A new shadow hunter comes into play angelquic. Angel for short a powerful, beautiful, cocky, sarcastic, faithful, strong, damaged girl who meets Jace Wayland who they fall in love with each other


1. someone new from the shadows

Chapter One

The moon was out and the sky was black no one was to be seen in such a dark place never before did Jace Wayland see another girl shadow hunter expect Clary Fray but she is his sister so he tends to keep his distance but this girl was hot so to say.

She had a black corset on with a leather jacket over, black skinny jeans, studded belt, black knee high stiletto leather lace up boots, black fingerless leather gloves, a chocker, studded bracelet, her brunette hair in a sexy messy bun and a some really hot make up so yeah Jace kinda fell for her. She saw him gave him a mysterious smile and walked into a club. Jace followed her and grabbed her arm that is when she grabbed her blade a put it up he neck. He let she put her blade back

" Who are you?"

" My name is Angelquic you can call me Angel."

" Angel I like it."

" I told you who I am now it's your turn."

" Jace Wayland at your service." He dramatically bowed.

Angel rolled her eyes.

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