He's Mine

Have you ever wondered what happend in between the end of Mocking Jay and the Epiloge?

Read this Fanfiction to find out! :)


1. Morning Fun

Katniss P.O.V

I wake to his warm lips against my forehead. I open my eyes and smile up at him.

"Good morning beautiful." Peeta wispers. "Morning." I wisper back. I dont know why, but now I tend to sleep later then I used to. I guess ever scense Mom went to the capital, and Prims passing, I dont have to worry about them as much.

"Are you hungrey?" Peeta asks. I nod and smile at him. His warm grey eyes make me want to melt into them, but I try to fight against that feeling. Some times I cant.

"I'll go make you some breakfast." He says getting up. "Peeta." I say before he walks out the door. "yeah?" He says turning around. "How long have you been awake?" I ask. "About an hour. I would have woke you up, but you looked so peaceful." He answers. I smile. "Why?" He asks. "Oh no reason." I say getting up.

I walk to my dresser and get dressed. Once Im done the aroma of eggs and bacon fills the room. My stomach rumbles. I smile and walk to the Kitchen. I see peeta by the stove, cooking eggs and bacon. Beside him there is a tray of muffins.

I walk up behind him and hug him. "Hey beautiful" Peeta says looking at me over his soulder. "Hi" I say. I reach for a muffin, But peeta sees my hand and pushes the tray further than I can reach. "Not so fast!" He says turning around. "You can wait five minutes." I stomp my foot like a five year old. "But I want it now!" He laughs. I love makeing him laugh. "Fine, you can have one, but thats it!" He says. I smile. "Thank you." I take a muffin,and as I suspected, It was blueberry. Peeta puts his hand on my waist. "Your welcome." He leans in and kisses me.

I feel that thing again, the same thing I felt in the arena. I drop the muffin and wrap my arms around his neck. I see Peeta reach behind him amd turn off the stove. His hand rests on the small of my back. He trys to pull me closer, but there is no closer.

Suddenly theres a knock at the door and I pull back. "Who is it?" Peeta yells. "It's Hamich, can I barrow some money?"

"Sure, Let me go get it." He says jogging upstairs. I walk back to the kitchen and grab a fist full of flour. When I walk back Peeta is counting the money. Hamich looks at me amd I show him the flour. I put a finger over my lips. He smiles, but hides it when Peeta looks up. "Here you go, anything else you need?" Peeta asks.

"No, but you might wanna look behind you." Hamich says pointing at me. Peeta turns around and I through the flour at his chest. He grins. "You'll regret that, girl on fire." I laugh and run tords the living room, with Peeta on my heels. Once we reach the living room I look for somewere to run, but its a dead end.

"Like I said." Peeta says. He bends down and picks me up, throwing me over his shoulder. "You'll regret it, girl on fire."

I let out a playful scream as he walks back to the door, and I can hear Hamich laughing.

"I should probably go, Good luck with her." Hamich says. Peeta laughs and says,"I'm gonna need it."

I hear Peeta close the door, and he puts me down. I smile up at him. He's grown alittle bit taller since the rebelion, and has alot less flashbacks. But when he does, Its easy to bring him back.

"We better go and eat before our food gets cold." Peeta says. I giggle. "I love it when you say we and our."

"Then I'll say it more often then." He says, smiling. He slides his arm around my shoulders, and we walk back to the kitchen.

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