difficult love ❤️

A girl who met her true love Justin Bieber ... A girl from small city that she really hate justin bieber but in the end she going to fell in love with him ....

ENJOY ����


6. Big trouble

You pushed him back

Chaz he was there and saw you and Justin kissing ....

You run upstairs

Chaz:did you kiss my sister??

Justin:yeah i did

Chaz:Justin look maybe you are my best friend but she is my sister and if you are going to be her boyfriend first you are going to break up with Ariana and then you are going to care her ...she is my little sister

Justin:Chaz man relax it was just a kiss i did have sex with her is just a kiss relax ...

You hear everything you smiled bc you are happy that he love you and that chaz he care that much about you....

You open your door you saw Laura in your bed..

You:i'm back

Laura:welcome back

Laura:belle can i ask you something?

You:sure go ahead

Laura:is something happen with you and justin?

You:um i guess no

Laura:what do you mean i guess ?

You:um nothing i mean no nothing why?

Laura:cause look you are my friend and i want you to know many things about Justin that i'm sure you don't know ...

You:ok tell me everything

Laura:first i think he has girlfriend and her name is Ariana

You:noway but he tell that he doesn't have girlfriend

Laura:well he lie to you and second he is not only the most cool boy in the school but he is and the most big trouble in our school ... He is everyday in detentions...


You are just standing front of her with your mouth open ....

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