Dreams cost fortune

Just a normal girl realizing her dreams coming true, what she doesn't realizes is that these dreams will cost her so much , her friends , her love , join a teenage girl on journey to stardom and watch her realize what fortune does dreams actually cost (contains explicit language)


4. Vas Happnin .........

 Guys were in there car while I was in mine .At first they were leading but after one red light I was in front . They were not only disturbing me but hell lot of other people throughout the drive , singing or rather I say screaming at top of their lungs with songs , at red lights they would start talking weird like really weird stuff to strangers like at one stop Niall said to one lady , "do you like me , because I'm an crazy mofo !!!!" , like what the hell and once I just accidentally stopped the car rather than accelerate it and Harry , poking his head out screamed "what the f**k , zane " along with Ylvis because "fox say" was playing in their car , I really started to regret my decision of joining them at that moment. Thank the lords that Nando's is not that far or God knows what could happen in the time going there.Right now I'm parking my car in Nando's parking lot. 
*****Louis's P.O.V. ( When they were heading for meeting ) ******
Today we are going to meet Simon regarding our next tour which happens to start in 2 weeks , although the details have not been finalized , I still can't wait for it to start , we love our fans and we love to perform for them , we'll always be grateful for them supporting us . Right now , we are headed towards Simon's office but today our manager ,Paul is not with us , I wonder why  he always accompanies us to all the meetings. As we reach the office , Liam knocks on the door and says, "Uncle Si , can we come in ". I rolled my eyes , him and his manners , it's not like anyone is in there beside Simon (oh you have no idea ) . Then came Simon's reply , "sure .............but come one by one ". OK , what ? , he never requires meeting us one by one . First Paul's absence and now this , something's fishy but I don't give it much thought as me and boys start deciding who want to go first .
Initially everyone agreed for Liam to go first but then I decided that I would go first because why not . So I entered Simon's office and greeted him saying , "Hey Uncle Si " . I started looking around the office , damn , it's been some time , suddenly I spotted someone sitting on couch , more specifically a girl , I think I've seen her somewhere , I say 'HI' to her with uncertainty , her eyes widened in disbelief and her mouth fell open then she said , "you can see me !! " .
"Yeah ", I replied confused.
"How ...", she whispered looking deep in thoughts.
"How what ?",I questioned her even more confused , what was this girl talking about.
"You're not supposed to see me ", she replied narrowing her eyes at me .WTH , I turned to simon and asked , "Uncle Si , who's this girl and why is she saying that I'm not supposed to see her ?".
"What are you talking about Louis , there's no one,here except for us", he replied simply.
"How can you not see her, she's sitting right over here", I said gesturing towards where she was.
"Now is not the time for one of your pranks Louis ", he replied discouragingly . I was going to protest and say more but that girl gestured me not to , so sealed me lips and situated my self in one of the leather chairs .I questioned simon why he wanted to see us singularly and not together like always and he replied ,"Yes , because I wanted to make sure you guys are nice and healthy and fit by my self ".I just replied , "Oh , OK ", by this time , that girl was now behind simon's chair and my entire focus shifted from simon to her . Simon kept going on about different things but I wasn't paying attention and just nodded and hummed to respond to him .The girl suddenly said , "If you can see me , then you must be the one ".
Now what's that supposed to mean .
''What do you mean ?" ,I questioned her.
"Well , it's complicated but to put it simply , only you can free my soul from this world " ,she replied ,huh , that doesn't make sense .When realization hit me , my face paled and I whispered , "So , you're a ghost".Shrugging she replied , "ghost , spirit , soul , whatever you wanna call it ".I sat in shock for a while until she said , "Hey , don't fear me , I'm not gonna harm you , you're meant to be my soul saviour and not my next meal , so chill ".I blinked and whispered , " soul saviour ".She nodded and said , "Yeah".I was amused to say the least and i questioned her how.She said,
"I don't know , we can figure it out later but remember two things ", I nodded skeptically for her continue .
''One ,you can tell no one about you being able to see me", I hesitated , of course I want to talk to someone about it , it's not everyday that a spirit talks to you and especially to lads because we don't hold secrets with each other but hen I saw her eyebrow raised and I nodded my head so frantically in agreement that I thought I might snap my neck.
''Second , be careful because now the other souls/ghosts will be after you , thinking you can save them too ", she said in dead serious tone.
"Why , aren't they nice like you ?" , I questioned her.She laughed an humourless laugh and said , " nice ?? , they will probably eat you raw after they know you can't save them " , I think my face might have paled in response . Suddenly someone coughed and my head snapped in direction of sound and my widened realizing simon was (still) here and he had me saying everything , which probably made me sound like an mental person.He said, "Louis may be you should go now ". I just mumbled an yes and flew from my seat and towards the door . Behind me , I heard the girl saying , "remember them two things " , which only resulted in me quickening my pace . I was very quiet when lads asked me what happened inside and I just told them , "Just the usual " .Everyone seemed satisfied but not harry , he knew me too well and he decided that he'll go in next , no body protested . I just hope he didn't get the same experience as me . Everyone kept chatting and  I tried to appear as normal as possible and tried to chat with them , which was proving very hard because I just kept thinking about that "girl" whom I'm supposed to be soul saviour of  , I have seen her somewhere but I don't know where and thinking about that is overwhelming.Harry returned shortly after but he seemed abnormally quiet but nobody took notice of it and I just regarded as one his mood shifts he often gets in meetings with Simon, that's why I didn't started an conversation with him or anybody for that matter and kept thinking about that "girl" whom I don't even know the name of. 
********Harry's P.O.V. (After Louis came out )*********
After Louis came out of simon's office , he was very quiet opposite to his talkative self . We asked what happened and he said the usual talk and nothing more. Something was up and I've to find out what , so I decided that I would go next , everyone agreed .As I entered simon's office , I noticed a girl sitting on a couch in his office , she seemed pretty , so me being my cheeky self started flirting with her . She was talking bullshit which confused me very much and it took quiet some time to understand her words . I was scared shitless to say the least when she explained to me everything and also warned me about other ghosts. After meeting , I just quietly kept to myself and didn't bother to talk with others . I just kept thinking about that girl , she seemed familiar and I know for a fact that I've seen her before somewhere but I don't seem to recall .
*********Niall's P.O.V. (After Harry came out )*********
Both Louis and Harry seemed very quiet which was quiet opposite to their usual/normal behaviour . I just shrugged it off and got into simon's office . I noticed an very pretty girl sitting there , like really pretty but she started talking senseless stuff but I soon understand what she meant . Her words scared me as much that I thought I'll pass out or something . Coming out of simon's office , I can't help but keep thinking about her and what she said . But one thing that stood out was that I've known this girl somewhere but I don't know from where.
********Zayn's P.O.V.(After  Niall came out )*********
After coming out from simon's office , all the lads seem pretty quiet , which is very unusual , hmm , simon might have given them some talk to think about I guess . Good for them if they start thinking before they do all the stupid things they do. In simon's office sat an girl no more than 18 , who seemed very , very familiar. I disregard it and concentrate on what she is saying .She was talking bullshit which confused me very much and it took quiet some time to understand her words .I didn't quiet believe her words but then I noticed that simon is not aware of her presence and then I realised that what she was saying is in fact the truth . To say I was shocked and scared would be an understatement. Coming out from simon's office , I kept repeating the whole scenario over and over again and try to make some sense out of it . Believing her was one thing but tryig to make sense of her words was another but the thing that's bothering me is the feeling that I've of knowing this girl from somewhere.
********Liam's P.O.V.(After Zayn came out )*****
Lads have been awfully quiet after coming out from simon's office which is pretty abnormal if you ask me and they are just sitting there not even trying to talk to each other like they are in their own little world . It's causing me to worry about them, yeah they can be thinking about something which would be a pretty good change for them but what can they be thinking about . I let it be for now and entered simon's office . There sat an girl barely 18 according to me , who was staring at me in disbelief . She started talking about how I'm the one ,who would be her saviour , I didn't quiet believe her at first then noticed that simon was not aware of her presence which kind of made me believe her a little  but it still wasn't quiet enough for me and I was very suspicious of her actions/words . May be she's reason why lads were acting different , may be ? , but when she talked about other ghosts ,I admit that I was frightened and chose it's best to believe her and to not question her intentions. I came out and kept thinking about what she had said , I was scared , yes but it didn't stop me from smelling something fishy about this whole scenario but what bugged me most was the feeling that I knew her from somewhere but I don't know from where . It was some time before came Paul came for the meeting and I can't help but notice that none of the lads had tried to make any type of conversation with other , hell they haven't even moved from their places.Paul arrived with the artist's manager who's going on tour with us but the artist was not with them. Weird , I thought.We proceeded into simon's office and talked about tours details and how and what was going to take place , from the corner of my eye I can see Paul and the lads sneaking glances at the girl , who was now sitting quietly on the couch .Didn't she said that I was the only one having the ability to see her and be her 'saviour' , can lads see her too or is it just my mind playing games with me .In the middle of the meeting , I asked who was going to join us on tour , quickly glancing at that girl and continued with the question that why that person is not present in this meeting while his/her manager is . Paul and the lads agreed with my question.Simon said that the artist have just been on a tour and was now on a family vacation for 3 days . We believed him of course and then continued with the discussion about tour .Simon asked us to stay even after the meeting was finished , it had happened before , so we were not surprised.That girl suddenly started walking around and after a few seconds , simon's phone vibrated indicating that a text has been received and he quickly read it and asked us to follow him to the hallway , we did as asked and now we were standing in the hallway including that girl too . She started looking around the hallway and from the corner of my eye I can see that all the lads's eyes was on her and her only.I think she found what she was looking and started going opposite direction where we were standing , suddenly an guy started waving his hand frantically , he was no more than 20 and was staff member , I think he's named Leo or something like that .Observing him , I turned my head back to see who he was waving too and found no one and I also saw lads doing the same as me , may be they saw me looking back and turned their to see what I was seeing , then "we" all turned our heads forward seeing a very confusing sight. That girl was hugging that leo guy and they talked for few moments before she turned around and started walking towards us . My eyes had widened and my mouth had fell open because of what I had just seen . When she was not very far from us and in hearing range , she leaned forward a little and said, "Guys keep your mouth's close , we don't wanna catch a fly now , do we". She leaned back ans stood straight before bursting out laughing . Simon and many other staff members also joined her which only added to my confusion . Damn , what the hell , we've just been prank'd , I was sure that I was scowling but then soon joined them , finding the prank a good and laughable one.After the laughter died down , I was too eager to ask her many questions and I guess lads were too but Simon cut us off even before starting and said ,''Lads , she's India and she"ll be the one joining you on tour ". We all were in complete shock but suddenly Niall wraps India in a hug , no question that she finds it very awkward and just pats Niall's back while giggling nervously but he soon lets go and says, "welcome to the family ", very happily.We all introduce ourselves to her , when Simon suddenly says, "If all the introduction has happened , I'll be happy to go , just remember guys revenge is not the way to go " and then quickly walks to his office .India looks very confused and so am I but I soon realize what he meant and look towards who have a smirk on his face and I think India also realized it but looks like she didn't give it any more thoughts.Niall suddenly suggest that India joins us to Nando's , which she politely declined at first but we keep pleading her.
"C'on India , you prank'd us , think of it as your attempt to redemption or something ", Louis said and all the guys agreed with him .She groaned at first then says, ""Fine , but I better not regret this " . But the look on Louis's face tells me that she might regret her decision of coming  with us . All the while we were driving towards Nando's ,lads kept doing stupid stuff , which I tried to stop at first but knowing them , it was of no use  so I just gave up and sat there listening to songs and watching them do stupid but funny stuff.After a while we reached Nando's (www.panoramio.com/photo/62919568) and parked our cars . Let just hope that Louis takes it easy on her.

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