Diary of a Drummer

This is all about one boy's silly obsession, and his little pink journal. How the journal and Calum are his best friends.

When Ashton falls for Luke, who has a girlfriend, he's willing to do anything (literally) to get Luke to like him back.

{also available on Wattpad @lashtonlarry01}


1. entry 1

Dear journal,

Okay so, my ex best friends, Calum and Michael whose names I'm going to leave out, made me get this journal. I specifically asked for a regular journal. Do you know what they got me??? A PINK NOTEBOOK WITH THE WORD 'DIARY' WRITTEN ON THE FRONT IN CURVY PRETTY LETTERS!!! And even worse, IT LIGHTS UP WHEN YOU UNDO THE BUTTON AND IT HAS A MATCHING PINK FUZZY PEN THAT HAS SPARKLY PINK INK!!!

I was furious, but got over it-kinda- when I realized that only I would get to see it.

And let me be straight forward with you, Journal, I'm not going to do the girly thing where I write "dear diary, I'm in love with Lucas so much I want him to frick my brains out." (Although, that sounds quite nice.)

I'm straight, I think. I'm not sure, Journal. I'm so confused right now. What do you think, Journal? *waits for reply.* Well, Journal, I respect your opinion, but YOUR WRONG!!

Okay, I'm sorry for yelling at you, Journal. Wait, why am I talking to my Journal like its alive and my best friend? *Olaf-from frozen voice* "he's crazy."

Hehe, I'm sorry for my weirdness, Journal.


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