harry and Taylor scene

....when harry know that mira said yes finally to his mate (louis).he just focus to court taylor and go on with his life.he will never get mira for his own happiness.harry courting taylor for one half months now.he wiil date taylor tonight for asking her to be her girlfriend.harry hope that did this realtionship his having will work out.like mira she happy to louis.the months has fast so pass.it's been mira and louis monthsary.louis and mira have their dinner date.mira asking her mother to teach her to cook some food to make some surprise to louis.Mrs.Styles is happy because she know that mira is inspires to learn cooking for her boyfriend .


Harry's POV

....why did mira cooking for my mate (louis) but me he never cook me foods.oh harry just get mature because your mate is your sister's boyfriend now that's why she doing it.then i decide to go there and see what mira is cooking."hey what's happening here?" i ask."brother come taste it and tell me the truth okay"  mira said."okay" i said.oh god it's delicious."brother what do you think?" mira ask."it's perfect mira" i said."are you sure louis will love this?" mira ask again."of course mira" i said."thanks brother" mira said and hug me."wait that's my louis" mira said.it's hurt me when mira say that."honey" i hear mira call my mate (louis)."hey baby how are you?" louis ask."i'm okay and cook for you hope you like it" mira said."of course i love it when your the one who cook it" louis said."thanks honey" mira said."hey mate how are you and taylor?" louis ask."were okay actually were have a date tonight" i said."okay" louis said while his arms is in my sister waist and pull my sister and kiss her." honey why did you do that?" mira ask."i miss you" louis said."i miss you too honey" mira said."i need to go upstairs and prepare" i said."okay brother" mira said.then i go upsatirs and get dress but before that i text taylor that i'm gonna pick her up and have a dinner.


Taylor's POV

....i'm excited when harry text me that were having a dinner.i wish he ask me to be his girlfriend.i almost doe when i hear harry car.he knock and i open it."wait harry i just put on my shoes and we go" i said."take your time" harry said.then i get my bags and shoes."lets go harry" i said.then we go to harry's car.he open the door for me.then when harry get in the car.he start driving and go to the place were having a dinner.harry park the car at nandos."mind if we eat here? harry ask."no harry it's okay" i said.we go down and go inside the nandos.we seated at the edge of the palce."what do you want? harry ask."anything harry" i said."okay" harry said.harry just sign to the waiter and order our food.when our food is arrive we eat and when were almost done harry order a dessert.i'm shock when a group of people came and sings.when the song is finish harry stand up and ask me."Taylor Swift can you be my girlfriend?" harry ask."yes harry" i said."yes" harry shout."i introduce you to my parents tonoght" harry said.then when we finish we go at harry's house.when we reach the house harry open the door for me.i feel nervous but i said to myself relax taylor."hey relax okay" harry said."okay" i said.then harry knock on the door.


Mira's POV

.....i hear someone is knocking.i'm shock because when i open the door it's my brother and taylor."who's that baby?" louis ask."it's my brother and taylor honey" i answer."where's mom and dad?" harry ask."there in the living room with louis" i said."lets go baby" harry said to taylor.then i go to the living room and seat at the side of louis.then louis wrap his arms around me.then my brother introduce taylor to our parents."mom i would like you to meet taylor my girlfriend" harry said."welcome taylor and nice meeting you" mom said."yes welcome my dear" dad said."than you mam and sir" taylor said."don't be so formal taylor you can call us mom and dad like louis call us" mom said."okay mom" taylor said."mira is there any left in for me in the dinner that you cook?" harry ask."of course brother there is" i answer."oh can i taste it?" harry ask again."yes come on" i said."honey excuse me for a while" i said to louis."go on baby" louis said."thanks wait for okay" i said."yes my princess" louis said.then we go to the kitchen i get my brother a plate and put some rice.while my brother is eating i'm looking at him and see his reaction."so brother what is the taste?" i ask."it's delicious mira" harry answer."mira can you cook for me?" harry ask."of course brother anything you want" i said."oh thank you" harry said.'okay just finish it i go check louis" i said."okay" harry said.then i go to the living room i see louis is sleepy."hey honey are you sleepy?" i ask."you can go home i need to review my notes because i have exam tomorrow" i add."okay baby" louis said."bye mom and dad and bye taylor and by the way congrats" louis said."thanks louis" taylor said."lets go honey it's getting late" i said."okay my princess" louis said.then we go outside.we say our goodbyes and kiss each other."take care honey be careful at your driving" i said."i will my princess for you" louis.when louis is gone i go inside."mom i go upstairs need to study my lesson" i said."okay mira" mom said."goodnight taylor" i said."goodnight mira" taylor said."need to go bye" i said."bye" taylor answer.then i go upstairs and straight to my room.i change my clothes in pajamas.then i start reading my notes.when i'm a half of my reading i want to drink milk.i decide to make some.


.......harry's mom and dad decide to go to sleep.they go upstairs and go to their room.when the parents of harry is gone.harry begin kissing taylor.they kiss in passsionate way.that's the scene mira see because she is about to go to the kitchen and make some milk fo her.but mira stop when she see his brother kissing taylor.it's hurt the truth that he see that scene.she decide to go back in her room and lock her door.she didn't notice the tears coming from her cheeks.she didn't finish read her notes because of that scene she see.she fall asleep that have a tears in her eyes.harry see mira when she kiss taylor.he didn't intend to see mira that he was kissing taylor but mira see it already.he want to stop but taylor kissing him back.so harry decide to continue it.then harry get taylor home.then he say he text taylor when he gets home.then harry drove home and knocks at mira's room.but mira didn't hear because she is fall asleep.harry then get to his room and change and get to sleep.


...what will happen to mira and harry?is there something will change now that there have their own love life?just find out in my next chapter.thanks guys for reading my story...it's mean a lot to me......godbless us all

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