Good Girls

Hanna, a 17 girl, is the new senior at a different high school. Everyone thinks she's a good girl, but what is underneath her innocent face?


15. 11

"Hanna, if your friend was hiding something about you, would you want them to just blurt it out or tell you in another way?" "Well I would prefer them to just tell me." "Ok, there goes nothing, Hanna I love you!" Luke blurted out. I was speechless. My mouth wouldn't move.  I just jumped on him and kissed him. He kissed me back.  I pulled back and said, "I love you too!" Luke smiled and crashed his lips into mine.  I let him shove his tongue into my mouth and fight mine for dominance.  We made out for a while, then Luke asked me to be his girlfriend. I think you know what I said.

******************************6 months later*************************************

It was finally graduation day.  I was finally done with school.  Michael and I made up and are friends.  Turned out we were never really in love, so we are ok.  Luke and I have been together for 6 months. He is my everything.  We are going to a party after today's ceremony. I walked down stairs in my gown.  "Aww honey you look so pretty" my dad cooed.  He didn't know I was wearing a really fitted black mini dress underneath it for the party, though.  He kissed my cheek and gave me a hug.  We drove down to the school for graduation.  When got out of the car, Luke was waiting for me. He hugged and kissed me on the cheek.  "This is it" he whispered into my ear. We let go and he twirled me around.  "What are you wearing to the party", he asked.  "You'll like it" I told him. "ohh something sexy then" he whispered in my ear. I laughed and pulled him to our seats. We held hands throughout the entire ceremony. 
Once graduation was over, I told my dad that I was going to a party and then staying at a friend's house.  If I told him I was sleeping over at Luke's, he would've never let me go.  Luke and I drove to the party.  It at someone's house.  I pulled off my cap and gown and threw it in the back of Luke's car.  He looked at what I was wearing and smiled.  "I love you" he said.  I kissed him.  We walked hand in hand into the party. The music was blasting and there was beer cans all over the floor already.  Luke and I had a couple drinks each and then danced. We ended up grinding on each other. "I want you so bad right now" he told me, grabbing my butt.  I turned around and began kissing him.  I could feel his boner against my leg.  Luke broke the kiss and pulled me to his car by my hand.  He drove really fast, anxious to get home. 

Once we finally pulled into Luke's driveway, he jumped out of his seat and ran around to my side and opened the door.  Before I could even climb out of my seat, he started to kiss me.  Not breaking the kiss, he picked me up and pushed the car door closed with his foot.  He had one hand on my butt and the other on my back.  I ran my fingers through his hair as we kept kissing and he was trying to walk into the house.  We hit the house door accidently. He took the hand that was on my back and opened the door.  As soon as we were inside, he tried to rip my dress off of me.  I helped him get the dress off of me.  We walked up the stairs and hit our heads a few times.  As soon as we got to the bedroom, Luke gently laid me on the bed. He climbed on top of me and kissed me all over and ended at my lips, where he lingered a bit longer.  I yanked at his shirt, giving him the hint I wanted it off.  He understood and ripped his shirt off, then stripped down to  just his boxers and climbed onto me again.  "Will I be your first?" he asked. "No Michael and I...." I trailed off.  Luke just shook his head and unclipped my bra.  It was strapless, so it just slid off onto the bed.  I pushed it to the side.  I tugged at the waistband of his boxers, then pulled them down, releasing his member.  I gasped at the size.  Luke then pulled off my thong.  He got in between my legs and then shoved a finger into me. Then he added one, then two more.  "Fuck me Luke!" I scream/ moaned.  Without warning, he lined up and shoved himself into me.  After a bit, his thrusts started getting sloppy, I could tell he was getting close, so was I.  "I'm going to cum." I told him breathlessly.  He nodded his head.  I could feel my walls closing on him.  We then both cummed at the same time.  Luke collapsed on the bed.  He stared at me for a second.  He reached down to take off the condom, but we forgot to put one on.  "Um, babe, we forgot a condom." "Shit!" I swore.  I stood up and paced for a second.  "Wait, can you drive me to the drug store?" I asked. "Sure" he said, throwing me some clothes for me to wear.  I threw the clothes on and we drove to the drugstore.  I ran into the store and bought some morning after pills.  Getting back to the car, I took a pill. "What's that?" Luke asked in confusion.  "Its the morning after, so I don't get pregnant."  "Don't you want kids?" He asked.  "Yes, but I'm only 17, and I want to be married before I have kids."  Luke pecked my lips and drove to his house. 

We got inside and walked upstairs to Luke bedroom.  I stripped and got into a pair of panties and a sports bra. Luke got into some boxers and left his shirt off. We got into the bed and began to watch The Notebook.  I feel asleep while cuddling with Luke. 

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