From the worst to the best

Cassidy Smith is a 17 year old orphan. She has been an orphan since she was 10. Now she models for Simon Cowell but when she's asked to sigh a contract and also needs a parents signature, but she is unable too. So Simon decides to adopt her. What happens when she meets One Direction one of her favorite bands and she falls for one of them.


1. Chapter 1

I wake up at 7 in the morning from the stupid alram ringing in my ear. I slam my hand onto the snooze button and it shuts off. I get up off my small old bed and walk into the bathroom. I undress and step in the shower and let the warm water run over me. When I finish I change into When I finish I walk out of the bedroom and walk down the hall and into the living room where all the 10 to 15 year olds are currently at. I say hi to eveyone and then walk into the kitchen, since I live in an orphanage there are not a lot of food. I grab an apple and take an bit. When I check the time I see that I need to go, so I grab my bag and run out, I run all the the way to my work building which is 5 blocks away from the orphange. Nobody there knows I'm an orphan and would like to keep it like that. Whenever I tell people that I'm an orphan then suddenly they pity me, and I absoulutly hate it. I walk in and greet the recieptionist named Jessica, then I go to the elevator an ride it all the way to the 7th floor where my boss Simon Cowell's offfice is. Yes my boss is thy Simon Cowell, it's not really a big deal.

When the elevator open I step out before the people waiting for it could crush me. I knock on his office door and wait for a 'come in' which I hear a second later. I walk in and see him sitting behind his desk.

"Ahh Cassidy, just the person I needed to talk to" He smiles.

"What for?" I ask.

"Well I think you are an amazing model and would like offically sign you to the company" He says.

"OH my really?" I ask on the verge of tears.

"Yes, but we will need your parents approvel and signature" He says then my smile falls.

"What's wrong?" He asks.

"Well it's just that I don't have parents, I'm an orphan" I say.

"Oh Cassidy why didn't you tell me?" He asks

"I don't really like telling people that because they pity on me and I hate it" I say.

"Well I have some things to think about, so I'll call you tomorrow" He says, I nod and walk out, I already know that he's gonna fire me and hire someone with parents. This is why I hate doin gthings and then needing parents to sign things. I wish my dad had just left my mom and me instead of killing her and shooting himself. Yes my dad went crazy when he lost his job and thought my mom cheated on him and she would never do such a thing we were such a happy family before my dad got laid off. Something about him changed like he always depended on his job and when he suspected my mom cheating on him when really she was looking for a job. I saw it all happen I was the one who called the cops, I saw my father beat my mom and then shot her, then him taking his own life. I walk out of the buiding and start walking back to my orphanage, half way there it starts to rain hard core. Just great thats all I need fucking rain.

When I get back to the orphanage I'm soaking wet. I walk inside and see that a few kids were in the living room. I walk up the stairs making my way to my small room.

"Cassidy!" Sister Rose calls for me. I sigh and walk into her office.

"Dear you're all wet, why didn't you take an umbrella?" She asks

"I didn't think it was gonna rain, it kinda snuck up on me" I chuckle.

"So what happened?" She asks

"What do you mean" I try and act clueless.

"You know what I mean what happen in that job of yours?" She clarify's.

"Oh um.. well he wanted to officaily sigh me to the company, but he needed a parents aprovel and signature" I say with a long sigh.

"Oh hunney I'm sorry" She says.

"It's fine" I say walking out. I walk back up the stairs and into my room. I let my self fall on my bed but then get up so I won't wet the blankets. I change into I lay back on my bed and take out one of my favorite books 'The Lovely Bones' it's a great book the movie is great too. I've read it about a thousand times and will continue to read it. I love to read and write. But right now modeling was my main priority but I guess thats out of the question. I my eye's soon start to close and soon I fall asleep.

*Next Day*

I wake up to pounding on my door. I groan and rub the sleep off my eye's. I get up and open the door to see Jazmin she's 13 her room is next to mine.

"What?" I ask

"Someone is here for you" She squeals.

"Who?" I ask

"Go and see yourself"

"Why can't you tell me?"

"Just go see for youself" She says, I roll my eye's and make my way down stairs. I hear talking in the living room so I walk in. When I look up I see Sister Rose and Simon Cowell sitting on the couch talking about something.

"Simon what are you doing here?" I ask.

"Well I couldn't lose a great model no could I" He says.

"What does that mean?" I asks confused.

"Cassidy, he has come here to adopt you" Sister Rose explains.

"What" I practically yell.

"I can tell when I look at you that you are gonna do amazing things, and I want to be there when you are doing those things" Simon says. I smile and attack him in a hug, he seems suprised but hug's back.

"Now go pack, while I sign the papers" He says when I let go. I nod nd run up to my room. I put my suit case on the bed and stuff it with my clothes no bothering tto fold them. When I finish I change into I walk down stairs with my suit cases it just 2 I dont have much clothes and the money I got modeling I saved it for college.

"You ready?" He asks, I nod and he grabs one of my bags and we walk out. I say goodbye to Sister Rose and get in the car. Simon tell's his drive to drive to I'm guessing his house. When we arrive I see this It's fucking huge!!!!!!!!

"This is huge" I say.

"Yea it is, the One Direction boy's stay here when they're here" He says.

"They'll be coming next week" He says I turn to him.

"Are you serious"


"I always wanted to meet them" I say.

"Well you'll meet them next week, come on I'll show you to your room" He says and unlocks the front door. We walk in, it's so beautiful, there are a lot of painting's. He walks up the stairs so I follow him. He walks up to closed door and when I'm next to him he opens it and I see this:

"My assitant didn't have much time to organize anything but you could remodel everything if you like" He says.

"It's perfect" I say walking in. I set my suit case on the bed and Simon sets the other one on there too.

"Ok then, I'll let you unpack" He says, I nod and he walks out closing the door behind him. I open one of two door, trying to find the closet. The first one is the bathroom: When I openthe next door a huge smile spreads on my face I LOVE walk-in closets.My closet: I hang up all my clothes leaving a lot of place empty since I don't have so much clothes. I walk down satirs wondering the whole house, I finally find Simon.

"That closet was huge" Is the first thing I say.

"My assitant said every girl loves her closet" He says.

"Yea" I laugh.

"I'll let you go shopping later, I'll send my assitant with you" He says.

"Oh you dont have too" I say.

"It's fine you need clothes, if you're gonna be a model" He says. I just nod.

"Listen I have to go to a meeting, I'll be back later tonight" He says standing up.

"Do you know how to drive?" He asks.

"Yea I learned last year" I say.

"Great, here are the keys to the BMW that's your new car" He says.

"OMG thank you" I say takin ghte keys.

"Here is some money so you can go out and buy something to eat or some clothes" He says handing me a wad of cash. I slowly take it, he kisses my forehead and walks out of the house. I stand not knowing what I what to do. I just walk up to my room and set the keys and money on the desk. I see that there's a computer o there too to I turn it on. I log into facebook and go through my news feed for a while until I hear a knock on the door, I log out and walk up tuo the front door. Not sure if I should open it but I do and see a girl in a pants suit and a blackberry in hand.

"You must be Cassidy, I'm Marissa, Simons assitant" She says pushing through.

"Um.. Hi" I say following her to the living room.

"Simon told me to give you this" She says handing me a iPhone 5s. I take it setting it down on the coffee table.

"He also said something abiut going with you shopping" She says not looking away from her blackberry.

"Yea but I didn't realize I would have to go today" I say.

"Well I guess he wants you too" She says.

"I think I could go by myself" I say.

"Well I have his credit card, here" She says handing it to me. I grab it and put it in my back pocket.

"Well if you want to go by your self, I should go" She says walking to the front door.

"WAIT" I yell walking after her.

"If you go with me you need to set down your phone and actually have a conversation with me" I say.

"Deal" She says putting it in her purse. Marissa: She wasn't ugly and she looked like she was around my age.

"How old are you?" I ask walking to her car.

"I'm 23" She answers.

"How long have you been Simon's assitant?" I ask.

"Almost a year" She answers.

"Cool, so when's your birthday?" I ask.

"May 3rd" She says.

"Ok enough about me, how old are you?" She asks.

"I'm 17" I answer

"Nice, so how do you know Simon?" She asks.

"Well he kinda adopted me today" I say.

"Oh, I'm sorry what happened to your parents?" She asks starting to drive.

"I don't really like to tell people because they tend to judge me" I say.

"Oh ok, you don't have to tell me" She says.

"When's your birthday?" She asks

"October 17" I say. She nods and comtinues to drive. I turn on the radio so it won't be so weird and awkward. When we get to the mall we walk in and go in Forever 21. We probably go through the whole mall twice then we decide to go back to my house.

"That was fun" I say opening the front door.

"Yea it was" She answers. We walk up to my room so I could put all my clothes away. She sits on my bed while I hang all my clothes.

"You like you room?" She asks

"Yea it's amazing" I say.

"Your welcome" She giggles.

"You designed this?" I say.

"Yup all in one day" She says nodding her head.

"Well I love it thanks" I say.

"No problem, I had fun doing it" She says.

"I bet" I say and go sit next to her.

"You want to go down stairs and watch some movies?" I ask.

"I can't I need to get home my boyfriend is waiting for me" She says

"Oh ok have fun" I say and we walk down stairs. When she leaves I go back up to my room and finish reading my book. When I finish a couple chapters I change into some sweats and a oversized T-shirt and go to bed.

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