The Elementals

In a time when magical creatures were lost to the world, where humans have torn up and destroyed the Earth, one young girl will find that in order to be free, you just have to believe.

A story of a lost civilization, a young girl, and a few magical creatures... okay, so more than a few.


1. Prologue

(Unknown Speaker)


In a time long before the humans, We ruled the Earth, the skies, and the oceans. We were the powers of freedom and happiness and peace. We were the Elements themselves.


The oceans bowed to us. The mountains were powerless against us. The winds and the fires could not claim us. 


But all that is gone now. 


The gods created us as the first races. But now they created a new race. And I'm afraid this race will bring more destruction than happiness, more war than peace, and more prisons than freedoms.


And fire will succumb to their wills, but it will always be wild. The wind can be harnessed, but always free. The earth may be torn up, but always connected. 


And my ocean. My beautiful ocean. 


Will always be at war with these creatures.


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