He's a Bad Boy

Getting good grades and shit in high school isn't up Justin's alley. He wants adventure, drugs, sex, and alcohol. That's all that matters to him.. until this one girl. The worst type of girl he could ever fall for... a good girl, changes his life... forever.


4. Remember him?

- Piper's POV - 


He was such a good kisser. His lips were soft and amazing. We just met, but this kiss made it feel like it was normal. I pulled away.


"Wow" that's all I could say.


He smiled and leaned in again. Our lips met. He obviously wanted more, but... so did I. As we kissed my friends showed up. 


"Piper!" said Holly as we ended the kiss


"Fuck" Justin moaned. I giggled.


"What Holly?" I said still looking at Justin.


"Can I talk to you alone?" Holly asked.


As I turned to face Holly, Justin kissed my neck as I walked toward her. I wish he didn't do that. It was such a turn on.


"What?" I said with a half smile on my face.


"Why are you kissing him? Don't you remember what happened last year?" She said worriedly 


"To be honest no. Why?" I said.


"Remember? Justin got arrested for vandalism. He's a bad boy. You're a good girl. That shit doesn't mix well." She said.


"I won't change I promise." I told her.


"Fine, but when you start smoking and drinking don't come crawling back to me, unless you're going to say "Sorry" and "You were right". Okay?" She said with a stern look.


"Okay." I said as I walked back to Justin.

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