Behind The Glasses || Louis Tomlinson


1. One

"Okay class. Let's start this session." Mr. Cross smiled, handing out scratch paper.

"I am going to be choosing partners, for this math project." He sighed.

"Marilyn with Andrew." "Kelly with Kelly." "Sirena with Zayn." "Liam with Danielle." "Ivan with Raelyn." "Kaelin with Niall." "Wendy with Montrelle." "Wednesday with Hannah." "Alejandro with Ed." "Heather with Harry." "Cadence with Saphire." "Chloe with Zoey." "Regina with Tasha." "Fred with Allison." "Lastly, Louis with Eleanor."

"Dude I feel bad for you." Ed said with a loud whisper to Louis, causing the whole room to break into a fit of laughter.

I frowned, and hid my face in my arms.

~After Class~

"Mr. Cross. Isn't there anyway I could work by myself. Please?" I practically begged.

"No, I am sorry Eleanor, but you cannot. I'm going to lunch now, and so should you. It's final." He said seriously, before walking out of the classroom.

This is just great.

I marched into the cafeteria and skipped getting a tray of glob. I sat at the usual lonely table, slowly drumming my fingers on the hard table.

An hour quickly passed by, and I ran out of the cafeteria. I quickly grabbed my books from my locker, and starting walking home.

"Hey!" Someone yelled behind me. I ignored it and kept walking. "Hey, El!" Louis Tomlinson's voice became familiar.

I spun around and faced Louis. I looked deep into his sea blue eyes, and forced myself not to stare. "Aren't we going to work on that project?" He smiled.

"Oh. I thought-" He cut me off.

"You thought I was gonna make you do it yourself?" He snorted. "I'm not that kind of guy." He shrugged. "I'll walk you home."


"Mum!" I yelled. "Were going upstairs to study and work on our project."

"Okay honey. Leave the door a little open." She yelled from downstairs. I ignored her words, and closed the door all the way.

"So." He smirked. "Wanna makeout?" He said, as I felt my cheeks grow hot.

"I'm kidding." He chuckled, as I bit my lip. I admired how his lips looked so soft and pink. I imagine myself kissing him and-

Louis's voice interrupted me from my thoughts. "Let's get started." He said, grabbing a whole lot of books.


"Okay. So after you subtract the sixty nine that was divided by the-" I stopped talking, once I looked up. Louis was staring at me.

"Um." I said uncomfortably.

"Sorry, I couldn't help but look at your beautiful eyes." He said, making me blush furiously.

My eyes are olivy green color, which I guess was a nice color? I looked down, and couldn't help but smile.

"Don't look down." He lifted my chin up. "Your too beautiful to hide your face." I giggled at his cheesiness.

"Come on." I playfully punched his arm. "We have to finish this." I rolled my eyes.

"We have a week babe. We don't have to finish it in a day." He sighed, running a hand through his gorgeous brown hair.

"But I-I always finish it on the first day." I said.

"Your such a nerd." He rolled his eyes, causing me to get slightly offended.

"But your still perfect." He assured me, grinning. A huge smile appeared on my face. God. Stop smiling Eleanor!

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