The Elementals

In a time when magical creatures were lost to the world, where humans have torn up and destroyed the Earth, one young girl will find that in order to be free, you just have to believe.

A story of a lost civilization, a young girl, and a few magical creatures... okay, so more than a few.


4. Chapter 3





I blacked out. Or he knocked me out. I'm not sure. But I'm dead meat that's for sure. 


I dreamed of my mother. When I was a little girl. Stories and games, imagining fairies and wondering where the elves lived. She told me her adventures in another world. I know now that they were impossible, just fairy tales. 


I shivered at the sight of seeing my mother and younger me. Together and happy.


It was so long ago.


I would probably join her now that I was getting torn up for dinner.


"Wake up!" A loud voice shouted. I murmured and reached back for the beautiful dream.


"Tazen." The voice commanded. Suddenly a ferocious growl was in my ear. Frightened, I opened my eyes and crawled back against what seemed to be a tree.


I looked around, my eyes slowly adjusting. I was in a forest. There was a woman there, dressed in red. And a wolf. The wolf that attacked me. Why didn't it eat me though?


"Who are you?" I managed.


The woman tilted her head and raised her eyebrows. "I am Dezra. Who are you?"


"Anwen. Anwen Desmond."


"You are a human." She stated gazing over me.


"And what are you a wolf?" I asked rhetorically.


"No. Tazen is a wolf. I am an elf." 


"Ha ha very funny. You have a dog that looks like a wolf and you pretend to be an elf. Okay, well, I'll just be leaving now."


"Tazen, I thought you said she was like her mother. That she believes."


The wolf glared at me.


"Believes in what?" I asked, stupidly.


"Believes in me. Believes in fairies. Elves. Magic."


Something inside me clicked into place. There was more than just fairies. There was magic. My mother told me to believe in magic on her deathbed. I had to believe in magic to be able to see them. My mother believed in magic, sure, that's why she could see them. 


I took another look at the wolf. He was more than just a gray wolf. He had red tufts of fur around his legs that looked like fire. There was a red diamond on his forehead. And his eyes... They were much more than a dumb animal's. They looked, almost, human. But that was impossible... wasn't it?


I looked up at the woman. She had long blond hair and perfect skin. Her clothes were definitely ornate and not made by humans. She had a staff topped with a red glowing stone, fire-y green eyes, tall pointed ears, and most of all, she was carrying fire in the palm of her hand. 


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