The Elementals

In a time when magical creatures were lost to the world, where humans have torn up and destroyed the Earth, one young girl will find that in order to be free, you just have to believe.

A story of a lost civilization, a young girl, and a few magical creatures... okay, so more than a few.


6. Chapter 5

Dezra o'r Elementals Master of Fire




The next morning, Dezra and Tazen filled me in on what information they and my mother had collected. 


"We know that a believer, that's you, has to open the portal. And, I'm afraid, we don't know where that is. We also decided we should bring along other creatures of magic, and, of course, the other Elementals. We need to guarantee they make it back home so that they can be safe there. I'm afraid it might be challenging, but I'm sure we can do it." Dezra said. 


"The... Elementals?" I asked, looking at Tazen.


"The Elementals were the first elves to control the elements. We're in the second generation of Elementals. They are the master magicians."


"Wait. If they were the first, how can you guys be in a second generation?" My face looked funny. Or something. Because they both laughed.


"The Elementals all reincarnated to younger elves. So they could keep teaching regular elves magic and the ways of the world." Dezra answered.


I looked at her. She had said "other Elementals." Does that mean...? 


"Are you an Elemental?" I asked.


"Yes. I am Dezra o'r elementals Master of Fire." She stuck a tiny glittering flame in my face and I was amazed. 


Then the heat got to me and I drew back. 


"Since we're doing formal introductions..." Tazen stood and bowed. "I am Tazen Sunstone. Werewolf. Lone wolf. Rare species. Incredibly handsome. Irresistibly-"


"Tazen!" Dezra chided. 


We both laughed, though. 


"I have an idea. When all the Elementals are together, do you think you'll have enough power to compose a spell that would get to all the magical creatures on Earth and transport them to the portal?" 


Dezra looked shocked at first, but then considered it. "You mean use our power... together?" 




She looked at Tazen, then back at me. "I'm afraid we'd have to ask Zeandrria. She'd probably know an answer to that question."


"Who's-" I started, but Dezra cut me off and explained.


"Zeandrria o'r elementals is the Master of Water. She's had contact with many magical beings and has learned more about magic than any of us. The problem is, we have to get to her. She's sworn that her ocean will always fight against humans, and I can't go underwater for a long time."


"It could take days to find her underwater. I could go with Anwen, but you must stay here, Dezra." Tazen said.


"I know." She murmured.


"Wait... days!?! I can't stay underwater for days either!" I yelled, frantic.


"Calm down, Anwen. Magic, remember?" Dezra said. 


"Why can't you use magic and go underwater for days then?"


"Because the magic needs to be constant for you to get oxygen from the water. And I'd run out of power using it on me because I'd have to use a stronger spell. If I get overwhelmingly wet, like underwater in an ocean or a lake, my fire-spark will go out and fire would be lost to elves."


"Oh." I said.


She smiled, kindly. "You'll find her soon. And bring her back with you. And then we'll only have two elementals to go!"


"What do you do when it's pouring out?" I asked, jokingly.


"I make a fire and keep myself dry. The rain won't hurt me as much as drowning my fire-spark would." She said, seriously.


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