Dreams cost fortune

Just a normal girl realizing her dreams coming true, what she doesn't realizes is that these dreams will cost her so much , her friends , her love , join a teenage girl on journey to stardom and watch her realize what fortune does dreams actually cost (contains explicit language)


2. Prank'd and meeting them


After 15 minutes of wandering around Simon's office , I got the text from Eve saying that One Direction are here . I entered simon's office and told him the news . He asked what I was going to do , I shrugged and replied , "Just go with it ".He didn't question me further and seemed to go with is business , whatever he was doing and for me , well , I just sat on the couch placed along the wall opposite to simon's office that was also adjacent to the door of his office . I waited patiently , not , c'on how can I be patient . After some moments , a knock came from outside indicating their arrival , a sly smile made it's way on my face .And then one of them spoke , I'm guessing Liam , asking , " Uncle Simon , can we come in ? " .
"Sure " he said but quickly added "..but come one by one ". We can obviously hear their murmuring but nothing we can make out , we both looked at each other and gave thumbs up to one another . Just after that , Louis came into the office and said , " Hey Uncle Si " , with a grin.He started looking around the office checking out his  surroundings and when his eyes landed on me , he squinted them and said , " Hi ?", with a hint of question .Going with the plan , my eyes widened and my mouth fell open and then I said in disbelief , " You can see me !! " .
"Yeah " , he replied looking very confused .
"How .." I whispered looking deep in thoughts , keeping up with the act .
"How what ?" he questioned still looking confused as hell .
''You're not supposed to see me '', I replied  narrowing my eyes at him . Still confused , he turned to simon and said , "Uncle Si , who's this girl and why is saying that I'm not supposed to see her ". 
"What are you talking about Louis , there's no one here , except for us " , Simon replied to him .
"How can you not see her , she's sitting right over here " , Louis said gesturing towards me .
"Now is not the time for one of your pranks Louis " Simon said discouragingly to him .He was going to say something again about my presence in the office when I cut him off by doing the 'shss' move with my lips closed and finger hovering over it , he quickly shut his mouth and I said , " Don't tell him about me , he can't see me , only you can see me '' . I don't think he quite believed me but still turned to simon and seated himself on one the leather chair opposite simon's desk and questioned , " So you wanted to see us one by one ?" . Simon nodded and said , "Yes , because I wanted to make sure you guys are nice and healthy and fit by my self ", confidently , if I must add .
"oh , OK ", Louis replied . By now I've made my way towards behind simon's chair .Simon kept going on about different things but Louis's entire focus was on , so he just nodded and hummed to respond to simon .Simon had stopped talking but Louis hasn't noticed , so I said , ''If you are able to see me , then you must be the one '' .
"What do you mean ?" , he questioned me forgetting simon's presence .
"Well , it's complicated but to put it simply , only you can free my soul from this world " , I replied to his question , I knew my answer was complete bullshit but he didn't knew that .
"So , you're a ghost " he said quietly , his face paling . Shrugging I said , " ghost , spirit , soul , whatever you wanna call it ".He just sat in horror and I was having a hard time controlling myself from bursting out laughing at any second but I kept myself composes and said , "Hey , don't fear me , I'm not gonna harm you , you're meant to be my soul saviour and not my next meal , so chill ".He blinked and whispered , "soul saviour".
I nodded and said , ''yeah''.An amused expression took place on his face and he questioned , "how?". 
"I don't know , we can figure it out later but remember two things ", I said .He nodded skeptically for me to continue.
"One ,you can tell no one about you being able to see me ", he hesitated for a moment but seeing my eyebrow raised , he nodded his head in agreement very fast , I almost thought he was going to break his neck.
"Second , be careful because now the other souls/ghosts will be after you , thinking you can save them too ", I said in dead serious tone .
"Why , aren't they nice like you ?" , he questioned gazing towards the ceiling .I laughed an humourless laugh and said , " nice ?? , they will probably eat you raw after they know you can't save them " . I can clearly see shock and horror registering on his face and blood draining from his face . I quietly kicked simon's chair indicating that now was the time for the louis to go and others to come in . He coughed awkwardly and louis head snapped from me towards simon and his eyes widened in understanding. Simon said , "Louis may be you should go now ". He mumbled yes in response and flew from his seat and started making his way to door . I quickly said , " remember them two things ". He just quickly scrambled towards the door . Me and Simon just high-fived each other and waited for the next target .  After Louis , it was Harry who came and he started flirting with me immediately after noticing me and it took him quite some time to comprehend my words. But when he did , he was no better than louis. It was Harry , then Niall ,then Zayn and last but not the least Liam . I continued the same act with all of the others and they all looked mortified , I was even sure that Niall might shit his pants by the reactions he was giving . To say it was funny would be an total understatement , after they all were gone and some time before the managers arrived  , me and simon started discussing their reactions , enacting them sometimes , laughing our asses off  . And one more interesting thing that I did was to record the whole scenario , yeah , I said I recorded the whole scenario by placing/hooking an spy camera on my jeans . I was thinking about putting it in social media sites , it would be quite funny for people to watch .
After a while both Angie and boy's manager arrived in simon's office . Since no one was addressing me , therefore boy's manager also didn't address me . Angie knew about the prank ,in fact most of the staff knew too , so she just kept rolling her eyes . While they were all talking about tour and me joining them for tour , Liam curiously asked who was going to join them on tour , quickly glancing at me and then adding further to his question that why that person is not present in that meeting while his/her manager is and all the lads and their manager agreed with liam's question. Oh poor they , they don't know I'll be joining them on tour and I'm actually physically present here . To answer Liam's question simon said that I've just been on a tour and was now on a family vacation for 3 days . They believed that and continued discussing other details about the tour .  I just sat their listening to them discussing each detail back and forth , I so wanted to participate in giving ideas on different things and wanted to give my opinions but refrained myself from doing it for the sake of prank . After another hour and half the meeting came to end and another meeting was decided to be held tomorrow in which my presence was mandatory . All during the meeting , the lads and their manager kept glancing towards my way discreetly of course which was quite funny to me . I think that they all had been fooled for long enough and the time has come from them to know that they have been epically prank'd . I've earlier asked simon to keep the lads even after the meeting was ended and so he kept them in his office . Pretending to be walking around , I quickly texted Simon to lead them out of his office and in the hallway. Just has he received my text and read it , he did as told and now we all were in the hallway . Let's expose this prank , I just hope they don't take it heartedly and hate me forever after this . Glancing around in the hallway I quickly spotted many staff members and among them was Leo , he's youngest worker here aged 20 , he just works part time though . I started my way towards him and I think Leo saw me coming so he started waving his hand  frantically , the lads checked behind them , all of them at the same time which made me giggle but I kept it low and thank God I was fair distance from them and then they look ahead seeing me on my path towards Leo . As soon as I approached him , he held me in a tight embrace and also hugged back tightly . Letting me out of hug but still keeping me in a shoulders hold he said , " OMG , you've grown so much and I missed you so much ". I laughed at his comment and said that I've missed him too . The lads stood there in shock of the scene in front of them . I bid Leo goodbye and started walking where lads and simon stood . As I approached them I can clearly see that simon is trying to hold in his laugh and some members of the staff too are struggling to do the same while the guys are in pure shock with their mouth hanging open . Just as I was in there personal range , I leaned forward a little and said in a hush tone , "Guys keep your mouth's close , we don't wanna catch a fly now , do we". I leaned backwards in straight standing position before bursting out laughing , soon joined by simon and many staff members. It took some time for them to realise what had just been happened with them but when they do  , their reactions are quiet different then I expected , Niall looked embarrassed and is blushing a little , at first Liam frowns a little but then starts laughing with us , Zayn is also laughing with us and Louis is smirking , I'll have to talk to him later but the most intriguing reaction was from Harry who looked angry and pissed but then he also joined in our little laughter festival . After the laughter died down , the lads seem eager to ask me many question but simon cuts them even before they start talking and says," Lads , she's India and she"ll be the one joining you on tour ". They look completely in shock but then Niall suddenly wraps me in a hug , which was very , I mean very awkward for me , so i just pat his back while giggling nervously , "what was the hug for "I thought to my self but he soon let's go and says ,"welcome to the family " , very happily if must add .Then all the lads introduce them to me one by one  .
"If all the introduction has happened , I'll be happy to go , just remember guys revenge is not the way to go ", simon says and quickly walks in to his office , I'm slightly confused here but as soon as I face the lads again I know what he meant but still I don't think any of it and I was going to say goodbye to them when Niall suggested that I join them to the Nandos , I politely refuse but the keep pleading me .
"C'on India , you prank'd us , think of it as your attempt to redemption or something ", Louis said and all the guys agreed with him .Groaning I said , "Fine , but I better not regret this ", but the look on louis's face makes me rethink my decision . Let's just hope that little Mr. Devil spares me because I've heard stories of him doing very weird pranks to people and I certainly don't want to be next on his list to be Prank'd.

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