Maybe Beauty is the Beast (Sequel to The Beastly Beauty? 15+)

Forgetting the past isn't easy. The town of Foster left a mark on everyone, making it impossible to move on from the past and have the feeling that something isn't right... Secrets are coming to the clear, new feelings and new personalities are the things tearing everything apart. Grace finds herself beginning to change, out of the bad experiences she's endured, making it difficult for anyone she moved to England with to enjoy her company and presence, besides Harry and a new guy she's become influenced with. Now, she just has to realize that she may have been wrong to trust anyone she loves before discovering the truth about the suffering she's endured.


2. Chapter 2



 After coffee with Luke, I made my way back to the apartment building Harry and I were staying in. Of course, he wasn't there, which only meant that Perrie was here to play dress up with me. 

  "Grace!" She smiled, hugging me as I entered. "Come on over. I'm going to doll you up."

  "Okay, yeah, but quick question." I held up my index finger, indicating that I needed a moment, which she obliged to give me. 

  "What's that, love?" She put her hands on her hips, slightly emphasizing her small baby bump.

 "Where's Harry?" I placed my bag on to the floor, walking into the bedroom to see if she had set out a dress, which surprise, surprise, she had. 

 "Well, he's out getting ready for your special little date, and then you're both going out to eat." She shrugged, sitting me down in a chair. "Now, the boys are getting him ready, with help from the girls obviously, and I'm going to be handling you. Now, let's see what suits your skin tone." 

  Perrie picked up three tubes of lipstick, grabbing my hand and swiping then across the back side of my hand. She had pink, red, and a peachy-pinkish color she identified as nude. 

 "I think you'd look wonderful with a nice ruby red." She smiled, gathering up the foundation and concealer. "It'll leave a nice stain on Harry's lips."

 "Oh, shut up." I laughed, closing my eyes as I began feeling brush strokes on my face with the foundation product. Perrie just laughed and continued applying the product. 

  "So.... I heard you saw Luke today." She said, monotonously.

  "Well, yeah. I haven't seen him in a while so we went out for coffee." I opened my eyes and blinked for a moment as she quickly applied the concealer, then to the eye shadow. 

  "Well, how was he? He won't answer mine or Zayn's texts or calls." She put on a blend of colours to make what seemed like, a smokey eye. 

  "He was alright. Like, being his regular self." I replied.

 "Well, that's good." She said. The rest of the time she applied my make up was silent, but I knew that she was only keeping quiet because she knew she was going to spill the beans over Harry's plan on the date. Eventually, she made me go and put on the dress. 

  It wasn't something I'd normally wear. But it's not something I'd protest against wearing. It was strapless with a sweetheart top, and on the bottom it was a soft material that flowed perfectly against my skin, but it didn't flow so much that the wind could blow it up and you could see my underwear, and the best part about the dress was the color. It was a beautiful blue that wasn't too dark or too light.... It was just perfect. 


Now, I was ready for a date. 


 I didn't know what I had gotten myself into. This is honestly the stupidest decision I had ever made. 

 "Harry, those pants are too low. You're going to a restaurant, not a damn playground." Eleanor groaned, giving me a belt. 

 "Also, those are slacks, so no matter what you do, you can't shame them into your boyish manner of keeping your pants all the way down to your knees." Maya shook her head, watching me as I buckled the belt, watching the boys in my cornered vision laugh their asses off at me. 

 "H-H-Harry! You look like a-a-" Niall began but was cut off by Maya. 

  "He looks like someone ready to go on a date. Now please shut the fuck up." She scowled, making the boys now laugh at him. 

  "Okay, okay, okay." Erica interjected. "Let's leave Harry alone. I just got a text from Perrie. Grace is all ready and she's waiting for you to come pick her up.... So go!"

 I quickly pulled on my blazer, which felt quite stiff around my arms, and grabbed my keys and wallet, rushing to my car. 

  "Remember to be cute with her! She loves it!" Maya called out from the window. I nodded up at her and drove to the apartment building where Grace was waiting outside, a dress coat wrapped around her body making her dress invisible for the moment. She walked over and sat in the passenger seat.

  "Ready to go, babe?" I asked, reaching over and kissing her cheek. She nodded and smiled.

  "I was born ready." She answered, squeezing the fabric of her coat. 

  I drove us to the restaurant. It was a fancy one, with a dress code and everything. I'd even tried to pronounce the name of the restaurant to Grace, but she just giggled considering it was in French. 

  "You continue to surprise me with all of this romanticness you have up your sleeve." She laughed taking off her coat. And when she did, I swear I zoned out for a good minute and a half. She looked so beautiful... I didn't know how she'd be able to even look at me, when she was looking like that..

 "Harry?" She asked, waving a hand in front of my face and I nodded in reply. "I love you." She smiled, pecking my lips before taking a seat. 

  "I love you, too."




 I was sitting with Harry and I absolutely couldn't stop smiling at the trouble he'd gone through to set up this whole rendezvous. And I found him absolutely handsome. Literally, he got all dressed up and his all of his tattoos , except for the one on the back of his neck. 

 "You look beautiful..." He muttered, hiding his crimson face behind the menu. He was never one to talk about his feelings so outwardly, and so it made this evening much more enjoyable. 

 "And you look handsome." I whispered, pulling the menu down from his face and grabbing his hand. He grinned at me and took a sip of his Pepsi that he'd ordered. 

We then ordered and I excused myself to go to the bathroom. Once I did, I bumped into a waiter, making the empty glasses her had on his tray fall to the ground. 

"I am so sorry!" I squeaked, immediately sinking to my knees and picking some up. 

"No worries." He chuckled, and when he did, I looked up and made eye contact with him. He was pretty attractive. I was doing the same creepy-staring thing I did when I first met Luke. But this time, this guy was looking right back at me. 

"I'm Connor." He held out his hand, and I took it.







Hi again! I'm really excited to be writing this book because I've had this idea for a while and I'm like so glad I decided to do it!!!!!!!!! Like, favourite, and comment!!!!



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