Good Girls

Hanna, a 17 girl, is the new senior at a different high school. Everyone thinks she's a good girl, but what is underneath her innocent face?


24. 18

My phone buzzed.  It was Luke calling me on Skype.  I answered and we talked for a while.  Luke said he had to go and we both hung up.  I didn't want to talk to him right now.  I was feeling guilty for cutting myself and I didn't know why.  This is what happens when I'm alone.  I get extreme depression.  Sighing, I got up to eat even though I wasn't hungry.  I really hope the next week goes by fast.  All I'm going to do is basically eat and watch TV.

*****************************Skip Tour Week***************************************************

Luke is coming home today.  I immediately felt a lot happier when he told me last night.  I now have 12 cuts on my wrist.  I was making two cuts everyday.  It's becoming a problem now.  I have to go down to pick him up at the airport.  I got into my car after putting my hair into a ponytail and getting dressed.  I had to wear a long sleeved shirt so Luke wouldn't see my cuts.  Luke's plane was landing as I walked into the airport.  He saw me and then got his bags just to put them back down and run over to me.  He lifted me up and crashed his lips into mine.  I wrapped my arms around him and pulled myself closer.  After a few seconds he let go of the kiss, "Miss e?" He asked, still holding on to me.  "Yes, lots," I told him as I hugged him tightly.  He put me down and held on to me, not letting go of the hug. Finally, he let go and grabbed his bags. He held onto my hand as we walked out to the car. He threw his bags into the car and got into the drivers side of the car.  During the entire car ride, Luke had his hand on my knee.  We pulled into the driveway of our house.  Luke got out and ran to the other side to open my door and held out his hand to help me out. I grabbed his hand and got out.  I tried to walk into the house, but Luke grabbed me and picked me up bridal style. "Luke, what the hell?" I yelled at him.  Luke didn't answer me, but just kept walking.  He walked into the house and laid on the couch, still holding me.  "I missed you so much," he whispered, putting me down onto the couch. "I missed you too." I answered, still holding onto his hand.  He pulled me so that I was sitting up and facing him.  I sat on his lap.  He put his arm around me, pulling me closer.  He began to kiss me, slowly at first, then deeper and faster.  "Don't forget, I'm pregnant" I said, knowing what Luke wanted.  "How could I forget?" He said cheekily.  I smiled and we went back to kissing.  Luke went to pull off my shirt, but I stopped him, remembering my cuts. "What's wrong," he asked curiously.  "Um.. It's nothing." "Hanna, I can tell something bothering you, now lemme see!" He said calmly. I reluctantly let him pull my shirt over my head, exposing my cuts.  He studied my arm and finally asked, "Did you do this to yourself?" I felt my eyes well with tears.  I couldn't speak, so I shook my head. Luke sighed and held me against him.  I cried into his shirt.  He stroked my hair.  I put my arms around him and hugged him tightly.  "It's okay," He said, trying to make me feel better. "I get depressed when alone for too long." I choked out between tears.  "I don't want to lose you." he said hugging me tightly.  "Did twitter start this"? He asked.  I shook my head yes.  Sighing, he told me not to go on twitter because of the hate.  We let go of each other and talked for a while about what happened during tour. Luke ran out to the car and came back with a bag.  I opened it and pulled out the cutest onesies I've ever seen.  There was two of them, one was light blue and the other was red.  Both of them had white collars. "Luke! There so adorable!"  I stood up and jumped up onto him to hug and kiss him.  "I knew you'd like them." he smiled.  I got back down and said, "I'm hungry."  "What do you want?" "Will you get me a bowl of ice cream?" I asked with a smile. Luke smiled back and went to get some ice cream for me.  After a bit, he came back with a big bowl and two spoons. "You're sharing." He said with a stern look.  "Fine," I rolled my eyes.  "That does it," He yelled and put down the bowl and began to tickle me.  "Stop, stop" I gasped.  "Tell me your sorry for rolling your eyes."  "I'm sorry!" I screamed.  He let me go and I smacked him playfully.  He laughed at me and handed me my ice cream. He sat beside me with his spoon.  He stuck his finger into the ice cream and put some on my nose. "Now you have to eat it off," I said matter of factly. Then he leaned over and licked my nose. 

After our ice cream, Luke and I cuddled on the couch.  He made me feel so much happier. I'm actually excited to have this baby with him. He's going to make a great father. I was laying on top of him with my head on his chest and his hand on my ass.  I was slowly falling asleep.  It was late at night.  I felt Luke pick me up and carry me to the bathroom.  "I'm awake," I said, lifting my head.  "I know," He smiled and kissed my forehead," I want to carry you." He opened the door of the bathroom and put me down to turn on the shower.  When he turned around, I had already pulled off my jeans and shirt. Luke looked a little disappointed.  "I wanted to undress you." he complained.  "You should've been faster then." He pulled off his shirt and jeans.  I stood up and hugged him. He kissed the top of my head and grabbed my ass. I let go and raised one of my eyebrows. "I just can't keep my hands off of you." He laughed.  I giggled too, not realizing he was reaching around me to unhook my bra.  I gasped as my bra fell off of me.  "Gotcha!" He laughed at my surprise. As he was laughing, I yanked down his boxers.  He gasped out of surprise, and it was my turn to laugh. He grabbed me, pulling me closer to him. He just stared into my eyes.  I leaned in and pecked his lips.  Letting me go, he ran his finger along the waistline of my black lace panties.  Then he began to pull them slightly.  Finally, he yanked them all the way down. He picked me up and walked into the shower with me.  I quickly washed my hair as he washed his.  Then he got the floral scent body wash and rubbed my back with it.  I finished washing as he did.  After we got out, Luke dried me off with a fluffy towel.  I took the towel when he was done and wrapped it around my body.  Luke dried himself off then we went to our bedroom.  Luke just got into a pair of boxers and I put on a sports bra and some panties.  We both got into bed and I snuggled into Luke's bare chest.  He wrapped an arms around me and held on to me. "I love you," he whispered.  "I love you, too." I said, kissing his chest.


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