Diary of a Drummer

This is all about one boy's silly obsession, and his little pink journal. How the journal and Calum are his best friends.

When Ashton falls for Luke, who has a girlfriend, he's willing to do anything (literally) to get Luke to like him back.

{also available on Wattpad @lashtonlarry01}


19. what's that noise?

*don't read if you're uncomfortable with smut*

"Mhh... L-Luke." The older boy groaned as Luke's hands slowly trailed down his abdomen. "P-please." Ashton whined. his voice was high and squeaky and he was on the verge of crying out of frustration. "I-I ne-ed yo-u." He whined whilst panting heavily.

Luke brought his lips to Ashton's inner thigh, placing a small kiss to his sensitive skin. Ashton practically screamed out in pleasure as Luke rubbed up and down his thighs. Luke smiling victoriously at the older boys reaction. Luke took one finger and slowly stroked Ashton's member. Moans and high pitches squeals soon filled the room. Ashton bucked his hips, a tear falling down his face from the pleasure that he needed more of.

"L-Luke." Ashton groaned in a loud whine. He attempted to grind into Luke's hand, but Luke stopped him by placing both hands on either of Ashton's hips.

Luke watched Ashton carefully as he slowly licked a long stripe from his base to his tip. Ashton's eyes squeezed closed and an inhuman, high-pitched noise left Ashton's parted lips. Luke pressed a small kiss to his tip, rapturing the taste of his pre-cum as Ashton to let out a loud 'ah'. Luke smiled faintly before taking his lips down Ashton's shaft.

Loud moans filled the once quiet room as Luke slowly moved up and down Ashton's shaft. Luke's hand worked what couldn't fit in his mouth and what he didn't want to take in yet. Ashton bucked his hips, once again, and brought his hands to Luke's hair, pulling it roughly, as his back arched.

Luke brought his lips to his tip and swirled his tongue over it. Ashton squeezed his eyes closed and high-pitched whines and profanities left his mouth.

"Y-you... inside... now." He said inbetween pants for breath.

"Patience." Luke said quietly.

"Dammit Luke, I h-ave been patient!" Ashton screamed with a hiccup.

"Moan my name." Luke said, ignoring the boys needs.

"Not u-until you d-do what I wa-ant." Ashton groaned in frustration. Luke smiled. He spit in his hand and used his spit and pre-cum to lubricate himself. He carefully watched Ashton as he slowly slid inside. Ashton threw his head onto the pillow, biting his-already bleeding-lip.

"S-stop." Ashton whispered as a tear rolled down his cheek. Luke did as he was told.

"You okay, daddy?" Luke whispered. Ashton gasped at the name, and quickly nodded. Luke slowly thrusted in and out of the pained older boy.

"F-faster." Ashton cried out loudly.

Luke obliged and thrusted at a faster pace. "You're- damn, you're tight." Luke panted quickly. Luke moaned in pleasure.


Both boys moaned in sync as Luke hit Ashton's prostate. Ashton moaned incoherent words as Luke continued to hit his prostate with every sharp thrust.

"Hold the headboard." Luke squeaked. Ashton did so and groaned as Luke gave him sloppy love bites on his neck.

Luke pulled away from the boys' neck and put his hands on either side of his head, thrusting as hard as he could. Ashton was a moaning mess beneath Luke.

Ashton's head hit the headboard and he groaned in pain. Luke looked at him concerned but Ashton shook it off. Luke continued to thrust as the bed shook and creaked under them, but Luke payed no mind. He continued to thrust until they heard a loud creak and the bed broke.

The impact the bed made when it hit the floor shook both boys causing Luke to cum inside of Ashton.

Luke slowly and shakily pulled out of Ashton and fell next to him in a panting mess. Luke smiled widely.

"That was... fun." Ashton said in between breaths.

"WHAT WAS THAT NOISE?" Calum called from right outside the door.

The door opened before Luke or Ashton could reply.

"Oh, God. I-I'm sorry." Calum said, cover his eyes and leaving. Both boys became even redder in the face.

After a few breathless moments Luke kissed Ashton on the corner of his mouth and murmured an 'I love you'.

"I love you, too." Ashton whispered back, connecting his lips to Luke's.


A/N: shut up, I know it's bad. I suck at writing smut so don't hate on me!

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