Sweet & Sour

He was different, she could save him and he could save her.

But he wasn't just sweet. He was also sour but he never made an effort to tell her.


1. Chapter 1



Marimba blared loudly around my large room, the obnoxious sound echoed off the walls and right into my ears. I lazily sat up, my eyes not needing to adjust to my dark room. Today was my first day of school. I’ve had to move. The sympathy I was copping from the teachers and peers for my brother’s death was killing my chance of making real friends and getting good grades for my intelligence. Well, at least that’s what I used to care about.

Getting good grades, hanging around with my friends and just being your ‘goodie two-shoes’ teenager. I always seemed happy. But my home life was nothing but happy. My parents threw parties every night, that’s how my brother died. After that night, they threw another two parties but the realisation hit them when in the small fraction of time that they were sober in, my brother’s story was on the news.

I never forgave them, I never will. My brother and I were the only kids, we weren’t like most siblings. We had a bond others envied. We looked out for each other, gave each other gifts, hung out etcetera, we rarely fought, and if we did it was about the dishes, T.V, or the shower (on the nights he stayed over).

On July 16th 2013 Is the night he left. I wasn’t okay. A week after that, Spencer, my boyfriend at the time dumped me because I was ‘not fun anymore’ and ‘too depressed’. Honestly any other girl would’ve been heartbroken. But I wasn’t, I was too busy grieving over my brother. When I saw him at school, two weeks later I expected to be gutted and the feelings of heartbreak I hadn’t felt before to come tumbling through, but it didn’t.

To this day. On May 2nd 2014. I have been building up walls. Walls so high and strong it made the Empire State look like a little duckling and The Great Wall of China look as weak as a duckling. Fucking ducks, why am I comparing everything to ducklings? Anyway, nobody, not even my best friend Clancy has broken through completely. Notice how I didn’t say yet?

I stepped into the shower as I let the hot water burn down my body.

As I built my walls, my attitude changed along with my personality. I became someone who didn’t give a shit. I was blunt, rude, a smart ass and carefree at the same time. I did what I wanted to do; I promised Chase-my brother, that I’d live my life as best as I could and the way I wanted to.

I rubbed my scalp and washed my hair with honey and milk scented shampoo. I scrubbed my body with matching honey and milk scented body wash, twice before exiting the bathroom. I looked at myself in the mirror. My large thick eyebrows, wrapped around my long lashed brown eyes. Small , plump pink lips and an average nose. Long brown hair waved down to a few inches under my boob.

I wasn’t anything special if I’m honest. But I'm okay with what I’ve got. Right now, average girls as I like to call them would be worrying about their hair, what they’re going to wear and their makeup I however couldn’t give two shits.

I put on black skinny jeans, combat boots, I white crop top that showed of my blue studded belly piercing (I knew I’d get into trouble for) and a camo printed jacket. I finally sprayed some strawberry and cream scented Hello Kitty perfume. I love the smell; it’s cheap and so I buy three cans every time I shop, sue me.

I grabbed my bag pack after I finished putting on my black combat boots. I made my way downstairs to see my mum and dad, sitting and laughing as if my brother wasn’t even alive 7 months ago. Angrily I took out my lunch box.

That’s right. 17 year old me has a lunch box. I shoved in a bag of strawberries an apple, mandarin and a large slice of watermelon. Before grabbing myself a mandarin to eat on the way. I actually love fruit. Nobody would’ve guessed.

I noisily walked passed them as I carelessly threw the mandarin pieces to the floor.

“Oh, honey. I think we should talk” she looked at my belly ring then at my eyes. “When did you get that?” she asked curiously.

“Uhm, when you were too busy partying and getting high, not to mention fucking half of Roberts friend’s” I deadpanned. I’ve lost all respect for them.

I thought that after Chase died, that they’d change things soon. Like that night soon. Little did I know my thoughts were nowhere near what they were thinking. They partied another two days.

“I told you, he’s your father and I’m your mother. You shouldn’t disrespect us, go check your principles” did she just fucking?

“Guess what Alyssa. You don’t deserve any respect. Honestly you guys shouldn’t be allowed to be called parents” I said, emphasizing the words parents. “And here you are, talking to me about principles” I said as I mumble “I wish Chase was here....I don’t have time for this, I have other shit to fuck up” Alyssa was crying. Like she had a right to.

“Where did I go wrong?” That’s what I heard before I walked out trying to keep my cool as I slammed the door. If I stayed any longer I would’ve cried.

I always catch myself staring at families that looked happy to be together. Siblings, parents, cousins or grandparents. I was jealous because it had all been taken away from me before I could properly embrace it.

I don’t know what or how my parents had behaved like that and did what they did. My mind says what’s done is done but I can’t not think about it.

I continue to carelessly peel the white stringy bits off my mandarin and bite the top corner, suck some of the juicy shit and shove the rest into my mouth. (A/N This is actually how I eat mandarins lmao).

I turn the corner as I make my way to school. I came early. It’s 7:45 and school starts 8:45. So I had an hour to kill.

I stand in front of the extremely extravagant gate. Eating the last three pieces of my mandarin.

“Why do you eat your mandarins like that?” I heard a very not Australian accent. Sounded like something British. Very deep and raspy. His voice. I think I just orgasmed from hearing his voice.

I could feel the mystery guys’ presence beside me as I looked up at him. Tall, green eyes, brown hair that looks as if it’s supposed to be curly. Did he like straighten it.

“Is your hair supposed to be curly?” I asked out of the blue. I never really talked to people like this. But I was curious. “Do you like straighten it?”

“No, It just grew this way” he shrugged.

“The curls get the girls” I replied seriously. “Except for you, you’re ugly” I finished off as I walked into the school I was going to spend the rest of the year studying, scaring and hating people here.

Surprisingly, I was popular at school before and after the change in my personality. Wouldn’t be hard to guess that it was mostly boys. Girls too, but I was somehow I was a ‘threat to them’ because on their boyfriends trait list is ‘hot, feisty, rude’ apparently I came under all three.

I literally watched as a poor girl tried to have a showdown with a teacher after she saw her supposedly loyal boyfriend looking at me with his friends. She landed herself an after school detention. I don’t get why they bothered with guys like him, they’re useless.

“Hey, what’s that supposed to mean?” he asked sounding offended. We were walking up to some building that said reception. Just as I was about to walk in he pushed me against the wall.

Far out, why’d I have to come to school so early? Oh that’s right. Alyssa was being a bitch.

Harry’s lips came close to mine and soon all knowledgeable thoughts had vanished and that knot had begun in my stomach.

“You and I both know I’m hot. I’m just so sexy. All the girls want me” There was a certain change in his eyes. They were no longer green. The pupil had dilated so large there was only a ring of green on the outside. His voice was deeper, the new depth making me rethink my life choices.

Is that even human? He’s probably high. He didn’t smell like weed which smelt like piss. I kneed him in the balls and in an instant his eyes flashed back.

“Maybe if your dick hadn’t grown into your personality girls would’ve wanted you” I left even thought I knew all I wanted to do was hang around with the British version of Adonis.

~20 minutes later~

I had gotten my timetable and found all my classes for the day. Meanwhile more and more people arriving. I got more looks, more curious than anything else. But one chick obviously hated me. I was looking down at my phone when someone stood directly in front of me.

Ugh, brown worn out boots. Could only mean one thing.

Mystery British Adonis. MBA for short. God that sounds like that horrible sport thing. Not really sure, I do spend my time indoors eating pizza because pizza is the answer to life.

“How can I help you?”

“Walk around with me?” he asked hopefully. I walked forward. Him standing behind me warily.

“Well, are you coming?” I asked. He nodded catching up to me with two steps. We walked aimlessly, walking in sync. For about ten minutes.

Another twenty minutes have gone by and I had learnt things about Harry.

He had a sister called Gemma, his favourite colour is green. Says his gorgeous eyes influenced that. God he was cocky. His favourite classes were Physical Education, Psychology and Chemistry. Exactly the same as mine but I didn’t dare to tell him.

“So do you have a brother or sister?” he asked innocently. If he had made a joke I would’ve cracked but this was innocent. Alas, I had stiffened up, my posture had changed, breathing hardened and a scowl took over my face. He must’ve sensed.

“So what’s your name?” he asked. Not even awkwardly. I could really thank him.

“Blaze Evans” I replied lightly. I liked my name. It was edgy and daring. Very unique too. Never had I met anybody who had it.

“You’re name is almost as hot as you” He said seriously. I want to slap him right now.

“Almost? My name is enough to help stiffies grow” I shot back.

“Ah now I get it. Your name is Blaze. You’re fiery, rude, carefree, hot and feisty. Suites perfectly” I don’t know how to take that. I never was told the part about my name. People knew me before and ‘Blaze’ was nothing new.

“T-thanks” Fuck. I stuttered I never stuttered. Bad influence. I think I should stay away.

“Do you think we should get to class? The bell went ten minutes ago” I pondered mostly trying to forget the stuttering. He nodded. Before leading us to the block where the senior classes were situated.

“Wait, what’s your home room?” he asked looking around the hall.

“Uh 12D” I replied, remembering the letter D plastered near the number 12. Year 12. Woo.

“My homeroom. We’re in most classes together. Here they put you into the same homeroom as people who have five or more subjects with you, so it’s easier to do projects and stuff” I nodded understanding.

“We have 10 minutes of homeroom 15 minutes of homeroom left” he said walking down the long corridor.

“Oh and I have to warn you. I wasn’t lying when I said girls love me. But there’s one in particular”

“Name?” I asked

“Skye-Allen” It was a pretty name but God I could already tell she was a whore.

“She’ll most likely call you a slut because you’re pretty daring” he said nodding to my clothes “I mean you’re hot, showing some skin” he said narrowing on my stomach.

“What?” I asked, starting to get self conscious. I didn’t work out for nothing.

“You have a belly ring?” he asked shock.

“Yeah why?” I don’t care if he hated it, I-

“It’s hot. Especially when girls are in bikinis and their skin is all wet an-“

“Okay enough. I bet you watch lesbian porn for a living creep” I said swinging the door open. Females snapped their eyes from me to Harry and males just stared at me. Talk about awkward? Kidding. I always waltz into class late.

Harry went to take a seat but bent down whispering in my ear something I shouldn’t repeat because then, I’d probably scream.

“Would you like to introduce yourself Ms Evans?” he asks rhetorically with a bored expression.

“Why yes sir” I said cheerily as he rolled his eyes. “Well, I’m Blaze Evans. Transferred from North View High here”

I guy with short brown hair and blue eyes spoke up.

“We know, saw you at some parties last year” Eyes were on me now, even the teacher. I did a once over and sitting there was Spencer. He had moved without telling anybody but here he is.

“Great, so who gets the pleasure of sitting next to me?” I asked the teacher but a few of the students answered with a ‘me’.

“Pleasure” Scoffed who I think is Skye-Allen. I looked at Harry and he nodded confirming.

“Yeah, that’s what one of your boy toys will be giving you after you bribed him to look past your STD’s” a girl who was drinking water out of her bottle choked. Instantly I liked her. She looked bored, until that moment. Everyone looked amused, even the teacher.

“Excuse me? You just came back to get what you can’t have” she said draping her arm over Spencer.

“Well sweetheart, you have touched everything here which is probably contaminated and so, from this you should learn that I don’t want to be here” I smirked “And all I have to say to you is Bonjour Bitch” I said before walking and sitting next to Harry as immature boys yelled out ooh’s and burn’s.

“Alright. Enough.” The teacher smiled at me. I think he hated her. That was before he muttered “we’ve got another troublemaker”


I looked up grinning at Harry. He was smiling down at me too. Shit. Not even two hours with him and he has me smiling at him.


And with that I laughed. Like laughed, laughed. Because what he said was stupid and silly and if it had come from anyone else I wouldn’t have laughed. But that’s the thing...

It’s him.

Then it hit me, I can’t be near him. I’ll just develop feelings. I shot my hand up

“Can I go to the toilet?”

That was the last thing I said before scurrying off.

And as I did so I made a decision that shouldn’t be hard.


Or will it? Okay, I was bored so I decided to occupy myself. Sorry for any mistakes.

-Mel x

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