Lost love

Niall Harry Liam zayn and Louis are preforming when they all here one specific voice and it's a special fan named aria they met her last year and she was trying to get away from her abusive father and she succesfully escaped for a week find out who saves aria and if there successful.


5. The search for safety

After they woke up Niall immediately started packing clothes, money, food, and other things they needed to survive. Aria didn't understand why today they couldn't just relax and hang out. Niall told her that if they don't find a safe house then her father would surely find her. She asked why aren't you putting him in prison? Niall replied, because we have no proof he abuses you to use against him and him hitting you there can be taken as just a father punishing his daughter. I'm sorry Aria but there is no case here against him. Niall finished. Packing and they left his house in search for a safe house. On there way out Niall saw a familiar face. It was an old friend from school named Robert. He knew Robert would do anything for him and keep it a secret because he always helped people and kept there secrets safe. Niall approached him and explained his predicament and Robert said he would definitely help Niall and not tell anyone.

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