To the Moon and Back

The last place Mariah wants to spend her summer is at the lake with her family but when she arrives, the people she meets might just make it her most memorable summer yet.
-mainly a Harry fanfic-


1. Chapter 1


Tree. Tree. Another tree. Big tree. Bigger tree. Tree. Tree. More trees. I observed the landscape as we whizzed down the highway, slowly melting away from my familiar city life to dense forest. Tree. Tree. Oh would you look at that! A tree! I stared glumly out the window as I watched all traces of civilisation slowly slip through my fingers, one tree at a time. This was going to be the worst summer. All my friends were heading of to California, Palm Springs, Mexico, fun and exotic places and where was I? Stuck with my family at a bloody lake. Yay. I turned up the volume of my music, hoping to drown away my misery and drifted off to sleep, knowing this would be a long drive. 
A sharp jab woke me from my slumber and I jumped in my seat. I pulled out an earphone and leaned over to see what my little sister Georgie wanted. "Mariah!" she smiled excitedly "we're almost there" I looked up to see that we were now completely surrounded by trees. Great. Dad pulled into a driveway on the left and drove up to the house we had rented. To be fair it looked pretty good. It was an old colonial style house complete with a sweet little porch. Georgie raced out of the car, followed by my parents. Begrudgingly, I got out and walked inside. "Hey honey," mum smiled at me "your room is upstairs". I stomped up the stairs and found my room at the end of the hall. It was bigger than my room at home and had a beautiful view of the lake. I dumped my bag down and raced back down the stairs yelling "bye!" as I headed for the front door. "Where are you going so soon Mariah?" shouted mum. I slammed the door in reply. I needed fresh air to clear my head and if I was going to be held captive hear all summer, I may as well check the place out. Spotting a path at the side of the house, I decided to follow it. The path wandered through a small forest before arriving at a secluded beach. I sat on the golden sad and admired the shimmering waters of the lake. "Beautiful isn't it?" I heard a deep British voice comment behind me. I turned my head to find a boy behind me. His chestnut curls danced in the light breeze and his green eyes seemed to sparkle with life. He flashed me a smile and his perfect, pearly teeth shone against his lightly tanned skin. "Uh yeah I guess" I replied uncertainly. He stuck out his hand "I'm Harry" he smiled again "Mariah..." I said as I took his and in mine to shake. His hand was large and firm and I gazed into his stunning eyes a second too long before pulling away. "How long have you been here?" He enquired, sitting next to me. "About five minutes" I laughed. "Oh I see! Where are you staying?"  "Sorry I'm not interesting in being stalked but thanks for the offer" I joked. "No sorry that's not what I meant I was just trying to make conversation" said Harry "I know" I laughed "I'm staying just there" I answered pointed to our house, faintly visible through the maze of trees. "Ah that's cool. I'm staying with four of my friends over there" he pointed to a large house on the other side of the lake. "That's quite a way" I commented. "How long did it take you to walk here?" "Oh I didn't walk" he replied pointing out a small kayak lying further down the beach. I laughed and nodded in reply. It went quiet so I returned my gaze to the lake. After a while I looked back at Harry to find him staring at me. He continued to state at me and our eyes met. I looked down, embarrassed but his gaze held steady. "Why are you looking at me like that?" I giggled shyly. "I'm sorry it's just that you're so beautiful that there's nothing else my eyes want to look at right now." I looked up to see if he was joking but his face was deadly serious. "Well I don't know about that..." I began but I was interrupted by my mum calling my name for dinner "I need to go" I explained and I stood up to leave. "Tonight"  he said and I looked at him questioningly "meet me here at 8. Please." I was about to ask him why but I heard mum call out again and I knew I had to leave. I ran off, churning over the past ten minutes in my head. With a boy as hot as Harry and his hopefully hot friends around, this summer might just not be as bad as I had thought. 

A/N hey guys! Sorry if this is bad but it's my first movella so please be patient! Please comment and like ONE LIKE FOR NEXT CHAPTER high hopes I know! Hope you enjoyed it! Let me know what you think I need your feedback to make it as good as it can be!

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