Good Girls

Hanna, a 17 girl, is the new senior at a different high school. Everyone thinks she's a good girl, but what is underneath her innocent face?


34. 26

I awoke in the middle of the night. Luke and I were still on the couch. His arms were wrapped tightly around me. I tried to wriggle out, but only succeeded in waking him up. "Everything OK?" He asked. "Yeah, I just need a drink." I smiled. He opened his arms to let me go. I walked into the kitchen to see Luke's mom sitting at the table with a glass of water in her hand. "Oh! Hi, Hanna." She said, "do you need something?" "I just wanted some water." I said awkwardly. She stood and handed me a glass from the cupboard. "Thanks." I said And filled my glass. "You know he really loves you." She suddenly said. I looked up. "I've never seen him like this before, he's always so happy lately." She continued. "Well I really love him, too." I said as he came out from the living room. "Talking about me?" He questioned, wrapping his arms around my waist.  Liz smiled. I smiled back and walked back to the living room with Luke. He laid back down on the couch and held out his arms.  I immediately crawled in beside him. "I love you." He whispered and kissed my neck. "I love you, too." I replied and snuggled closer into his chest. 

Luke woke up early. He crawled on top of me and kissed my lips roughly. My eyes sprung open. I kissed him back. "Good morning." He said sweetly after breaking our kiss. "Why did you wake me so early?" I complained. "Because you need to pack so we can drive to my family's beach house." He said while lifting me off the couch. "You should carry me to your room."  I said as I snuggled into his chest. He smirked and held me tightly as he walked to the bedroom. He laid me down on his bed. I curled up and tried to fall back asleep. "C'mon babe!" Luke nudged. I groaned in response. "Shall I pack for you?" He asked. "Mmum" I responded. I could tell he was smiling and rolling his eyes. 

A few minutes later, Luke had all of our things packed up. He took them out to the car, came back in, got me, then we both said goodbye to his parents. With our fingers intertwined, we walked out to Luke's car. Luke opened my door for me and then ran round to the other side of the car. We sped off once he got in.

His hand was on my knee. I held in a gasp as he slowly slid it up to my thigh. He smirked. "It's not funny." I said. "To me it is." He replied, lightly squeezing my thigh. I held my breath. He smirked again and removed his hand. I rolled my eyes and smiled. 

About an hour later, we arrived at the beach house. "We're here!" Luke announced before grabbing our bags and dropping them inside the door. I got out of the car, but Luke came running back out and picked me up bridal style. "I love you!" He said, kissing me.  "What's all this?" I asked, pecking his lips. "Just showing you how much I love you." He smiled. I smiled back and tightened my arms around him. "I don't deserve you." I smiled. "I know." He said, putting me down again. I playfully smacked his arm. He shut the door with his foot. I sat on the couch. He joined me and slid me onto his lap. I laid my head on his chest. "I love you." I whispered into his shirt as he stroked my hair.

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