He's a Bad Boy

Getting good grades and shit in high school isn't up Justin's alley. He wants adventure, drugs, sex, and alcohol. That's all that matters to him.. until this one girl. The worst type of girl he could ever fall for... a good girl, changes his life... forever.


1. Who even invented high school?

 - Justin's POV -


*beep* *beep* *beep*


"Damn" I said as I hit my alarm clock.


It's the worst time of the day. Morning. I have to get my ass up for school. The hell hole I never want to be in, but I'm forced to by the government. I live with my mom, but she works night shifts and is sleeping all day so I'll just say I live on my own. 


"Fuck" I moan as I stretch and get out of bed. I walk to my closet and put on a white tank top and a leather jacket with jean pants. I slip on my supras and i'm out the door. I light a quick cigarette and I get in my car. By the time I pull into the school parking lot I'm done with my cigarette. 




I hear the bell as I walk into the building. I run to my first class and make it just in time. I sit in the way back because honestly I don't give a fuck about school. I just sit in the back and think about the other things that I could be doing, but I'm not because I'm in fucking school.


"Is it alright if I sit here?" said a females voice. I look up to see the most beautiful girl I have ever seen.


"Ugh yeah..." I say as I move my bag.

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