I'm in love with my sister

i love one direction so i came up to write a story.hope you like it guys...thanks


26. Announcing (Harry and Mira)

...harry's father decide to prepare for mira and harry's engagement party.but mira didn't want it to celebrate because it's almost one month since she broke up with louis.it's not good to announce yet to people.but mr.styles want it to be official so he decide to be  all the family member and relatives will attend to witness their engagement.it was a close party.


Mira's POV

.....this the saddest moment in my life.i want to go to louis and run away with him."hey are you okay" harry ask."no i'm not and you know why" i answer."i'm not agreed with it too mira but daddy want this" harry said."are you mad at me?" harry ask."no why should i?" i ask too."nothing i thought your mad at me" harry amswer."okay i said lets go maybe they waiting for us" i said."okay" harry said.then we go to our relatives.they don't know that mom and dad was actually my parents.then my dad announcing our engagement.then the mates of harry is coming."good boys your here" dad said."mate we want to see your engagement to mira" liam said."mate why are you here?" harry ask louis."i'm okay don't worry mate" louis answer."congrats mira" louis said.but i run away to our house and get to my room.i heard a soft knock on my door.'open up mira" harry said.i stand up and open the door.then harry grab me and hug me."i don't want to see you like this mira" harry said."if i could turn back the time" harry add.but i'm still crying."what can i do to make you happy mira?" harry ask.i look at him and said."make it stop harry" i answer."but you know how much i want to stop it but dad is stick to hes plan" harry answer.then i hug him too tight."i'm okay now lets go down" i said."are you sure?" harry ask."yes wait need to wash my face" i said."okay i wait you here" harry said.then i go to the bathroom and wash my face.then we go down and face our visitors for that night.


Harry's POV

....now that mira is with me i will make my plans work and make her fall for me.i will not let my mate (louis) ruin it.then i hear my dad calling us."are you ready mira?" i ask."yes harry" mira answer."then lets go" i said.then we go to the center and my dad said "you give them a around of applause" dad said.the the people clap even my lads our clapping."mira are you sure it is okay with you?" i ask again."yes harry it's okay don't worry" mira answer.then we go there and come close to my father.then my dad is giving the mic."thank you all for coming into our engagement party we appreciate it" i said.then i see mira looking to my mate (louis) with love.i know she still love my mate (louis).i'm hurt and i feel so many needle that in my heart.but i know one day you will learn to love mira.i won't give up on you."mira the people wants us to kiss if you don't mind" i said."sure" mira said.then i kiss her with passion and i feel she's kissing back."damn i don't know that harry is such a good and sweet kisser" mira said in her mind.then i stop because it's too much but i see mira's eyes still close.i come to her close and whisper "mira were done" i said.i see mira's face is blushing."i'm sorry harry" mira said."it's okay"i said."lets go to our mates" i said."i can't you go ahead and i go to our other visitors" mira said."okay baby" i said."what did you call me?" mira ask."baby is there anything wrong?" i ask."don't call me that" mira answer."but why?" i ask again."because you know that louis call me that" mira answer."okay i will not call you that" i said."than you harry" mira said.then i go to my lads and mira go on our others visitors.


Louis's POV

....i see my mate (harry) going in our way."mate congrats" niall said."thanks mate" harry said."so is this true your not real siblings?" zayn ask."yes mira just seen by my mom in the grocery" harry answer."i guess this is serious mate?" liam ask too."of course mate" harry answer."congratulation" louis said."thanks" harry answer."are you enjoying the night?" harry ask."yes we are" louis said."good if you need anything you call me mate" harry said."i need to check on my fiancee" harry add."okay mate, don't worry about us" liam answer."okay" harry said.then i see him grab mira and wrap his arm around in her waist.i'm still hurt even do it's been a month since we broke up.i can't believe i lose mira because of my stupid mistake.but i know mira still love me i can see it in her eyes when we see each other earlier.if i could turn back the time mira your still in my arms.but i don't want to disappoint your father and mother.i just need to accept that your not mine and continue to my life.i won't forget you mira.your always in my heart.then i stand up and said to my mates that i need to go to my mom's house.but the truth i can't stand the pain i'm feeling when i see mira and my mate (harry) laughing together and happy."just say it to our mate okay" i said."okay mate, take care" liam said.because my mate (niall and zayn) busy dancing in the dance floor."i should go i see our mates is so busy" i said."okay" liam answer.then i walk to the gate and go to my car.while i'm going there tears starts to fall in my face.i can't help it, kit's really hurt.it's look likes a thousand knives stabbed in my heart.once again i look back and said " I LOVE YOU MIRA STYLES".then i go inside my car and drove away from that place.


...now that louis have no place at mira's heart how can he continue hes life without mira?how harry handle this situation?what about mira can she handle her situation right now?she's still in love with louis.how can she forget louis it's been a year of their relationship.now that mira and harry are engaged harry will do everything to make mira fall in love with him.it's not easy to do that.but harry need to make sure hes mate (louis) ruin their relationship.what will happen now in the three?


....just find out....thanks guys i can't believe it it's almost 800 reads my story...i really apprecaite it...love you all....godbless us all 

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