difficult love ❤️

A girl who met her true love Justin Bieber ... A girl from small city that she really hate justin bieber but in the end she going to fell in love with him ....

ENJOY ����


10. Ariana

You kiss him with passion too

In one moment he stop kissing you and he tell's you

Justin:babe i love you

You feel something.. something like nobody can't make you feel in this way

You feel Love

You:i love you more

In that moment someone knock justin's door it was Ariana

Ariana:Justin is me your babe

You totally freeze

You:what we are going to do??

Justin:you know i dont care i want to break up with her

You:for now tell me where i'm going to hide and another day you can tell to her that you want to break up ok?

Justin smile and he tell's you ok go to the bathroom

Justin opened the door

Ariana:hey babe what take you so long to open the door ?

Justin:uhmm i was at the bathroom

She kiss justin

You hear that she kiss him you felt so jealous

Justin:Ari what are you doing here?

Ariana:i think that you miss me

Justin: i do miss you but why today?

Ariana:what do you mean why today?

Justin:hahha i'm just joking babe haha

Ariana:haha justin i think something is wrong here

Justin:is just your idea babe nothing is going here everything is fine :)

He smiled with fake smile

Ariana:then ok i'm going to bathroom ok ?


Ariana:why no

Justin:cuz i want you to go to my bathroom's room

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