Bradley Aldrin is just a regular rich kid, when his best friend moves to New York he gets involved into bad things, and his 'friends' turn their backs on him. With careless parents and everybody in his school hating on him he cant seem to find a way out, so he turns to self-harming.


1. Prologue

"How are you Bradley?"


"I don't know."

"How are you dealing with... you know, all of this"

I'm not.

"I don't know."

"Brad you gotta talk, I know you wont talk to your family, so you got to at least try talking with me." 

My face stares without expression at her direction, and i shake my head. 

She clears her throat, "I'm sorry. How are you feeling?"

Broken. Lost. Desperate.

"I don't know."

My name is Bradley Aldrin, my friends call me Brad. Or at least the friends i used to have, because i don't have friends anymore. I used to have a normal life, parties, school, friends. But now everything has changed.  My name is Bradley Aldrin, and this is my story.

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