New kid

"Who's the new boy everyone is talking about?"


1. New student.


Chapter 1:

Ashley pov:

I hid my face as I walked through the hall, to English. "Nice shoes" one of the "popular" kids joked.

I picked up my pace, ashamed of who I was.

I finally reached my class, at the end of the hall. "Good morning? How are you?" I questioned my english teacher, Ms. Walker.

"Great, how was your weekend?" You could tell she was sincere, no one cared about how I was, except her. "Same" I flashed a half smile, and continued to my seat.

After the bell rang, students started pilling in, one after another until all the seat were full, except for one. "Everyone up! I've changed the seating charts, since letting you choose your seats wasn't a good idea."

She walked along, pointing to each seat, while saying are names. "Missy, Alex. Katy, Ryan, Beatrice," I waited patiently, for her to call my name. "Ashley, right here" she motioned me. I sat in the back, like usual, getting unnoticed was when I felt my best.

5 minutes into our course, a person walked in, I've never seen him around campus before, I grew curious but was to shy to talk.

"Is this H102?" His voice, deep and British?

I looked around the room, every single female here was staring, he's probably a douche I thought to my self.

"Yes it is! You'll be sitting next to Ashley, the one in the grey sweatshirt" she smiled, all her teeth showing, but if you ask me it looked like they were all gonna pop out.

"Hello" he smiled, a small smile. "Hi..." I blankly said. With that he turned around, and brought out his plain black binder. "Got a pencil love?" I didn't know what to say, I didn't like talking, I just shook my head. "I got one!" The girl in front of me, literally yelling.

Her name was Cassandra, she was pretty popular, I mean a lot of guys wanted her. Typical blonde, slim and blue eyes whats not to love?

I watched their every move, you could tell she was flirting. She slipped him a small piece of paper, probably just her number on it.

"Tomorrow class, I will be pairing you up, for a project, so please... Try to be here" and with that, the school bell rang, "great, second period" I mumbled to myself.

"What love?" The voice reappearing from my side, I slowly turned meeting a pair of eyes, "nothing.." I quietly said, before swiftly standing up and grabbing my bag.

As I turned away I felt a pair of strong arms holding me back, "I didn't get your name?" I turned around but took a step back. "Ashley but I prefer Ash"

"I'm Harry" he stuck his hand out, waiting for me to shake it, it took me a few seconds but I finally reached out.

"I've gotta get to second period..." I said, while turning around, and leaving the class. "Ash wait!" I heard him call behind me, I didn't stop, but I slowed my pace, until he could catch up to me.

"I forgot to ask.. Whats your second period?" I let out a small moan " PE".

He let out a small laugh, "whats so funny?" I asked, a bit annoyed. "I have PE too, but I love it"

"Really?" I questioned, confused as to why anyone would like PE

"Yeah!" He cheered, alittle to loud.

We continued are path down the stairs and through the hallways out into the cold world. I could feel sprinkles of water on my nose, they soon turned into rain droplets.

Even though I wore a jacket today, I was still freezing. I hugged myself, tightly as we walked, my jaw shivering.

Out of the corner of my eye I could see him, I mean Harry, doing something with his jacket.

In seconds, a layer of warmth engulfed me, a heavy black leather jacket sat on my shoulders,.

"Harry..? No.. Please..." I tried removing the jacket but he wouldn't let me. "Your cold.. And see me? I'm fine" he confidently spoke, "thank you" was all I managed to get out.

As we got closer to the gym, he spoke up again, breaking the silence.

"What are you doing this Friday night?" He questioned, turning to face me.

I felt sad when he asked that, not because I have a boring life but because usual teens would be out partying, drinking, having fun.

But I had no one to do that with.

"Great! How about dinner and a movie?" He placed his hand on my left shoulder, I wasn't use to so much contact. I felt uncomfortable, like a Turtle in it's shell.

It took me a minute, "sure.." I hesitantly said, "great pick you up at 8" and with that he disappeared into the boys locker room.

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