He's a Bad Boy

Getting good grades and shit in high school isn't up Justin's alley. He wants adventure, drugs, sex, and alcohol. That's all that matters to him.. until this one girl. The worst type of girl he could ever fall for... a good girl, changes his life... forever.


10. We have to go

- Piper's POV - 


I was laying in bed thinking about Justin when all of a sudden a rock hit my window.


"What the hell?" I said as I opened the window.


"Come on. We have to go." Justin said.


"What? Justin what's going on?" I asked. 


"I'll explain later. Let's go" He looked worried.


I got a suitcase and packed my clothes. For some reason I trusted him. I got in his '66 chevelle and we drove off. He sped up really fast and got on the interstate. 


"What's wrong Justin?" I asked.


"These guys are after me because of something my father did" He said speeding up.


"Well slow down before a cop pulls you over. Calm down. Where are we going?" I asked.


"Did you know you ask a lot of questions?" He said with a grin.


It was quiet for about an hour and I still didn't know where we were going. He got off at an exit and drove to a close town. It wasn't even a town it was a city. A big city. He drove up to a fancy hotel and threw the keys at the valet like they were waiting for us.


"C'mon" he said as he opened my door.


He walked into the hotel and got the keys at the front desk and took me upstairs. He opened the door to a presidential sweet.


"How did you afford this?" I said shocked as I looked out the window at an amazing view.


"My dad owned this hotel and this is where he stayed when he needed to hide from someone" he said as he laid on the bed.


I slowly walked across the room taking in this beautiful room. I saw Justin lying on the bed. I walked over and straddled him and kissed his soft lips. He started to sit up. I kept kissing him as his hands grabbed my ass. He started to take my shirt off. I stopped kissing him. 


"Wait." I said.


"Please?" he said looking me in the eyes.


I kissed him to let him know I was ready. Tonight was the night.

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