What happens when a girl saves by killing....?


1. a average day

Tabi walked down the pavement sidewalk she always walked down to visit her farrel cat friends. In the eleven year old's hands where two bags, one was a bag of fresh herbs she had harvested that she used for natural remedies. In the other was fresh trout fish She fed her cat friends. She was young wearing a white tiger print snow hat with ears, a short sleeved plain green shirt that went down past her thighs and black leggings with her i-phone on a small black belt that went over her shirt with her grey plaid airwalk's she had sharp teeth and long sharp black nail polish chipped nails. She had blue changing eyes with blonde almost Gold hair and pale skin. 'What!?' her eyes widened when she heard a high pitched meow 'HELP!' her ears twitched as she looked seeing teenagers blocking in a close cat friend of her's she called Lily. She held in a gasp of shock leaning down setting down the bag's she pulled a knife out of her Airwalk's. Her eyes narrowed as she summed the nerve to step forward. "HEY!" She took another step forward before lowering her head so a shadow covered her eyes. "Touch her and....", "And what?" one of the teenagers side all of them looking at her know. ' leave....FAST before i change!' she thought narrowing her eyes under the shadow of her messy bangs a sudden large grin cast upon her face " me you have no idea who your messing with." she said in a hushed whisper that made there spines shiver. She tilted her head up with the evil grin still on her face to reveal her now so cat like black eyes. "Here's the thing kid, your lucky me and my boys haven't torn your through out yet ... so be on your way and mind your own bees-wax like a good little girl." A taller boy with black hair and brown eyes said stepping out. 'Here we go...' Tabi closed her eyes for a moment her grin only growing. "Am warning you now...git out alive." She said coolly. The teen boys looked taken aback bye such a strange girl but quickly got them self's together. "Where the one's warning you Missy so go home before we make shure that little attitude problem's checked." Tabi looked at him holding her knife higher in the air till the moonlight touched it's sharp blade."Well i tried..." she said running her fingers over her knife lightly. "It seems you have never heard the legend of the Tabicat under the moonlight." she mumbled glancing up at them. "What? what do you mean tried?" the black haired boy asked. "You'll find out soon." she side rolling her knife in her hand so she held the handle. "Try to teach me a lesson." she said placing her right foot behind her knife in her good left hand. One of the teen's pulled out there b-b gun and fired, dogging easily tabi moved forward barring the knife deep in to the boys through. Leaving the B-B gun to fall to the pavement she twisted the knife on it's side and digging deeper in to the buys neck only pulling the knife out when the body fell cold. Not even looking turning around her black eyes flexing in to slits tabi slashed open the chest of a boy coming at her.  The boy stumbled back in a jolt letting out a yelp of pain tabi took the chance stepping forward slashing all over the boys front till he collapsed bleeding eyes half way closed as the the soul left his body. Looking up tabi saw the crescent moon was right above her now exposing her cat like structure and narrow cat like face and making her skin look even paler. Tabi purred at the light she glared over at the three remaining boys placing her blooded knife to her side still griping it's handle her green shirt was now covered with the red liquid and her hair now reflecting the white light. The boys shivered uncontrollably, "N-nnno-no it can't be you can't be!" One of them stuttered. "Oh so now you recognize me.''  "Tabicat under the moonlight!" the one said. "Yes, and you tried to hurt my friend there." she gave them a cold glare. "Names Tabi...and am afraid i can't have any survivors." The grin returned to her face "Now then this will only hurt...a lot!"


Tabi walked down the sidewalk again the now blood red shirt and blooded knife stained her all clothing she picked up the bags and continued walking Lily right beside her. "I'm sorry..." Tabi said her messy bangs covered her eyes. Lily rubbed against her legs warmly 'It's who you are...' she purred in comfort of her human friend.

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