difficult love ❤️

A girl who met her true love Justin Bieber ... A girl from small city that she really hate justin bieber but in the end she going to fell in love with him ....

ENJOY ����


8. continue

You:i can't believe you chaz

Chaz:i'm sorry but

You run upstairs

You:laura justin he was your boyfriend?

Laura:yeah why?

You:why did you tell me?


You:cause what? I'm sure that this is the reason why you ask me if i like justin ...

Laura:well yeah

You:well yeah i like justin this is my answer

Laura:what ??

You:you still like him

Laura:of course i spend almost my whole life with him

You:and why did you break up with him ??

Laura:because of Ariana he's new girlfriend

You:i really want to meet her one day

Laura:i need to go

I'm sure that she was mad with me because i told to her that i like justin but well this is the truth

You fell into your bed


You:go away please

Justin:babe please let me tell you something

You:did i told you one time don't call babe because i'm not


You:justin there is noway to be together


You:cause i ask laura if she still like's you and she tell me yes

Justin:and who care's ?

You:i care justin


You:cause she is my friend

Justin:no belle she is not you friend she is just a bitch

You:stop calling her bitch

Justin:why what are you going to do to me for to stop to call her bitch ?

You:just go

He came close to you and kiss you

You push him


Justin:c'mon belle i now that you want me to

You:no i don't

Justin:i'm going downstairs but i'm going to come to continue this kiss

You close the door

You feel actually happy you like him so much and you can not wait until he come back and continue this kiss

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