The Elementals

In a time when magical creatures were lost to the world, where humans have torn up and destroyed the Earth, one young girl will find that in order to be free, you just have to believe.

A story of a lost civilization, a young girl, and a few magical creatures... okay, so more than a few.


7. Chapter 6

Onder de Oceaan Water




I poked my big toe into the freezing water. A shiver ran up my back and goosebumps appeared on my legs and arms. 


Tazen didn't seem fazed by the cold and was already waist deep in. 


Dezra was sitting with her staff and a picnic basket under a tree just above the sand line. There was a tent set up for her behind the tree line. 


Tazen waited for me patiently as I slowly waded in. Dezra sighed and sent a little glowing ball of fire my way. Rather than frightening, it looked... cute. She gave me a look like "Hurry up!" and I touched it. It didn't burn like fire. 


It was life. 


The warmth of your mother wrapping her arms around you and protecting you from anything. The warmth that spreads through your body when you drink honey and milk tea. The warmth of a small glow from a night light in your bedroom as a child, knowing it will keep you safe from the things that roam in the darkness.


It filled me with warmth and light.


I was no longer cold, but comfortable. I dove right in splashing Tazen, who quickly followed me.


Dezra's magic was amazing. I could feel both spells running through my veins and through every nerve of my body. 


And the strangest thing of all the weird, I could breathe. At first I held my breath for as long as possible, but Tazen was breathing normally, letting little bubbles out of his nose with each exhale. As soon as I was about to burst, I took in a breath. But instead of water rushing into my mouth and lungs, I got oxygen.


Tazen swam easily even as we reached the deeper oceans. I didn't know how much time passed, but when Tazen signaled for us to rest, I was grateful. My muscles were already sore.


We rested on a underwater rock. Tazen simply stood, but I was happy sitting.


It was weird just sitting underwater doing nothing. I watched the fish swim by. Most avoided us, but one came really close. I reached out to touch it, but Tazen grabbed my arm. 


We watched as a bigger fish tried to get close and eat it, but as it did, incredible red spikes popped out and killed the predator. If Tazen hadn't stopped me, my hand would have been skewered with poisonous spikes, and I would be dead. 




(Zeandrria's POV)


I felt the waves shift as the humans played in the water.


They felt my disgust as I felt the toxins and poisons of the humans slowly polluting my oceans, rivers, lakes, and streams.


My once Elven porcelain skin was lain with splotches of red and purple. 


I was fighting still, but I was losing. I would never admit that to anyone else, but I knew it. The currents knew it. The sea life knew it. 


Those still faithful to our endless war kept on with the fight. The sharks killed humans, even though their tasteless bodies were like a poison to them.


The waves swallowed any human who wandered too close into their grasps.


The humans, however, were fighting back.


They created boats and spears to kill the sharks. They put nets into the water to close off swimming areas. 


Their biggest weapon was their factories. Releasing poison into my home and killing my friends. The poison had taken effect on me as well, and it was slowly killing me.

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